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Nine’s the Divines list and shows off all the Elder Scrolls Online crafted sets below.  So if you’re looking for detailed information on ESO Crafted Sets  this is it.

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Daggerfall Covenant

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There is a wide variety of gear available in Elder Scrolls Online. Acquiring gear from Dungeons, miscellaneous quests and trials can to a degree be hit or miss. As a result, if you’d like to quickly acquire a set of high quality armor or weapons, crafting it yourself can be a very viable strategy. If you have the gold and have the knowledge, you can craft excellent weapon and armor sets that fit your character build and maximize your attributes.

What You Need to Craft Set Weapons and Armor:

To craft set related items, in addition to the basic raw materials, you will need to have researched the required number of traits on each individual weapon or piece of armor. For example, if you want to craft the sword from the Ashen Grip set, you will have to have completed research on at least 2 traits for the sword. Similarly, if you want to craft the sword from the Way of the Arena set, you will have to have competed research on at least 8 traits for the sword. If you are looking to craft an armor set, keep in mind you will have to have the required number of traits researched on each piece. Having 8 traits researched on a helmet will only allow you to craft an 8 trait helmet. If you only have 4 traits researched on all other armor pieces, those other pieces will be limited to creating sets that require 4 or less traits.

Please see the individual Blacksmithing, Clothing and Woodworking crafting pages for additional information on trait research.

Sets and How They Relate to Character Builds:

Picking which armor set to use for your character is a very individual process. There is not a one size fits all set recommendation for the different classes due to the multitude of different builds available with the Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Night Blade and Templar. Generally there will be recommendations on which sets to use if you are using a character build developed by another player, these are definitely good places to start. If you are working on your own build it will take a little bit of testing to properly equip yourself. There are a few different ways you can approach your gear setup.

The Simple Way

If you want to keep things simple you can be strictly judgemental about your gear. You have 8 or 9 items you can equip depending on your weapon choice, as a result you can mix and match multiple sets by using two 4 trait sets, one 5 and one 3 trait set, etc. For the simple way, you will want to think about which resources (Stamina, Health, Magicka, Stamina Recovery, Health Recovery, Magicka Recover, Armor, Weapon Damage, Etc.) your build relies on the most and gear yourself up accordingly. All of this information can be found on the Character Tab in the in-game menu, see the below example. When gearing up your character, you will want to do your best to avoid hitting the soft cap. Essentially the softcap is where an attribute becomes overcharged or too powerful for your current level and you reach the point where you won’t receive the full effect of the additional points above softcap. If you have exceeded a soft cap it will appear yellow with the overcharged arrow, as it does on the Max Health line below:

1) The Simplay Way Image 1In this example you simply know that the soft cap has been exceeded, but you do not know by how far it has been exceeded. If you are interested in seeing how far you are over the soft cap please see The Advanced Way section below.

The Advanced Way

If you want to maximize your character potential you will need to be very targeted in the crafted sets you choose. Before starting, I would recommend you download the SoftcapInfo add-on by Shinni as it will allow you to see exactly how much you can raise a stat before hitting the softcap. The image below uses the SoftcapInfo add-on, your base stat appears on the left and the softcap appears on the right. Max Health is an example of an overcharged attribute, the current stat is 3238 while the soft cap is 3115, which as a result leads to an overcharge of 127.

2) The Advanced Way Image 1One important note, when you are preparing to gear your character be aware of the alliance bonuses received from your selected PVP map. Many of these bonuses carry over to your PVE stats and while they are very helpful, they can not always be counted on to be an attribute augment. During one campaign your faction may control all resources, keeps and scrolls which would give you the maximum attribute bonuses, while during another campaign your faction could control nothing which would result in zero bonuses. This is just something to keep on your radar. You can see your active bonuses in the Alliance War Menu (press “L”) and go to the Bonuses tab, alternatively, you can view them on your Character Menu (press “C’). If you hover over the bonus in the Character Active Effects, it will show you the current augment percentage you are receiving.

2) The Advanced Way Image 22) The Advanced Way Image 3  
Step 1:

Consume your preferred battle provisions or alchemy potions. These items will modify your base attributes and the logic is that any time you deem it necessary to consume food for your character, you are generally entering a large PVP fight, a group dungeon or raid, or a difficult PVE encounter. As a result these are the prime times that you will need to have your attributes as high as possible.

Step 2:

Picking your Mundus Stone can fall either at the beginning or end of your gearing up process. This aspect can be changed at any point without any detrimental effects, such as wasted resources or gold. This can be an easy way to slightly shift your attribute bonuses if you are lacking in a certain area.

