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ESO Sorcerer Skills Guide

UPDATED for patch 1.6 currently on the PTS (not final).  I will change the skills again and give opinions on them once this becomes final.

Welcome to our ESO Sorcerer Skills Guide.  Utterly unique and special, the Sorcerer’s abilities are truly magnificent to use and even witness.  The combination of interesting, relevant builds are staggering due to the classes design.   In part two of our series, we delve into these skills, discuss my morph selections, and explain how I use them.  Let’s get started!


Table of Contents

Dark Magic


Main Skill

Negate Magic I
Create a globe of magic suppression, stunning enemies within and dispelling enemy placed effects for 9.6 seconds. Enemy players will be silenced rather than stunned.
Negate Magic Absorption Field I
Absorption Field – Grants movement speed and resources regeneration for those entering the area.
Negate Magic Suppression Field I
Suppression Field – Allies take less damage while inside radius.



Crystal Shard I
Crystal Shard – Conjure dark crystals to bombard an enemy dealing X magic damage and knocking them down for 2.4 seconds.
Crystal Shard Crystal Fragments I
Crystal Fragments – Chance to make ability instant cast.
Crystal Shard Crystal Blast I
Crystal Blast – Adds area damage.

Encase I
Encase – Call Daedric shards from the earth to immobilize enemies in front of you for 5.4 seconds.
Encase Restraining Prison I
Restraining Prison – Enemies are snared when effect ends.
Encase Shattering Prison I
Shattering Prison – Deals damage when effect ends.


Rune Prison I
Rune Prison – Imprison an enemy in a sphere of dark magic for 18.1 seconds. The effect ends if the enemy takes damage.
Rune Prison Rune Cage I
Rune Cage – Damage over time effects no longer break the disorient.
Rune Prison Defensive Rune I
Defensive Rune – Next enemy to damage you, gets disoriented.

Dark Exchange I
Dark Exchange – Bargain with darkness to restore X health and X magicka at the expense of X stamina per second.
Dark Exchange Dark Deal I
Dark Deal – Converts magicka into health and stamina.


Dark Exchange Dark Conversion I
Dark Conversion – Drains less stamina.

Daedric Mines I
Daedric Mines – Surprise your foes by placing 3 volatile Daedric caltrops that explode when an enemy comes close, dealing X magic damage and immobilizing the enemy for 1.8 seconds. Mines take 3 seconds to activate.
Daedric Mines Daedric Tomb I
Daedric Tomb – Mines summon in a line and arm instantly.
Daedric Mines Daedric Minefield I
Daedric Minefield – Summons 5 mines.


Passive 1 Unholy Knowledge
Unholy Knowledge – Reduces magicka and stamina cost for all abilities by 5%.

Passive 2 Blood Magic
Blood Magic – Hitting an enemy with a dark magic ability heals you for 5% max health.

Passive 3 Persistence
Persistence – Increases the duration of dark magic abilities by 20%.

Passive 4 Exploitation
Exploitation – Activating a Dark Magic ability grants minor prophecy to nearby allies, increasing spell critical by X for 20 seconds.

Daedric Summoning


Main Skill

Summon Storm Atronach I
Summon Storm Atronach – Summon a storm atronach at the target location. The atronach’s arrival deals X shock damage and stuns nearby enemies for X seconds. The atronach cannot move but attacks the nearest enemy. An ally can activate Charged Lighting giving both the ally and the atronach major berserk increasing their damage by 25% for 8 seconds.
Summon Storm Charged Atronach I
Summon Charged Atronach – Has a powerful area effect attack.
Summon Storm Greater Storm Atronach I
Greater Storm Atronach – Increased duration, damage, and health.




Daedric Curse I
Daedric Curse – Curse an enemy with a destruction rune, dealing X magic damage to the target enemy after X seconds and X magic damage to any enemies nearby. You can have only one curse active at any given time.
Daedric Curse Velocious Curse I
Velocious Curse – Curse ends sooner.
Daedric Curse Daedric Prey I
Daedric Prey – Your pets deal extra damage to cursed targets.

Summon Winged Twilight I
Summon Winged Twlight – Call on Azura to send a winged twlight to fight at your side, remaining until killed or unsummoned. Winged twlight’s primary attack deal X shock damage.
Summon Winged Twilight Matriarch I
Summon Twlight Matriarch – Heals you when at low health.
Summon Winged Restoring Twilight I
Summon Restoring Twlight – Adds magicka regeneration aura.

