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ESO Vampire Guide

Welcome to our ESO Vampire Guide.  If you’ve played Elder Scrolls Online, you’ve probably seen some ultra-white looking players running around. You’ve also probably seen some of them sneaking around very, very fast. Well, these people are most likely Vampires. This is an option in character development in ESO that comes with some major advantages and disadvantages. This guide is going to highlight some of those and explain why Vampirism might be for you!

 “Vampires suck!” (me before I tried it)

After seeing some of my guildies try Vamprism and watching them die repeatedly to fire damage, I was sure it sucked. I briefly tried it out and didn’t level up the skills or passives enough. My Vampire trial stage lasted less than 24 hours and I was dead set that it was the worst choice for character development. Then I started playing PvP…

In Cyrodiil, nearly everyone is a Vampire. Usually if the majority PvPers are doing something, it must have some sort of advantage. So I tried it again, but this time I stuck with it far enough to level up the important passives. I was utterly blown away at how powerful this made my character become. Vampire might be right for you so lets check out the entire process.

Table of Contents

  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • How to get Vampirism
  • How Vampirism Works
  • Obtaining Vampirism
  • Vampire Skill Line

 Strengths and Weaknesses

eso 2014-07-30 08-40-20-20

Basically you trade vulnerability to fire damage and PvP skills for super powerful passive bonuses and one of the best ultimates in the game, Bat Swarm. You can counter fire damage by adding a fire resist glyph to a jewelry piece so that’s not much of a problem. Below is a list of Vampires’ strengths and weakness currently:

+ New powerful abilities
+ Passive bonuses for stamina and magicka regeneration
+ Can earn gold selling bites
+ Sneak speed increase
+ Not permanent
+ Great for role playing
-Vulnerable to fire damage
-Diminishes your health regeneration
-Vulnerable in PvP (Silver Bolts, Expert Hunter, etc)
-Continual feeding (maintenance)
+ or – Changes your look (good or bad)

After looking over that list, it really seems Vampire is powerful choice. So let’s see how we can get it!


How to get Vampirisim

Getting Vampirism is pretty easy now that a lot of players have it. 1) You can get bitten by an NPC “Bloodfiend” in zones or 2) get bit by another player near the ritual shrine. I went with another player biting me and this is a good option if you know people in your guild, friends, or just ask. Let’s show you both routes on how to get this.

NOTE: Most players need to be in the level 20-40 range in order to kill NPCs later on in the quest. There’s been people as low as 10 get it, but be warned.

1)      The Bloodfiends spawn only at night in different locations for each faction.

Aldmeri Dominion (AD)– Reapers Marsha

AD Fiends


Daggerfall Covenant (DC) – Bankgkorai

DC fiends

Ebonheart Pact (EP) – The Rift

EP fiends

Once you get bit by a player or an NPC, you’ll need to head to a shrine for the Scion of the Blood Matron quest that unlocks the vampire skill line. Below is the shrine location per faction.

Aldmeri Dominion (AD) – Reapers Marsha

AD shrine

Daggerfall Covenant (DC) – Bankgkorai

DC shrine

Ebonheart Pact (EP) – The Rift

EP shrine

After you reach the shrine, you’ll notice a quest icon on a piece of parchment. Pick it up and enter the tomb. Once inside, you’ll learn the history of the first vampire (I won’t spoil the plot). Once that’s done, you’ll take a little dip in a blood pool (gross).

Now you’ll notice your skill bar will have new active vampire abilities. You’ll need to roam the dungeon and kill 10 NPC that are around level 40. Basically do a big counter clock wise loop killing NPCs and return. Finish it up by talking to the NPC and now you’re a Vampire! The new skill line can be found in the World section under skills.

How Vampirism Works (stages and feeding)

eso 2014-07-30 08-45-07-92

Now that you’ve turned to the ESO Dark Side (joke), you’ll have to feed on poor innocent NPCs, or not. As you spend time in game, you move through the various stages of Vampirism unless you feed.   Feeding is simply sneaking behind an NPC and pressing the synergy key (default is X).

There are four stages of Vampirism with the first being the least significant (appearance, bonuses, etc.) and the last being drastic changes. You progress through the various stages based on the amount of time you haven’t fed.

