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ESO Addon Guide

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  1. No issues so far. I had a conflict between wykkyd and ggframes at one point but just disabled frames which is dated anyway. If wykkyd manages to get hold of ggframes and update it I will get it back though

  2. Another addon that is extremely useful is Advanced Filters. It adds sub-filters to your menu so you can sort all your items in each category to show things like just your heavy armours or two-handed weapons. But where it really becomes useful is with crafting materials, dividing it up by profession. Combined with an addon like BankAll means you can move all of your runestones or alchemy reagents to or from your bank in two simple clicks, no longer will you accidentally give food to your potion-master.

  3. Deltia, on your Stamina Knightblade guide, you have a buff addon.

    It shows the Hail, Siphiong and many others, it shows buffs and duration even before you apply those buffs.

    could i have the addon name? 🙂

  4. Hi deltia i followed your video about add ons an got minion and ive downloaded all the add ons you talked about but i cant get them to load into eso

  5. I do like to know what the addon is called that you use at the guildstore, with a search option 🙂

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