SWTOR Juggernaut/Guardian PvP Guide

Have you ever wanted to play a class that’s immune to crowd control (CC), can move like lighting, and alternate between tank and damage?  Welcome to the ultimate Juggernaut PvP guide!  This guide’s purpose is to go over  Juggernaut strengths, examine gear setups, talent builds, and anything else relevant to succeeding in SWTOR PvP.

Table of Contents

Abilities & Uses
DPS Priorities
Arena Strategies


Juggernauts are one of the most unique classes in the game.  Their three skill trees are all strong.  Juggernauts can also swap stances instantly to guard an inquired teammate, then switch back to damage when out of trouble.  Their utility is also essential to teams using taunts, stuns, and leaps.  I’ve listed some strengths and weaknesses of the class as I see it.

swtor 2014-02-05 13-51-34-35
+ Great burst damage
+ Mobility with leaps
+ seamlessly switch between tank and DPS
– Limited defensive cool downs
– Few stuns


Abilities & Uses

swtor 2014-02-05 13-57-15-15Most of these are self-explanatory, but I’m going to give my take on how and when to use them.




Intercede 50 I use this very often, not only when I’m peeling for another player, but to provide small self-heals, and for movement purposes.
Enraged Defense 38 Great defensive ability if playing Vengeance additional with 20% damage reduction and self-heals.  I use this when leaping into a group and expecting to take damage.
Saber Throw 36 Your standard range throw, playing Vengeance offers armor reduction.  I use often, but not at the expense of getting the initial leap.  I make sure the other classes in range can’t pull, stun, or jump to me before I throw.
Threatening Scream 30 I pretty much use this on cool-down even on a healer since it’s area.  Remember that you can use this ability on people 30 meters away and it will provide AoE taunt to people within 15 meters of the person you selected.
Endure Pain 28 I use this when in trouble as my first cool down, combined with intercede and a medpack for huge self-heals.
Force Push 26 Powerful ability that can be used to create space, knock opponents off ledges, and interrupt.  Save this for a high need situation.
Enrage 22 Automatic rage builder that I use at start of match then use Enraged Defense.  If you’re having force problems, use this on cool down.
Taunt 16 Used on cool down against a DPS enemy player.  Remember this is off the GCD so it’s not going to hinder your DPS.
Guard 14 Used to shield another player taking their damage.  It’s pretty obvious how and when to use this.  Just follow who the DPS is attacking and swap guard.
Soresu Form 14 Tank stance needed for shield and guard to activate.
Chilling Scream 12 Great AoE slow, I use this on a group if I have excessive force or when I’m chasing a healer.
Sundering Assault 10 Your rage builder and armor debuff.  Very important to keep this up on the priority target.

Advanced Skill Ability




Immortal Skill Tree

Crushing Blow                               AoE ability enables an instant retaliation and mitigation.
Backhand                                        A four second hard stun.

Rage Skill Tree

Obliterate Second leap can be used when immobilized.
Force Crush Your main shock-wave builder.

Vengeance Skill Tree

Shien Form Form needed for Vengeance.
Impale High burst single target ability with a DoT.
Shatter Your main big dot and my primary attack.




Full Tank

Full Tank

Hybrid Tank


Full Vengeance (my main DPS spec)


Full Rage (rarely used in arenas)

Rage SpecHaving played and experimented with all three trees a great deal, I feel that the best for arenas is the Vengeance (middle). Vengeance has the best damage mitigation, cc immunity, utility, and good damage output.  Rage has bigger burst and damage, but without AoE reduction, it’s a very squishy tree to play.

Another reason Vengeance is great for solo/group ranked, is it can swap between Soresu and Shien form and still produce.  Often times solo queue matches are four DPS vs four DPS.  If my team has an off-healer and their team doesn’t, than it’s simply a matter of survival.  I’ll swap stances, throw on my tank gear, and just do my best to keep our healer safe.

The second main talent build I use is a hybrid tank build of 23/23/0.  This lists me as a DPS even though I’m built like a tank.  I generally only queue this way when I know there’s a lot of good DPS online and off-healing playing.  This build is tanky, has great utility, but suffers from weak DPS.  So be careful before you jump into solo with this.

If I’m playing a four man rated game and we need a tank, this is the only time I play my full tank build 36/10/0.  I generally don’t queue solo as a tank because the wait times are enormous and I feel that I can contribute more to my team as a DPS than a tank.  Juggernaut tanking offers enormous group benefit and are nearly indestructible.  But, again, they do minimal DPS even with full DPS gear.  So only use this build in specific situations.