Stage One to Two – 30 minutes
Stage Two to Three – 60 minutes
Stage Three to Four – 90 minutes

Here are the various stages and what you can expect

Vampirism Stage One

Take 50% more damage from fire
You’ll start to appear a little pale

Vampirism Stage Two

Still 50% more damage from fire
Health regenerates 25% slower
Vampire abilities cost 20% less
You’ll notice a chance in your eyes

Vampirism Stage Three:

Still 50% more damage from fire
Health regenerates 50%
Vampire abilities cost 40% less
Your eyes will be blood red

Vampirism Stage Four:

Still 50% more damage from fire
Health regenerates 75%
Vampire abilities cost 60% less

At first glance, it appears that your best option is Stage One, but in my experience, Stage Four is where the Vampire shines. Here’s how you counter the negatives while enjoying the benefits:

  • 50% more damage to fire – Create or buy a fire resistance glyph (1000+ or higher). Yes it will take up a valuable slot on your gear, but you’ll hardly notice fire damage again.
  • Health Regeneration 75% – With the passive Unnatural resistance and using Devouring Bat Swarm, you’ll hardly notice any health regeneration problems. Just heal up out of combat with a staff or ability. The way I play it, my health regen comes from Devouring Bats, not natural ways.
  • Vampire cost reduction 60% – Ability cost reduction is the entire key to Vampirism success. Devouring Bats is arguably one of the best ultimates in the game. With a 60% cost reduction, you can almost always use this.

With the 60% reduction in Vampire Abilities, your Bat Swarm will be up nearly every fight. That has kept me at 100% health fighting 20 monsters at once. That’s basically your new health regeneration. Additionally, I use Green Dragons Blood as a Dragonknight to increase my health regeneration to a normal rate. And finally, I equip a 1400+ fire resistance ring to mitigate fire damage. With those things running, I hardly notice the negative while enjoying Bat Swarm spamming!


Vampire Skill Line

eso 2014-07-30 08-38-08-39

Ever wanted a 75% damage reduction ability, a health drain, or a massive AoE damage shield? Great, you’ll get them with the Vampire skill line. These abilities and major passives aren’t available to start so you’ll have to wade through leveling, but here’s what you can expect as you progress through the skill line.

Bat Swarms (Ultimate) –Once you pop this ability you’ll know as the screen turns a distinct tint of blue (plus things start dying). A field of bats spawns for five seconds dealing damage in a 10 meter radius around you. Without the morph, it’s not entirely powerful, but once you get Devouring Swarm, all I can say is wow.

o   Devouring Swarm – Gains self-heal. This is the ability I go with because you can do an enormous amount of damage, self-heal, and survive. When in Stage Four Vampirism, Devouring Swarm Ultimate cost is reduced to 158! I’ve literally used this three times in one pull, 15 seconds of swarm.

o   Clouding Swarm – Grants Invisibility. This morph seems underwhelming in comparison, though it might serve some purpose. I just can’t see giving up the monster self-heal.

Drain Essence (channel) – This ability is a channeled single target stun for three seconds while returning health, stamina, and possibly ultimate to users. This makes one on one fights a breeze).

o   Invigorating Drain – Adds Ultimate recovery. The obvious choice for me to prime up Swarm.

o   Midnight Drain – Ads more effect at night. Maybe a RP use, not for me.

Mist Form (defensive) – This reduces all damage and healing for you by 75%. The trick here is to use this when you need a moment to recoup or run away. Combine this with Swarm and it’s nearly impossible to kill you for four seconds.

o   Elusive Mist – Adds speed and my choice for morph.

o   Poison Mist – Deals damage to nearby enemies. I don’t use this because it’s not a lot of damage and I want the increased movement speed to run out of trouble.


Savage Feeding – Makes target off balance after feeding. I don’t pick this up since I stay in stage four.
Supernatural Recovery (two ranks) – Increases Magicka and Stamina recovery by 5/10%. This is an obvious must have.
Blood Ritual – Allows you to turn another player into a Vampire every 7 days. It’s a good way to help guildies or make some cash, get it.
Undeath (two ranks) – When you’re below 30% health, you start gaining damage mitigation up to 50%. Basically at 1% health, you’re much harder to kill than you would be at 30%. This might be broken currently but should be fixed in 1.3. This is basically amazing for tanks, take it!
Unnatural Resistance – Increase health recovery in vampirism stage 2-4. I consider this another must have since I stay in stage 4 most of the time.
Dark Stalker – Increases sneak speed and get into stealth faster at night. Basically there’s no movement penalty for sneaking, yeah must have.