Step 3:

If you have the necessary materials it is a good idea to craft a base set, level appropriate, verion of your desired armor and weapons. On this set do not include any traits or set bonuses, you will want to determine your baseline so you can properly plan your gear setup. If you do not have the means to perform this step take a little extra time to think through your build and skip to step 4.

Step 4:

Once you have determined the set pieces you would like craft them with your desired traits and improve them to your desired quality. Keep in mind that the improved quality will also lead to an improvement in stats such as weapon damage and armor rating.

Step 5:

After equipping your newly crafted gear your last step will be to enchant the equipment with the proper glyphs to reach your soft caps. There are a wide variety of glyphs available and the quality of the glyph will impact the magnitude of the enchantment. It is important to note that all the Head, Chest, Legs, and Shield will receive the full enchantment value. While the Shoulders, Hands, Waist and Feet will receive a factored down value of the enchantment which is usually around 50% of the original enchantment magnitude.

Enjoy your armor and take it out for a test run!

Quick Summary Comparison Table:

Below is a summary table of the different crafted sets available in the game. All bonuses listed are based on the VR14 version of the set. Lower level sets will have the same general effects though they will potentially be at different magnitudes and durations. See the “Detail Data” or the “Craft Set Maps” in order to find the location of the individual crafting locations.

3) Quick Summary Table

Detail Data:

Below is the information on the different crafted sets. Due to the wide variety of player levels, there will be a craft page detail for the VR1 and VR14 versions of each set shown below. Naturally, the item bonuses for Level 1-50 sets will be less than the VR1 bonuses, just as the VR2 – VR13 sets will be greater than the VR1 but less than the VR14 bonuses.


Set: Death’s Wind Set

Traits Required: 2

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Glenumbra – Chill House

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Auridon – Eastshore Islets Camp

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Stonefalls – Armature’s Upheaval

1-1) Death's Wind VR1 1-2) Death's Wind VR14

Set: Night’s Silence

Traits Required: 2

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Glenumbra – Mesanthano’s Tower

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Auridon – Hightide Keep

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Stonefalls – Steamfont Cavern

2-1) Night's Silence VR1 2-2) Night's Silence VR14

Set: Ashen Grip

Traits Required: 2

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Glenumbra – Par Molag

Aldmeri Dominion Location:              Auridon – Beacon Falls

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Stonefalls – Magmaflow Overlook

3-1) Ashen Grip VR1 3-2) Ashen Grip VR14

Set: Twilight’s Embrace

Traits Required: 3

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Stormhaven – Windridge Warehouse

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Grahtwood – Vineshade Lodge

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Deshaan – Avayan’s Farm

4-1) Twilight's Embrace VR1 4-2) Twilight's Embrace VR14

Set: Torug’s Pact

Traits Required: 3

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Stormhaven – Hammerdeath Workshop

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Grahtwood – Fisherman’s Isle

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Deshaan – Lake Hlaalu Retreat

5-1) Torug's Pact VR1 5-2) Torug's Pact VR14

Set: Seducer

Traits Required: 3

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Stormhaven – Fisherman’s Island

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Grahtwood – Temple of the Eight

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Deshaan – Berezan’s Mine

6-1) Seducer VR1 6-2) Seducer VR14

Set: Hist Bark

Traits Required: 4

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Rivenspire – Trader’s Rest

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Greenshade – Rootwatch Tower

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Shadowfen – Hatchling’s Crown

7-1) Hist Bark VR1 7-2) Hist Bark VR14

Set: Whitestrake’s Retribution

Traits Required: 4

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Rivenspire – Westwind Lighthouse

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Greenshade – Lanalda Pond

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Shadowfen – Weeping Wamasu Falls

8-1) Whitestrake's Retribution VR1 8-2) Whitestrake's Retribution VR14

Set: Magnus’ Gift

Traits Required: 4

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Rivenspire – Veawend Ede

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Greenshade – Arananga

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Shadowfen – Xal Haj-Ei Shrine

9-1) Magnus' Gift VR1 9-2) Magnus' Gift VR14

Set: Alessia’s Bulwark

Traits Required: 5

Daggerfall Covenant Location:          Alik’r Desert – Alezer Kotu

Aldmeri Dominion Location:             Malabal Tor – Chancel of Divine Entreaty

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Eastmarch – Hammerhome

10-1) Alessia's Bulwark VR1 10-2) Alessia's Bulwark VR14

Set: Vampire’s Kiss

Traits Required: 5

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Alik’r Desert – Artisan’s Oasis

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Malabal Tor – Matthild’s Last Venture

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Eastmarch – Crimson Kada’s Crafting Cavern

11-1) Vampire's Kiss VR1 11-2) Vampire's Kiss VR14

Set: Song of Lamae

Traits Required: 5

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Alik’r Desert – Rkulftzel

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Malabal Tor – Sleepy Senche Overlook