Lastly, we cover the Rage tree.  As previously stated, the Rage tree has tons of DPS and high burst.  But it lacks survivability.  You have to be in the “mix” or close to damage players and often times they  damage you.  It seems nearly impossible for me to play this effectively against good players.  It’s still a great tree, I just find it hard to play as your opponents get more difficult.


(Consistent Damage Gear) Main Stat > Surge 75% > Accuracy 95% melee > 180 points into Critical > Power

(Heavy Burst Gear) Main Stat > Surge 75% > Accuracy 95% > Power (with power/main stat relic)    –

(Main Tank Gear) Endurance > Absorption 30% > Shield 30%> Defense> Strength

For DPS gear, I focus on main stat over power because Juggernaut’s talent tree provides a 6% bonus.  I also use a bit of accuracy since our main damage abilities come from  weapons based “white” damage.  Some people (actually a lot of people) run zero critical.  I like a little bit and it seems that 180 and a critical relic is enough.

For tanking I focus primarily on endurance and absorb.  Since some of the Juggernaut’s abilities are based on how much health one has, I stack a lot of endurance.   Followed up by absorb/shield to mitigate damage from you and your guarded friendly.

Bolster and PvE Gear – Unfortunately, the game’s best in slot (BiS) gear is level 46 PvE gear show below.

PvE weapons

I don’t recommend using this, though you can get planetary commendations and buy this setup until you get a full Obroan set.


Here’s a general list of “combos” or abilities sequenced together that work well in certain situations.

Leap 2 Full (L2F) – Use when nearing 30% health to avoid opponents finishing moves.  This sequence will generally work once per fight, so if your healer is just lagging behind, don’t blow it.

  • Endure Pain – WZ medpack – Intercede

Iron Leap – I use this when initiating combat and expect to receive high damage.  Notice I don’t use saber ward or reflect because I want to use them as follow-up abilities if I’m in trouble.

  • Enrage –Enraged Defense (20% damage reduction) – WZ adrenal (15%) – Force Leap (20%)

Stun Shutdown – I use this to frustrate another player getting them to break their stun early then isolating them.

  • Force Leap – Force Choke (wait for them to break it) –Intimidating Road (if they didn’t break it, force push then do roar)

Save A Healer – When a healer is getting focused hard, I use this combo to give them time to catch up or at least regain some health.

  • Make sure Soresu form is active – Guard target (50% absorbing damage) – Intercede to target (20% damage reduction to healer) – Threatening Scream (30% damage reduction for healer)-  Intimidating Roar to stun everyone – Followed up with Chilling scream to slow everyone – Wait for healer to get up, then start attacking

Pop Smoke – When I’m getting focused , I use this combo to escape and get some space between me and my opponents.

  • Intimidating Roar – Chilling Scream – Intercede

Mr. Eight – Use this when you know someone has used their stun breaker and zero resolve.  In pug groups, you can’t expect someone not to break a soft stun.  I always push the opponent way out of the way so people don’t accidentally hit them.

  • Force Push – Force Leap – Intimidating Roar – Intercede to get back in fight

DPS Priorities

PvP is so chaotic there really isn’t a “rotation” per say.  It’s more about using what’s most important rather than beating on a target uninterrupted.   Since our abilities focus on single target almost solely, our main rotation doesn’t differ between a group of enemies or one.  Just use smash more often if three or more people are in range.

  1. Armor debuff via Saber Throw or Sundering Assault
  2. Ravage
  3. Vicious Throw (with or without proc)
  4. Force Scream with 2 stacks of Savagery
  5. Shatter (recently got buffed and does more damage and is internal bypassing armor)
  6. Impale (can be used as number 5 if target is low health)
  7. Smash (if ravage isn’t up for some reason)

Arena Strategies

For general strategies in arenas, check out my previous guide HERE.  The hardest part about arenas is knowing your teams strengths and weakness and the enemies.  As soon as the queue pops, get in there.  Start looking at the other team and game-planning how you’re going to be effective.  Once that’s done, stick to the plan but don’t be afraid to change if something isn’t working.

Juggernauts are built to shut down targets with interrupts .  Since Juggernauts don’t have AoE reduction, I try to avoid the melee scrim.   I first engage combat on the nearest target regardless of their class.  This puts a lot of pressure on the other team and they have to react.  After the initial engagement, I try to find a target off by themselves casting or healing.  This way I’m attacking a target away from the melee group and taking less damage.