Ultimate Ability

Main Skill

Bat Swarm



Bat Devouring Swarm



Bat Clouding Swarm

Active Ability

Main Skill

Drain Essence



Drain Essence Accelerating Drain


Drain Essence Invigorating Drain




Mist Form



Mist Form Poison Mist

Mist Form Elusive Mist


Passive 1 Savage Feeding

Passive 2 Supernatural Recovery

Passive 3 Blood Ritual

Passive 4 Undeath

Passive 5 Unnatural Resistance

Passive 6 Dark Stalker




Are you ready to get bitten yet? What a powerful way to augment your character. Being a Vampire isn’t for everyone, just like I hated it at the beginning. My advice is everyone should try it out and stick with it for a while. See if it’s enjoyable and suits your play style.

What are your thoughts on Vampirism in the game and or how you use it?

46 thoughts on “ESO Vampire Guide

    1. IMO, Dunmer are absolutely the best choice for vampires. I use no gear other than my 1575 points of fire resistance from the racial passive (at V1) and I’ve never missed it. (at least if you believe the CLS stats). Instead, my jewelry goes to spell damage, armor and magicka recovery.

  1. Funnily enough I recently became a vamp when I knew 1.3 has achievement for it and gives black dye. I then lvled to max as it gets you white dye. Now I am not sure I want to go back. Devouring swarm is just stupid, I love it. I thought post nerf the vamp reduction was just 21% at stage 4 though?
    I had an issue with essence drain as it was very unresponsive so I got rid of it as I could not even use it the one time per person or rather it was not worth the 10 clicks it took to work.
    Very nicely written guide! Didn’t fancy being a werewolf then? 😀

    1. Yea it’s 20% now so not nearly as impressive though they did fix undeath. And essence drain sucks I think, takes like 5 seconds to activate. And yep, werewolf coming soon, especially for tanking.

  2. I have a similar issue with the drain taking a few clicks to hit right. Also it’s bugged and your stuck looking like a football statue trying to stiff arm. I do enjoy the stun and filling up my bars tho. Just got to vamp lvl 6, and am trying to get bat swarm to the morph. I enjoy the camp adpects, except the health regeneration really sucks, unless you do ;).

  3. Also important to note that if you get cured, make sure to respec your skill points out of the vampire skill like beforehand. Otherwise, you lose all the points invested in the line when you are cured.

    Flip side of that, from what I have heard, is that if you get bitten again and go back to being a vampire (and have not done a respec since you were cured), you will go back to level 10 immediately with all skill points previously invested intact).

    Can anyone confirm this?

      1. Follow up to my comment above. I’ve confirmed that if you accidentally cure yourself before doing a respec, all you have to do is get bit again and complete the opening vamp quest. Once that is done, you get back the skill line with all points that were previously invested intact and still at whatever level you were before you were originally cured.

  4. I just tried my first vampire character. And reaching stage 4 I looked up the stats and saw only 21% cost reduction. They seem to have nerfed that quiet a bit. Fine with me but I wonder if your harvester build will still work without the higher reduction. I am not high levelled enough to test it out.

      1. Thanks for the fast answer! Then I will be looking forward to try it out. It is already much fun running through groups as a templar as it is with lvl 24 🙂

  5. Hey bud can u tell me if invigorating drain can be broken out of in pvp i mean lkike is the stun at then end of casting or during ? Please help

    1. Probably best used with eather nightblade with stealth-focus or nightblade caster.

      The ultimate is a leage for itself. The stealth boni is cool as well but he shines with a caster build.
      *better spell dmg
      *better defense (for example with combining light and heavy armor. Additional defense with the shadow passive)
      *Synergy on dots and channeling dmg/regen

      Ever played wow? Shadow priest? This.

  6. How much has changed in update 1.6 from when this was written? Any chance of updating the op? Thanks

      1. Might be helpful to indicate date of writing/publishing with each article to help determine whether an article is still relevant to current patches.

