ESO Veteran Dungeon Guide – Spindleclutch

Hello everyone, Asteldian here again and today I bring you the second basic guide for Veteran Dungeons.  This time focusing on Spindleclutch!

The guide will be split by each boss and the bold writing will be the mechanic and beneath will be the ‘tactics’.

In most cases I won’t specify that the tank needs to be sure to block the heavy charge up attacks from a boss.  It goes without saying that as a tank you need to pay attention to heavy attacks coming your way.



Boss 1 – Mad Mortimer

  • Crowd of adds.  Heavy attacks from boss.
  • Really simple fight this.  AOE the adds while tank taunts boss and blocks the scary attacks.  That’s all there is to it.  If you struggle with all the adds, Volcanic Rune or other CC AOEs may be useful.


Boss 2 – Blood Spawn

  • Pounds the ground for large AOE radius, rocks fall round edge of room each time,  shrinking available space to avoid the AOE.  The damage of the pound increases as it goes on.
  • If healer is experienced, just stack up on boss and heal through the ground pound.
  • If a fairly new/inexperienced healer, you may find it best to roll out of the AOE when the boss ground pounds – if doing so make sure you only go as far as the edge of the red circle to avoid being squashed by falling rocks.  Be aware that you will run out of space to get out of the AOE as the fight goes on.
  • After approximately 2 minutes, the boss will constantly ground pound for heavy AOE and fast shrinking room.
  • A group with decent DPS will kill before this.  A group with weaker DPS will be in a race to try kill boss before the rocks fall in or the AOE out damages the heals.  Best advice to give is to be sure everyone has an Execute skill on one of their bars – including the tank.


Boss 3 – Paxin Douare

  •  4 Waves of adds spawn prior to actually fighting the boss.  (They spawn at back of room opposite the boss who stands on a slightly raised platform)
  • 1st wave is lots of small spiders.  Stack up, AOE them down.  Keep your block up and make sure healer is keeping up the heals.
  • 2nd Wave is small spiders and a large one.  Tank taunt the large one, stay stacked, AOE.
  • 3rd Wave has 2 packs spawn, and two powerful humanoid mobs that tank must aggro (they are slightly larger than the rest).  Each pack has a healer in it, easiest thing to do is AOE them all down while interrupting the healer, then move to the other healer and do the same.  Then finish off the two more powerful mobs if they still live.
  • 4th Wave big Daedra spider (Whisperer Nightmare) and a healer and evoker.  Tank grabs spider, DPS interrupt and kill healer, then evoker, then kill spider.
  • Boss now turns into a lich.  Frontal attack with 3 beams
  • Tank to turn boss away from the group so they do not have to worry about it.
  • Tank should fight at max melee range to maximise chance of avoiding one or two of the beams so that you take less damage.
  • Boss spawns a circle of Doom round a player
  • Random player gets a circle form around them.  Player must stay still in the centre until it fully forms, then slowly move with it – being careful not to touch the edge!  Touching the edge will kill you, trying to roll out when the circle forms, will kill you.
  • Other players to pay attention to where the circle moves because if its edge touches anyone, they are dead.
  • Magicka/Stamina Drain
  • Keep potions at the ready as your resources will always be low.  Though you may find you do not really need them.


Mini Boss – 3 Flesh Atronachs

  •  When each Atronach dies, the remaining are healed somewhat and get angry.
  • No real strategy for this.  They can hit hard so keep block at the ready.  May prefer to single target each one down especially as a death heals the others, but usually we just AOE.


Boss 4 – Urvan Veleth

  •  Boss with adds.  He will occasionally disappear and a red ground AOE will chase you around.
  • Tank aggro the boss, DPS focus on killing adds then work on boss.
  • As long as tank has aggro on boss, when he turns into the mean red bubble, he will chase the tank, so just run away until he appears again, DPS light a cigarette or go for a quick pee break.  If tank does not have aggro, someone else will have job of kiting.


Boss 5 – Vorenor Winterbourne

  •  Boss raises hand bended then creates red circle AOE on floor. 
  • As soon as hand is raised, get ready to move.  The AOE does high dmage so you want to get out of it fast
  • Raises hand high and straight, then does random attacks on players
  • Healer try ensure everyone is topped up in health, the hit is hard and blocking does not seem to do much to reduce it, so be high health when he starts and healer be quick to keep healing people up – for Templar just BoL, for other, make sure group is close to enjoy constant Healing Springs. 
  • Siphons health from NPCs hung on crosses.  Only one the first time, second time it will be another NPC AND the first one (if first is not killed) and so on.
  • The easy way is to go and kill the NPC being siphoned.  If you do this each time, he should never be siphoning from more than one NPC at a time, this means he gains less health and is easier to kill.
  • The ‘hard’ (or lazy) way is to ignore the siphoning and DPS through it.  This earns the Undaunted achievement.  You need decent DPS to be able to outdamage the healing he takes from siphoning – especially as by the third time he will be healing from three NPCs.


So that’s my way of doing the bosses.  Thanks for reading my ESO Veteran Dungeon Guide Spindleclutch.  Let me know if you have your own style!


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  2. Screams-While-Puking on November 22, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Yo Deltia!

    Your guides have been of immesurable help to me and my crew! I’m working on getting the Blood Spawn gear for my Argonian (not best choice I know, but im still workin’ it!) T3 tank and I was wondering what that Execute skill you mentioned for the gargoyle was. Thanks again,

    • Deltia on November 23, 2014 at 1:17 am

      Regarding execute, the Dragonknight doesn’t have one. I may have referred to the 2-Hander. This was Asteldian’s Guide so he may have meantioned that.

    • Asteldian on November 23, 2014 at 8:51 am

      Hi Screams, glad the dungeon guide was of use! The Execute I was referring to was dependant on class. Sorc and NB tanks have access to class executes (Mages Fury and Impale). The DK and Templar do not have that luxury, so for fights with a DPS check I will often run with 2h on second bar (as it provides an execute as the 4th skill) so that once the boss is low health you can weapon swap and help dish out heavy damage. Obviously if you have a strong group this is not necessary, but sometimes it can make the difference between success and a wipe

  3. Screams-While-Puking on November 23, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Oops! I didn’t see the atricle author name up there, sorry for the confusion. Thank you both for the awesome replys!

  4. Wrekluse on December 8, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    Thank you for the guide!

    My group is really struggling with the first wave on Paxin Douare. We used to be able to get to the third wave but after scaling was introduced we only last about 5 seconds into the first wave. We’ve tried snaring the spiders and we’ve tried grouping them… no matter what we do they go after the Healer and DPS and drop them all almost instantly. I’m tanking and go down shortly after. All of the guides and videos make it look so easy. Any advice?

  5. Asteldian on December 8, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    Post scaling this guy is brutal. Not really any great secret to get through, some advise would be:
    Everyone keep block up, non tanks have a bad habit of forgetting this.
    Tank should stand a bit in front of everyone to help with initial aggro.
    Control makes things easier – blinding flashes, cinder storm, talons, caltrops.
    NB sap essence can really help keep the team alive.
    If all else fails, use healing springs prefight to charge up ultimate. Solar prison and veil of blades offer big damage and mitigation, Standard provides good damage too. Negate magic should lock a bunch of spiders down. Any of these should make life easier – Veil of blades in particular, worst case, a combo of any two should make the spiders trivial.

  6. grant on July 30, 2015 at 2:53 am

    if you struggle with the last boss and want the undaunted achievement, the nightblade has a unique ultimate that reduces the amount of healing received from the npc’s its the assassination ability morphed, it also only cost 50 ultimate. happy hunting

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