ESO Banished Cells Guide

Welcome to our ESO Banished Cells Guide for Non-Veteran mode.  Banished Cells is my go-to dungeon while leveling or in Veteran content.  It feels fast, somewhat easy, and a creepy environment makes for a great dungeon crawling experience.  This quick guide will walkthrough all the boss fights and show you some mechanics to help you finish and get that coveted skill point.

Like all dungeons, it maybe helpful to have the usual tank, two DPS, and a healer setup.  I also suggest having some ranged DPS as there’s a lot of big red circle mechanics which will lower your DPS.

You’ll be able to jump in here via the group tool queue between levels 12-15.  Make sure you get the quest so you can get the one skill point upon completion.  My video guide will show the whole dungeon, but my written will be more about specific bosses.  Feel free to skip ahead if you’re having trouble on a certain Fight


Cell Haunter

eso 2014-08-25 12-10-07-15Haunter is your typical caster that hits like a truck if not interrupted.  The main job of the tank is to continually interrupting his cast to prevent a devastating attack.

Another helpful ability is Annulment, the light armor skill.  Though early in the game most players won’t have this, but it could absorb a high amount of damage.  Feel free to rush this enemy and really just DPS ASAP.


eso 2014-08-25 12-12-54-45Shadowrend comes up from the center of this large room after you’ve pressed two buttons and faced two large groups of mobs.  What I like to do is use the early mobs and generate a lot of ultimate so our group has one up once he spawns.

The first of his attacks is a standard Clannfear charge, big red area in front of him.  This will one-shot most light wearing casters.  Just make sure the tank positions him away from the group and has enough stamina to dodge roll out of the way.

Second, he will summon some adds that do decent damage and need to be focused down quickly.  Try to focus one target at a time and quickly get back on the boss.

Another Clannfear ability is the giant red 360 degree circle.  As a tank, you can stand just on the outside of this and still hit him.  Keep this up and your group will down him fast.

Angata the Clannfear Handler

eso 2014-08-25 12-14-19-78Angata comes with a lot of adds (additional enemies) to start the fight.  Make sure the DPS prioritizes the same adds then have the tank take the boss.  Once the adds are down everyone should be on the boss while the tank has position Angata away (conal) not facing the group.

She cast a fireball or two at the highest aggro target, so if you have Annulment or Absorb Magicka, pop it to save a lot of damage.

She cast a big red circle, remember red is dead so get out of it.

Lastly she’ll try to channel a hard hitting ranged attack, make sure you’re tank or a melee DPS is interrupting and you’ll blow past this boss.

Skeletal Destroyer

eso 2014-08-25 12-15-52-66Similar to the Clannfear, Destroyer has a 360 red circle that really effects the tank and or melee DPS.  As the tank, just step back a bit and continue to use light attacks.

Destroyer also summons three skeletons which should be killed immediately.  This is a good reason to use heavy area damage (AoE) and generate massive ultimate for a final burst of damage.

Lastly, Destroyer has a red conal effect in front of where he’s looking so make sure the tank is pointing him away from the group or the melee DPS is attacking his back.

High Kinlord Rilis

eso 2014-08-25 12-18-19-57If you’re a High Kinglord, you’re probably super BA right?  Well sort of.  Rilis isn’t too bad, you’ll just have to move as a group and act on mechanics immediately.

As you start to DPS him down, he’ll summon some orbs that if reach him, will basically heal him to full.  Usually we assign a DPS to immediately take these out (range DPS are best).

Rilis will also point his sword in the air which generates pools of red death circles near him.  Just run around avoiding these circles and make sure to have a range weapon to keep up the DPS.

He also has a knock-back so having a gap closer helps as a melee character.  Basically stay out of red and kill orbs and you’ll be fine.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, do you know any tricks you’d like to add to this guide?


  1. Asteldian on August 26, 2014 at 11:10 am

    I love this place. It is my go to VR dungeon for teaching people the ropes – the lack of healer npcs makes it fairly easy, while the significant number of ranged pyros helps teach people about taking down awkward and deadly casters amongst a trash pack.
    As a general advisory against charging mobs, if you have players not great at awareness or reacting to the charge, as tank it can be beneficial to get up in the mobs face and block rather than avoid the attack – the damage is usually manageble (note: boss mob may be an exception!)and you stop the charge dead in its tracks so other players don’t get themselves killed.

    • Deltia on August 29, 2014 at 3:16 pm

      Yea but I’m rambo! Thanks and you’re right.

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