Bound Armor I
Bound Armor – Protect yourself with the power of Oblivion creating a suit of Daedric mail that grants minor resolve, increasing your armor by X. The armor also increases your max magicka by X.
Bound Armor Armaments I
Bound Armaments – Gives you max stamina, costs stamina, and increases heavy attack damage.
Bound Armor Aegis I
Bound Aegis – Also provides spell resistance.

Conjured Ward I
Conjured Ward – Conjure globes of Daedric Energy to protect you and your summoned creature. Each globe can absorb X dadmage.
Conjured Empowered Ward I
Empowered Ward – Affected pets deal additional damage.
Conjured Hardened Ward I
Hardened Ward – Shield strength increased on self.


Passive 1 Rebate
Rebate – When one of your summoned creatures is killed or unsummoned, you’re restored for 15% of your max magicka.

Passive 2 Power Stone
Power Stone – Reduces the cost of Ultimate abilities by 15%.

Passive 3 Daedric Protection
Daedric Protection – Increases your health recovery by 20% when a Daedric Summoning ability is slotted.

Passive 4 Expert Summoner
Expert Summoner – Increases the strength of your summoned creatures – Winged twlight deal 10% more damage, familar and clannfear gain 20% and increased movement speed, storm atronach’s attack range is increase by 30%.

Storm Calling


Main Skill

Overload I
Overload – Charge your fists with the power of the storm. Light attacks become lighting bolts, dealing X shock damage, and heavy attacks blast enemies in target area for X shock damage. Attacks deplete ultimate until you run out of or the ability is toggled off.
Overload Energy Overload I
Energy Overload – Light and heavy attacks restore magicka.
Overload Power Overload I
Power Overload – Increase range and radius of heavy attacks.


Mage's Fury I
Mage’s Fury – Call down lighting to strike an enemy for X shock damage. If target enemy’s health falls below 20% within 4 seconds, an explosion deals an additional X shock damage to the target and X shock damage to other enemies nearby.
Mage's Fury Endless I
Endless Fury – Killing blows restore magicka.
Mage's Fury Wrath I
Mages’ Wrath – Explosion deals more damage.

Lightning Form I
Lighting Form – Manifest yourself as lighting to gain major resolve and major ward, increasing armor and spell resistance by X for 15 seconds. While active, nearby enemies will take X shock damage each second.
Lightning Form Boundless Storm I
Boundless Storm – Gain increased movement speed while active.

Lightning Form Thundering Presence I
Thundering Presesnce – Increased duration.


Lightning Splash I

Lightning Splash Liquid Lightning I
Lighting Splash – Create a nexus of storm energy at the target location that deals X shock damage to nearby enemies every .5 seconds. While active, allies can activate Conduit to deal X shock damage to enemies near the ally.

Lightning Splash Lightning Flood I
Lighting Flood – Has increased radius.

Surge I
Surge – Invoke Merida’s name to get a rush of power granting you major brutality which increases weapon damage by 20% for 17 seconds.
Surge Power Surge I
Power Surge – Grants spell damage as well.

Surge  Critical Surge I
Critical Surge – Critical strikes heal you.

Bolt Escape I
Bolt Escape – Transform yourself into pure energy and flash forward, stunning enemies near origin location for 1.5 seconds. Casting again within 4 seconds cost 50% more magicka.
Bolt Escape Ball of Lightning I
Ball of Lighting – Absorbs projectiles.

Bolt Escape Streak I
Streak – Damage and disorient enemies in front of you.


Passive 1 Capacitor
Capacitor – Increase magicka recovery by 10%.

Passive 2 Energized
Energized – Increases damage of storm calling abilities by 5%.

Passive 3 Disintegrate
Disintegrate – Gives all shock spells a 6% chance to instantly disintegrate low health targets, dealing X shock damage.

Passive 4 Expert Mage
Expert Mage – Reduces the cost of storm calling spells by 10%.

32 thoughts on “ESO Sorcerer Skills Guide

  1. Great write up! I love the fact in this game you can totally agree with one persons morphs yet also disagree with the same person on others! The flexibility is awesome.
    I do feel there is a lack of love for Stormy the atronach though! While the first morph is nice for trash, the second morph is great for bosses and to me the best of all ultimates – tank can easily keep boss within range for the full 28s atronach is up (extended duration) and for all that time you are free to carry on your dps rotation or keep on healing group while he does damage for you! In addition, by the time 28s is over you have enough ultimate to recast! He is like an uber DoT for entire fight.