Most of the time the target tries to avoid me by running away, line of sighting, or knocking me back.  Just keep coming at them frustrating them and waiting for them to break their cc.  Once this is done, check if they have a DoT on them, if no, use intimidating roar and watch them sit out of the fight for eight seconds.  If not, just keep on attacking them, shutting them down.

If this strategy isn’t working or you’re facing a heavy melee class, try to create space with your push.  Pick out a target that’s heavily armored and debuff them, force push, then sit on them away from the group.  You can really control a single target if left alone and that’s your goal, to find someone alone to pick on and completely destroy.

As far as tanking goes, I’m really not trying to do a whole lot of damage.  I’m mainly focused on swapping my guard, using AoE slows, applying armor debuffs and stunning targets.  The general overall strategy is to annoy people by limiting their damage via slows, stuns, or knock backs.  Don’t just focus on one target, keep moving and annoying multiple targets.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and feel free to leave comments or questions below.  More to come!


Area of Effect (AoE) – An area based damage or healing ability.
Best in Slot (BiS) – Optimal gear per slot.
Buffs –Abilities that apply a bonus for a duration.
Burst – How hard something hits or how much damage something can do for a short period.
Cleave – Another way to say AoE.
Cool-Downs (CD) – A ability with a waiting period after use.  These can be used offensively or defensively.
Crowd Control (CC) – Something that hinders your movements or stuns you.
Damage Per Second (DPS) Class – Class focused solely on damage.
Debuff – Applying a negative bonus for a duration.
Diminishing Returns (DR) – The point at which the stat takes more and more if it to get the same result or the more points you put into a stat, the fewer bonuses you get per point.
Damage over Time (DoT) – Ability that does damage over time.
Expertise – PvP only gear stat that determines your effectiveness in a PvP setting.
Full Healer – Generally a healer that has 31 points or more into main healing talent tree.
Full speced – 46 talent points or more into one specific talent tree.
Global Cool Down (GCD) – A universal cool down of 1.5 seconds before another ability can be triggered.
Globaled – Only using one ability per person to wipe out an enemy
Hard Stun – A CC that can’t be broken by damage.
Hit Box – The position you have to face in order to hit someone.
Heal over Time – Ability that heals over time.
Hybrid – Class that isn’t fully speced into one tree, e.g. a PowerTech playing 10/30/6.
Kite – To limit the opponents damage because you move behind an object or Line of Sight (LOS)
Knockback – Temporarily punts or knocks back player a certain distance, instant effect with no stun, generates 400 resolve. Example: Sith Inquisitor ability Overload, which knockbacks enemies with eight meters.
Line of Sight (LOS) – Avoiding damage because you use an object as cover.
Mez – Completely disables player for certain period, can be broken on stun, and gives 100 resolve per second. Example: Imperial Agent ability Flash Bang, which disables opponents for eight seconds and can be broken on damage.
Mid/Max – Finding every possible way to extract the exact stats one wants.
Peel – Stopping what  you’re doing and helping a friendly player.
Pillar Hump – Simply circling an object to limit players DPS.
Proc – a “procedure” – triggered under particular circumstances
Pocket Heal – Single target heals provided by DPS not full spec’d.
Pug – Random group.
Pull – Interrupts targets current action and pulls them to the caster. Example: Sith Assassin ability Force Pull, pulls target towards the caster.
Punt – Same as knockback
Rambo/Rambo’ing – A play style that has complete disregard for team goals and objectives.
Random Number Generator (RNG) – How dependent something is on a percentage based circumstance.
Resolve – Statistic relating to cc immunity
Rotation – Series of abilities used in sequential order for maximum effectiveness.
Soft Stun – A stun that can be broken by damage.  Often players say fearing/mezing or something similar.
Spam – Pressing a button rapidly.
Stack – Put as many points as possible into one stat.
Stance dance – Alternating between DPS and Tank stance.
Stun – Completely disables player for certain period, cannot be broken on stun, and gives 200 resolve per second of stun. Example: Sith Inquisitor ability Jolt, this disables opponent for four seconds.
Squishy – Easily destroyed target.
Tank – Class that use form that allows for guard.
Tunneling – Only attack one target even if it’s not wise.
White Damage – Weapon based damage, melee or ranged (visually white when it hits target).
Yellow Damage – Force or tech based damage (shows up as yellow when it hits target).


1.0 – Complete initial guide – on February 5, 2014


  1. Madmar (@swtorfamily) on March 8, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    Just had a quick skim there. Looking really good. Gonna copy your vengence build. Only lvl 18 atm. Got 55 jugg tank but thats my raid char. Will be using this guide as a refrence. Thanks.

