Arena Series #2: Get the Gear

Recently, SWTOR announced the PvP rewards for season one, complete with a Rancor mount as the top prize.  With this exciting news, a lot of players have been flooding the solo queued (some under geared).   While you don’t need the top of the line gear in order to play PvP in SWTOR, you do need a basic PvP set to be competitive.  Join me as I show you how to prepare you character’s gear for ranked warzones!

SWTOR’s Gearing System

SWTOR gives commendations based on performance in ranked/non-ranked warzones (WZ).  You earn medals for certain actions, such as solo kills, protection, damage, and more.  After you accumulate eight or more medals, you’ve earned the max commendations per that match.  You’ll earn more if you win so fight hard.

Ranked PvP vendor

There are two types of commendations that buy gear, ranked and unranked.  These can be earned competing in each type of warzone.  I don’t recommend using ranked arenas as a way to gear up because you won’t be prepared and others will suffer.  Plus you can’t “wipe out” you’re rating so you’ll have a huge hole to climb.

Unranked can be turned into ranked commendations at a 3 to 1 ratio while ranked can be turned back into unranked at a 1 to 1 ratio.  Besides doing warzones, you can earn commendations from daily and weekly PvP missions and lock boxes on Tatooine.  Regardless, it will take some time to get the gear needed to succeed so let’s look exactly how we go about doing this.

Quick Gear Set Recommendations

  • Complete Conqueror Set itemized for power/surge/main stat
  • Two Obroan relics’ power and either critical or main stat boost
  • 14 level 28 purple augments for each slot



So how long exactly will it take to get the recommended gear set listed above?

  • 12,500 unranked commendations (coms) for a full Conqueror set at Level 65 (not itemized)
  • 6,000 coms for a mid/max (or itemized) set
  • 7,800 coms for two Obroan Relics
  • Grand total of 26,300 unranked commendations

How much time is that?

  • With a lot of wins, you can average 100 commendations per WZ
  • 600 commendations per hour (not considering dailies/weeklies)
  • Roughly 40+ hours to get the basic level or ranked WZ gear

Purchasing Order

  • Fully Augmented Orange Gear
    • You can have up to 14 augments for all you gear.  I would find an orange set of gear that you want to stick with and start crafting/finding/buying level 28 purple augments for your main stat (resolve=willpower, might=strength, reflex=aim, or skill=cunning).  It’s not going to be cheap or easy to get this done.  Currently, MK-9 kit cost roughly 50,000 credits x 14.  And it takes 30,000 credits to augment one x 14 for a rough estimate of 1.1 million credits.  And that’s considering you already have already crafted the augments.  If not, add another million to that list.
  • Obroan Relics


  • The Obroan Level 67 relics add so much burst over the Conqueror Level 65, that it’s a must to make this the number one priority. I generally get the 625 power first (Serendipitous Assault) then either critical hit (Devastating Vengeance) or main stat (Focused Retribution).  I take critical hit if I’m on a class that doesn’t have an auto critical like a Rage Sentinel/Marauder and main stat if on a class with a 9% main stat bonus like the Vanguard/Powertech.
  • Four Piece Set Bonus

Set Bonus

    • The Ootinicast has a great set bonus break down per advanced class found here.  This is a must have considering the set bonus’ can provide extra critical chance, more healing, a reduced cool down, or various enhancements to your character.  Since the default gear has mixed match stats (like alacrity for a sentinel), you’ll have to itemize each piece after you’ve acquired a full set.
  • Belt –
    • Very cheap at 600 commendations and a large portion of your expertise.  Get these and place in your orange gear for a major expertise bonus.
  • Bracer –
    • Same as belt.
  • Main Hand –
    • Since this is where the majority of your damage comes from, you need to upgrade ASAP.  Though you can get buy with some PvE gear for a while, you’ll definitely need this prior to ranked.
  • Off Hand –
    • This is another important item that determines your Force/Tech damage and needs to be high priority.
  • Ear –
    • A cheap upgrade that provides a lot of expertise.
  • Implants –
    • Same as ear basically.
  • Last Armoring –
    • The final piece until you have a full set of PvP gear.  And we are not even close to being done.
  • Itemized Conqueror Gear

Enhancment Vendor

Mods Vendor

  • After you’ve acquired all the above, now its time to make sure we have the right stats.  As I wrote earlier, the default gear will have useless stats like alacrity (for a Mara) or high accuracy for a healer, etc.  The simplest way to gear your character is stack power >main stat> surge.  It’s not complicated and it’s effective no matter what class (except tank, then Endurance>Absorb>Shield>Defense).  Buy  7 of the 28X mod for your main stat (for instance aim would be agile 28X), then buy a 9 adept 28X enhancements (unless you have some).  The mods vendor can be found in the Combat Section of the fleet at each vendor for your advanced class.  The enhancement vendor is in between the Vanguard/Powertech and Scoundrel/Operative counters in the same area.

Do the same thing over again, expect with Obroan Level 67 (at a 3 to 1 ratio).

Speeding Up The Grind

Don’t fear, we can speed up this process (hopefully).  Since there are daily/weekly PvP quest, and legacy gear to transfer items, we can use more than one character.  The first PvP daily offers 100/100 ranked and unranked commendations.  And the weekly offers a whopping 300/300 reward.   Keep in mind, you can’t send or transfer ear pieces, implants, relics, or offhand armors yet.

Legacying Gear

Next is to acquire a full set of orange legacy gear which can be found through various vendors (Makeb, Voss) and was offered for free if you subscribed before galactic star fighter launched.

Quest Vendor

Time depending, do as many dailies/weeklies as you can on different characters.  I created a spreadsheet mapping out the list of items I need and who’s responsible for getting them.   Once I acquire the item (excluding ear/implants/relics/offhand), I rip out of the shell, throw into legacy gear and mail them over.  It’s another expense but time is money and we need to get that Rancor mount!

PvP isn’t for everyone.  And sometimes it’s a big time commitment, credit sink, but the rewards are worth it.  Get in a good guild with like-minded gamers focused on rising to the top.  Ask questions to people and be humble (something I’m working on).  Keep a positive attitude and always learn.  Hopefully this guide has helped you on your way to the Rancor mount, what are your tips?  Please leave a comment below if you have something to add.


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