  2. Delta, I would like to thank you for the awesome pvp builds you have been sharing, honestly I would be lost without them! XD
    I would just like to know what you think about you’re new “Necromancer” build in single target pvp and group pvp.

    Thanks for reading
    ShockBlade ☺️

  3. Just noticed the change to Power Surge…yes the other morph that no one considers. It now increases your Spell Damage. So everyone who felt they could not use Crit Surge and Destro should use this other morph and all smiles again.
    OK…I’m kind of glossing over the loss of the self heal but if you are not the healer in the group then someone else can heal you…and if you are the healer then this morph will also help with your Resto staff heals too.
    Maybe I can give that deep sigh of relief now “phew”.
    Would appreciate your thoughts on this one Deltia.

  4. Can’t wait to try out the new Necro build! Looks so fun and looks like it can do a lot of sustained damage! 😀 1.6 can’t come soon enough. ;p

  5. Delta, I was wondering if you will make a sorcerer pvp build for 1.6 and if you do when? I’ve been so excited to see you pvp with you’re new Necromancer build! 😀

  6. Delta, was just wondering but wasn’t their two summoned creatures? You only have the twilight skill on Daedric summoning skill tree. :p

  7. For people who are having problems, when fighting large amounts of mobs in 1.6.1. I have found that dropping a minefield right in the middle a of group of enemies restores a lot of health and does Good damage.

    1. Talking of restoring health…I notice the change to Dark Deal now gives the Sorc their own heal.
      I know it’s not instant cast and you can not move, but a few experiments on PTS might see whether this becomes a sort of Sorc-Green Dragon Blood type skill to have. You can tap it for a second and then break the spell if it restores enough health so you can continue the fight.
      Worth looking into.

      1. if I could edit my above comment it should have said “now gives the Sorc their own heal and stamina generation” and not just heal as I posted…sorry for the slip up.

      2. Dark Deal is good because its resource efficient, but it’s too slow to be a Sorc-Green Dragon Blood. Honestly the only problem I have with the class is not its ability to survive, its the fact that the sorc’s sustained single-target DPS (summoned pets) comes at the cost of every thing else (Burst DPS, self healing, armor/spell resistance and AOE DPS). The two things i would like to see happen would be, to have pets put on timers, and have spell-power have an effect pet-damage and shield-strength. Instead of them only being influenced by max magicka.

  8. After looking into the costs for the skills you have listed compared to patch 1.6.3, it looks like you have the Dark Magic cost reduction passive but no armor equipped.

    This means there is a 10% increase to Storm Calling costs from the skills you currently have listed (2/17/2015).

  9. I love the skill overview, but are you ever going to add the first familiar from the summoning skill tree? It really annoying to not have it here.

  10. Do toy have a sorcerer tank build? I’m currently playing as one, but I know it could be better. Only vr1 tho and able to tank vr5 dungeons atm. Heavy armor normal buffs and all into health. Armor and resistance above 20k atm. Sword shield and 2nd weapon is 2 hand. Please help a boob out. Ps4 player.

  11. i didnt find any information on these… how much storm astornach do total damage, cuz i use on bosses and idk if meteor is more powerful

  12. btw, i play console so i dont have those things so u can see how much u do damage, and another thing how much mages wrath and force shock do damage pvp and pve?

  13. From what I’ve read, if I understood correctly, a tank melee sorceror seems to be a good idea.
    – Unholy Knowledge: -5% skill cost
    – Power Stone: -15% Ultimate cost
    – Daedric Protection: +20% health recovery (requires slotting a summoning skill, though)

    These above combined with
    Boundless Storm: Gain increased movement speed while active.
    Endless Fury: Killing blows restore magicka.

    Bound Armaments: Gives you max stamina, costs stamina, and increases heavy attack damage.
    Bound Armor: Protect yourself with the power of Oblivion creating a suit of Daedric mail that grants minor resolve, increasing your armor by X. The armor also increases your max magicka by X.

    Bound Aegis: Also provides spell resistance.
    Summon Restoring Twlight:Adds magicka regeneration aura.
    Summon Twlight Matriarch: Heals you when at low health.

    Whith all these regenarations and protections do you think it is a viable choice for a tank?
    If so, wich race would be best? I’m thinking about a sword and shield Nord, but I’d like to hear your opinion.

    1. Bound Armor and Boundless Storm is your friend for Sorc tanking and a must have IMO. If I were to choose a race, it’d be Imperial for Max stats and health return off of hits.

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