    • Deltia on March 10, 2014 at 6:45 pm

      Thanks appreciate the feedback.

  2. Melkyore on March 14, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Hey Deltia,

    Me again with a question. I want to play a bit as a DPS but don’t want to waste my Warzone tokens to get the vindicator set, and keep converting them in Ranked tokens for my main set.

    Now I’m thinking of using Bolster to get quickly some cheap gear and start having fun.

    Yo say I should put level 46 PvE mods to use Bolster at its best. Where can I find level 46 PvE mods/armoring/sophistacation. There doesn’t seem to be any at the GTN.

    Also which one should I think ?

    For augments and PvP in vnegeance you advise taking strenght/endurance ? Thanks

    • Deltia on March 16, 2014 at 5:38 pm

      You can get the PvE stuff from Supply Vendor on fleet (Voss).

      I would go with main stat (Might 28) for vengeance.

  3. Melkyore on March 14, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    Note : And how about implants ? And relics ?

    • Deltia on March 16, 2014 at 5:37 pm

      For DPS gearing?

      • Bertrand on March 19, 2014 at 8:37 am


        Do you put level 46 implants/earpiece which a hard to find (relics there are none) or go for the PvP vendors one ?

        • Bertrand on March 19, 2014 at 12:37 pm

          Another one : do juggernaut tanks are also advised to put 46 mods in their weapons and replace expertise crystals by endurance ? If yes, which mods should they be and where to find them ? Voss vendor ?

          • Deltia on March 19, 2014 at 8:54 pm

            You can do the 46s trick up until patch 2.7 since it will be fixed then. I do endurance if tanking otherwise power. Voss vendor in the supply part of the fleet.

        • Deltia on March 19, 2014 at 8:55 pm

          I do use the 53 level blue implants, but it’s getting fixed in patch 2.7 so I’ll go with PvP gear in those. Ear I stick to PvP gear too. So your best off just buying some cheap blue level 53 for the time being.

          • Bertrand on March 20, 2014 at 12:27 pm

            How about relics ?

  4. Deltia on March 20, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    Relics go with Obroan power/main stat all the way. Those make a huge difference.

  5. Ryan on March 31, 2014 at 10:53 am

    I’m planning to get my guardian into ranked. I was curious at what point should I start queueing for ranked arenas? would it be possible to queue with all war zone gear or should I wait until I have ranked gear as well? Love the guides and they are incredibly helpful for someone like me who is just starting out in doing pvp 🙂

    • Ryan on March 31, 2014 at 11:57 am

      Also is it worth using the set bonus on the pvp gear? Sorry if these are noob questions but I’m pretty much completely new to pvp. been doing operations for almost a year and a half now but pvp is a whole different ball game for me.

      • Deltia on April 1, 2014 at 10:17 am

        If you’re planning on play DPS or a hybrid, you really need the PvP set bonus. Especially the 8% heal which can save your life a lot of times. And keep the questions going, sorry it took a while to reply.

    • Deltia on April 1, 2014 at 10:19 am

      Since the season is ending in a week, queue for it now. Though once the new season starts, I’d highly recommend checking out my gear guide: http://deltiasgaming.com/2014/02/25/arena-series-2-get-the-gear/

      Basically, I’d get full Conqueror or now it will be Obroan (the first set) with some of the highest pieces (Relics). I’d just keep playing a lot in unranked to get used to it. And, don’t quit if you’re losing in solo’s keep at it. It’s hard but takes a long time to learn how to win over and over. I’d say around 100 matches is where I start to feel confident with a certain character.

      • Ryan on April 1, 2014 at 3:27 pm

        Thanks for replying 🙂 I’m going dps so I will be going for the set bonus. I’m curious however if I put the mods and armorings into a Piece of orange moddable gear will the set bonus still be active or will I have to use the original gear? Also with the new tier to gear coming out will obroan become purchasable with regular warzone comms? Cheers for the help

        • Deltia on April 2, 2014 at 11:05 am

          Yea you’ll retain the set bonus in Orange gear. The bonus is tied to the armoring nothing else.

          And yes, you’ll be able to purchase Obroan gear for regular WZ coms April 8.

          • Ryan on April 2, 2014 at 11:25 am

            Okay thanks for the help. Time to get earning those comms. Looking foward to your next guide 🙂

  6. coolio on May 30, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    where are you man? did you quit swtor?

    • Deltia on May 30, 2014 at 5:24 pm

      I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online and stopped playing SWTOR. Just needed a change and tired of the drastic class changes. I’ll probably come back when housing drops, until then, really no point in me playing. Still a great game.

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