  7. Looking to begin the Laceration build on PS4 when game is released. At what level do you think I should begin becoming a vampire? As soon as I start or wait a little, till say level 10?

  8. Hi,
    i am playing a breton templar healer. She is a vampire. Now I started to heal the veteran dungeons.
    I wanted to know now how much spell-and firerestitance I have to get through glyphs and championpoints to negate the 40% additional firedamage.
    At the moment I have 4310 fireresistance and 8656 magicresistance.
    Is there a theorycrafting guide for teso?

    Thanks for your help.

  9. Do you have a build video for a night blade vampire? Or can you recommend changes you would make to the specter for vampirism?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  10. Great guide, I’m curious how well does vampire work with your shooting star build? I’m currently running or attempting to run and and I’m curious?

  11. Hi you have the incorrect image for the vampire shrine in the rift. The map shows the same image as the shrine for bangkori.

  12. Hi Deltias gaming, thanks for the guide I use this site as my go to guides for eso. I got vampirism at level 27 and I am now 41. My vamp level is at 9 and I have all the passives but the ultimate and mist have still not allowed me to morph them yet. Does this happen when you hit level 10 vampire? I have been grinding for days for xp to level it faster and have all the abilities on the bar (not sure if that helps). Any ideas or tips on how to get the morphs on those skills???

  13. Deltias, Great work on all your guides and testing, you were mentioned in the Live stream for the IC Q&A, congrats.
    So I have looked and looked and I can not find a solid source to confirm how the mechanics of Clouding swarm work in conjunction with the stealthed damage bonus. Simply put, Do you hit like a truck during Clouding swarm as if you are hitting from stealth. (assuming your behind your target) If so DW NB vamps are going to top the charts this patch with The amount of resource regeneration available. V14 NB vamp on Ps4 and I Don’t have damage counter to test this myself. Any feed back would be great.
    Stoked for the new NB and DW changes coming in IC been trying to perfect a DW spec and the Hidden blade, Grim focus, and siphoning strikes changes are HUGE go the build I have been running.

  14. im a breton templar both give me passive to magic resist, should that be enough or should I still get fire resist rings? also if magic resist helps with fire should I just get magic resist ring since that will help with all magic damage?

  15. This guide needs some serious updating. The cost reduction at Stage 4 has not been 60% for some time, now the MAX cost reduction is just 21%. Also, there is no longer a “Midnight Drain”, it is now “Accelerating Drain”- which you have the photo of, but the guide itself still mentions the previous.

  16. Hi Deltia,
    Not sure if you know the ‘values’, but :-
    I am a Dark Elf NB, so a fire resist passive, my CPs for Elemental Damage is around 9%. I know the damage is now 25%, do you think I still need to have a fire resist enchantment on necklace? He is a v10 dual wield stamina build (which I’m thinking of changing lol)
    Thanks Boony
    Btw I really appreciate the time and quality of work you put into ESO Thank you

  17. What ability of the Spectre Nightblade Build (10-25) should i swap out for Drain Essence, so i can level Vampirisim?
    (Build like in your Video)
    And at what Level would you guys recommend making the Vampire Quest?

  18. I don’t want to be a vampire anymore! How do I get cured? I’ve visited the mages guild in a few city’s and found nothing.

  19. Love the guide! I am a new player. (Just got my first character to CP100 so very noobish) I created a new Character thats a Dunmer NB and was curious if it was still worth going Vampire? Im assuming a lot of changes have been made over the course of the game and since I am new Im not familiar with them. If it IS still worth then should I still follow the guide? It looking like the Ulti is the only decent skill to keep on your bar. Anyways thanks for any advice and Love your site! It is a huge help to new players like me.

    1. Yes I love it and you can always feed to stage one if you don’t want the negative effects. Also, abilities do not need to be slotted for regen.

  20. Since switching to PS4 With My Breton Sorc I have always stayed away from Vampire because I died so easily on PC I saw above that fire damage now counts as magic damage is that all fire damage even environmental? With shield stacking light armour and ward ally you think I will be good? Will I regen Magicka like a truck?

  21. its old stage 1 has no – effect i wrote this because people who wanna search about wamprism and saw these old information .I love your site and videos i know u have a baby boy u have to take care about u dont have time but better update these for a starter like me its pain to understand which is true or old or new best wishes for you and your family dude

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