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   Eastmarch – Tinkerer Tobin’s Workshop

12-1) Song of Lamae VR1 12-2) Song of Lamae VR14

Set: Night Mother’s Gaze

Traits Required: 6

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Bangkorai – Silaseli Ruins

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Reaper’s March – Old Town Cavern

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   The Rift – Eldbjorg’s Hideaway

13-1) Night Mother's Gaze VR1 13-2) Night Mother's Gaze VR14

Set: Willow’s Path

Traits Required: 6

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Bangkorai – Viridian Hideaway

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Reaper’s March – Greenspeaker’s Grove

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   The Rift – Smokefrost Vigil

14-1) Willow's Path VR1 14-2) Willow's Path VR14

Set: Hunding’s Rage

Traits Required: 6

Daggerfall Covenant Location:           Bangkorai – Wethers’ Cleft

Aldmeri Dominion Location:               Reaper’s March – Broken Arch

Ebonheart Pact Location:                   The Rift – Trollslayer’s Gully

15-1) Hunding's Rage VR1 15-2) Hunding's Rage VR14

Set: Oblivion’s Foe

Traits Required: 8

Location: Coldharbour – Font of Schemes

16-1) Oblivion's Foe VR1 16-2) Oblivion's Foe VR14

Set: Spectre’s Eye

Traits Required: 8

Location: Coldharbour – Deathspinner’s Lair

17-1) Spectre's Eye VR1 17-2) Spectre's Eye VR14

Set: Way of the Arena

Traits Required: 8

Location: Craglorn – Lanista’s Waystation

18-1) Way of the Arena VR1 18-2) Way of the Arena VR14

Set: Eyes of Mara

Traits Required: 8

Location: Eyevea Guild Hall (accessed from portals in the Mage’s Guild).

19-1) Eyes of Mara VR1 19-2) Eyes of Mara VR14

Set: Shalidor’s Curse

Traits Required: 8

Location: Eyevea Guild Hall (accessed from portals in the Mage’s Guild)

20-1) Shalidor's Curse VR1 20-2) Shalidor's Curse VR14

Set: Orgnum’s Scales

Traits Required: 8

Location: The Earth Forge (accessed from portals in the Fighter’s Guild).

21-1) Orgnum's Scales VR1 21-2) Orgnum's Scales VR14

Set: Kagrenac’s Hope

Traits Required: 8

Location: The Earth Forge (accessed from portals in the Fighter’s Guild).

22-1) Kagrenac's Hope VR1 22-2) Kagrenac's Hope VR14

Zone Maps:


Daggerfall Covenant:


DC-1) Glenumbra - Set Locations


DC-2) Stormhaven - Set Locations


DC-3) Rivenspire - Set Locations

Alik’r Desert

DC-4) Alik'r Desert - Set Locations


DC-5) Bangkorai - Set Locations

Aldmeri Dominion:


AD-1) Auridon - Set Locations


AD-2) Grahtwood - Set Locations


AD-3) Greenshade - Set Locations

Malabal Tor

AD-4) Malabal Tor - Set Locations

Reaper’s March

AD-5) Reaper's March - Set Locations

Ebonheart Pact:


EP-1) Stonefalls - Set Locations


EP-2) Deshaan - Set Locations


Note: Still questing this zone, will update with a full map once complete to provide better frame of reference.



Note: Still questing this zone, will update with a full map once complete to provide better frame of reference.


The Rift

Note: Still questing this zone, will update with a full map once complete to provide better frame of reference



DC-AD-EP-6) Coldharbour - Set Locations



Eyevea Guild Hall

DC-AD-EP-8) Eyevea Guild Hall - Set Locations

The Earth Forge

DC-AD-EP-9) The Earth Forge - Set Locations

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  4. Looking at the Seducer set trait with 5 pieces: when it says reduce the cost of “Abilities” does that apply to all the sorc spells? or is the term “abilities” more selective? Thank you!

  5. Hey, thought I’d let you know that they changed Willow’s Path. (Not happy about it btw). It’s:

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    Willow’s Path increases all recovery in combat by 15%

    All of the sites I’ve checked, don’t seem to know this, so I thought I’d share. Thanks

      1. For sure, just doesn’t work for my current character. Good thing I spotted it prior to wasting my resources on crafting the set.

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    1. Because you can only equip your Bow or you 2H so it shows like 4. If you would use one hand and shield or two weapons then you would have 5 parts. So if you like to keep these weapons you should make another piece of armor.

  7. I’m Dk dunmer and I wanna go for magnus set,but I have no idea how to get all the specific it good idea to just start voice chatting in random guilds to buy them?

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