ESO Veteran Dungeon Guide – Fungal Grotto

Welcome to the third basic guide for Veteran Dungeons.  This time focusing on Fungal Grotto!  So let’s get stared with our ESO Veteran Dungeon Guide – Fungal Grotto.

As always, the guide will be split by each boss and the bold writing will be the mechanic and beneath will be the ‘tactics’.

Fungal Grotto


Boss 1 – Mephala’s Fang

  • 2 Healer adds, poison spray (cone AOE).
  • Focus down the two adds first.  As tank try face the spider away from the team so they do not have to avoid the spray.
  • Boss periodically places 3 Circles of nasty AOE  that do not disappear.
  • Just move out of it asap, it hurts a lot so when it lands move out.  If everyone but tank is ranged then it is easy enough, but if some are melee, tank must make sure they move enough to give space for the melee DPS.
  • The AOE remains after boss dies, so don’t stand around like idiots.


Boss 2 – Gamyne Bandu

  • Hand glows and soon after a beam of light connects between two players.
  • When that hand starts glowing, everyone needs to get moving away from each other.  Tank stay put, everyone else start spreading out.
  • As soon as the beam connects 2 players, they take high DoT damage – the players must continue running away from each other until the beam breaks.
  • Four Shades appear and chain down a random player.
  • The team must focus down just ONE of the shades.  Once killed, the chained player will be free.  (In theory, if you do not free the player in time then a spike goes through the player which is bad, this can be buggy though and sometimes does nothing!).
  • Boss disappears and four aspects spawn in its place, once all dead, boss reappears.
  • Gather up and AOE these down, be ready with your block because they hit hard.
  • CC like Volcanic Rune (morph of Fire Rune in Mages Guild) may help a lot if you struggle with the damage output of these mobs.


Boss 3 – Ciirenas the Shepherd 

  • Boss with 3 spider adds, as each spider dies, she gains more and more damage reduction.
  • Ignore the spiders.  DPS the boss down and interrupt her fear spell (it is the only one that indicates interrupt is possible), when she dies, the spiders die.
  • Use CC to minimise damage from the spiders (or just heal through their damage).
  • If you have killed the spiders, killing the boss takes much longer and she dishes out some heavy damage, I suggest the tank has Defensive Posture on the bar (either morph) and keep it active.


Boss 4 – Spawn of Mephala

  •  Large radius AOE grows out from boss, causing damage and a knockback.  (Note the cave at the back!).
  • Tank boss near the river, far from cave.  When boss starts to glow, start running from her.  As AOE expands to its limit, be sure to roll out of its range.  Being a ranged DPS will make life easier.
  • If you fail to escape the AOE, you may get knocked into the cave.  If this happens, you must kill all the small spiders inside.  This will open a portal to allow you back out to the main fight.  It would be wise to have some form of self healing on a bar – as no one is in the cave with you and the spiders can hurt.
  • Dark beam and red circle which chase players.
  • Be light on your feet, always ready to move.  If the beam gets close, roll away. If the beam catches you, a red circle expands and deals large damage.  If this happens at the same time as being hit by the previous mechanic then it’s a brown pants moment for you.
  • Boss has a hard hit with knock down.
  • Tank be handy with your block, this attack comes hard and fast and tends to happen when the beams are about, so keep that shield up – if she hits you it will hurt, you will be helpless and often the beam of light will catch you and turn you into messy confetti.


Boss 5 – Reggr Dark-Dawn

Before we get into the boss details, this room has a number of nasty Nightblade types around the edge of the room.  Be sure to kill all of these before attacking the boss else you may accidently aggro them during the fight. 

  • 360 degree whirlwind attack.
  • Easy to avoid, as soon as the big red circle appears be sure to move away.
  • Boss lifts his axe and whispy beams go from him to all players, dealing damage and draining magicka.
  • Make sure you all stack close to the healer as you all need high heals.
  • Keep magicka potions ready, especially the healer who needs to regain magicka again before he does this again.
  • Slow and Heavy attack.
  • As tank make sure you block this!  More importantly, be sure to keep aggro at all times, because if he targets another player with this attack, even with block up, it is likely they will die.

Once boss is killed, be sure to DESTROY THE OBLIVION HUSK in the room.  If you do not, you do not activate the last boss and will find yourselves having to run all the way back to do this.


Boss 6 – Vila Theran

  •  Teleports around pooping expanding black holes which do high damage if you stand in them.
  • Stay close together to minimise where all the AOEs drop.
  • After the drop, move as a team to the other side of room.
  • Tank be sure to have Inner Fire on your bar as a force taunt as it is very difficult to get into melee range (you can get by with just the melee taunt but you must be quick and it is risky).  DPS be sure to have some ranged options or you will be of little use.
  • After the teleport phase, boss raises arms and does high DoT to the party (similar to previous boss, but no magicka drain).
  • Easy option is to run to the wayshrine in the room (you will notice there is a large ‘orb’ around that area).  Once inside the orb, the DoT is removed.  You can then leave and continue fighting (even though the beams are still connecting you to boss).
  • Hard option (and Undaunted achievement) is to just gather up and heal through the high damage – This is easiest with a Templar, but can be done with other healers.  If anyone has heals to help, the healer will appreciate it. 

That ends the delight that is of the ESO Veteran Dungeon Guide – Fungal Grotto.  As always, if you have your own method of dealing with bosses, let me know!  Always interesting to hear other people’s strategies!

(If you are on the EU server and part of the Daggerfall Covenant Faction, feel free to contact @asteldian in game if you are wanting help running Veteran dungeons)


  1. leeux on November 1, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Oh man, I still have nightmares about this dungeon 😛
    Gamyne Bandu, I hate you with passion! 🙂

    Seriously now, I loved this dungeon. I got lucky one time, and I was part of a really good PUG that finished this dungeon, Undaunted achievement and all.

    Thank you very much for this guide, next time I have to do this dungeon, I can point my group members to read this guide before 🙂

    Best wishes

  2. Asteldian on November 1, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    Ah yes, Gamyne is the bane of any PUG! I hope the guide proves helpful with any PUGs you have in the future!

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  4. kiltedpiper on January 31, 2015 at 5:04 am

    Agree with hatred of Gamyne. Deltia, as usual, your site is where I go to beat these dungeons. Thanks!

  5. Lord Smackus on September 13, 2015 at 3:13 am

    I just found out with Reggr you can just stand atop the stairs and have the tank taunt him without grabbing the adds as long as everyone stays on top of the stairs

  6. DeepPLayGamer on October 9, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    As always good and comprehensible guide , thanks man !

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