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ESO Champion System

Welcome to the Elder Scrolls Online guide for the Champion System.  The ESO Champion System is a form of alternate advancement, meant to keep players active and rewarded throughout their experience in Tamriel.  The goal of this guide is to highlight the constellations, get you familiar with the system and provide some helpful tips for progression.  Let’s get started!

The Champion System Guide Video here

Table of Contents

Champion Basics

Elder Scrolls Online’s plan to roll out the Champion System in update 1.6 introduce a new type of advancement system.  This is part two of their phasing out the Veteran Ranks and moving to a new type of account advancement where your progression is tied to your overall account.  Keep in mind, this guide is written during testing and will change as content moves forward. I will do my best to update it whenever possible.

Why Champion System?

CHampinon screen shot
With 3,600 points, the Champion System is truly massive.

The purpose of this system is to broaden your game play and progression into a near infinite experience.  During current testing, it takes about two hours to earn one Champion Point (CP).  If you were to completely max out the system, you’d be sitting at 3,600 CP.  That’s roughly one year of game time to earn these points (300 days in game!).  It’s an extremely massive system.  The reason why, it keeps you playing and keeps you progressing where other systems don’t.  When you reach level cap in ESO, the fun has only just begun.


How do I earn CP?

The Champion Point progression bar shows you the needed XP to earn you next CP.
The Champion Point progression bar shows you the needed XP to earn you next CP.

In the game’s current form, CP are earned through experience gained in the Veteran Ranks (VR 1-14).  Any experience for killing mobs, questing, PvP, turn-ins, etc now count to your account based Champion Progression.  For people who love playing alternate characters (alts), this system benefits you.  Because each CP earned applies to your account.  If my Dragonknight is spec’d full tank and earns a CP, my Templar gets the point, too.  Even if you like only having one character, everything you do on your main adds up over time. In essence, you earn CP by gaining experience.

There’s also an additional mechanic called Enlightenment.  It’s ESO’s form of rested experience points (XP).  In my own words, it’s a way for people who don’t play often to gain increased experience.  If you haven’t played for a week, you will accrue Enlightenment making it easier to get the next Champion Point.  This allows people who aren’t playing 10 hours a day to still “catch up.”

What can I spend CP on?

Champion on the ESO UI


The first time you login, you’ll notice a new image on the top of your menu bar.  This is how you access the Champion System and start spending those points.  You can spend your points throughout three constellations, each with their own three separate trees. Red is the Warrior, green is the Thief and blue is the Mage.  Every time you earn a CP, it will be added to one of the three constellations.  So you’ll need to spread your points throughout the three constellations. For instance, any player with a VR 14 upon launch of 1.6 will receive roughly 70 CP to spend.  Instead of having a pool of 70 points to spend however you want, you’ll get 24 in red, 23 in green, and 23 in blue for a total of 70.  We’ll get to strategies on how to spend these later, but I want to talk about two categories of CP

The overall interface allows you to move left or right to select your constellation. Select one by left clicking to be taken into the tree where you can spend points.
Click image to enlarge.

The overall interface allows you to move left or right to select your constellation. Select one by left clicking to be taken into the tree where you can spend points.  You’ll also see available points per constellation directly in the middle of the screen.  After you select a specific tree, you’ll be taken to the below screen shot.

The Thief interface

Here’s the Tower tree in the Thief Constellation.  Confused yet?  Don’t worry, it takes time playing with this to figure it out.  But, if it were easy no one would read my guides 🙂  There’s basically only four items you can spend your points on in this tree (Warlord, Magician, Sprinter, and Bashing Focus).  This will enhance something and you can mouse over it to see what it’s effect is.  Every point you spend will accumulate in this tree.  At certain thresholds (10, 30, 75, 120 CP) you’ll unlock special passives.  Let me try to make sense of this in one sentence

You gain CP by earning XP which you spend through three constellations each with three unique trees each containing a maximum of 400 points to spend


If you’ve never watched one of my videos, now would be the time because it’s somewhat confusing to understand, and you actually move around in the system.  However, let’s move on and show you exactly what’s in each three constellation and each of the night trees.


There is also a calculator available on the website: Click here to go to the world’s first champion point calculator for ESO.

  • The Apprentice is a nice magicka based tree that offers the spell critical passive after spending 30 points (Spell Precision). I highly recommend any offensive or defensive casters to at least spend 30 points here out of their Mage Constellation.
    Blessed Increases the effectiveness of any healing you initiate by (0-25%)
    Spell Erosion Increases the amount of Spell Resistance your spells ignore by (0-25%)
    Elfborn Increases your Spell Critical damage and healing by (0-25%)
    Elemental Expert Increases your Flame, Frost, and Shock damage by (0-25%)
    Vengeance Rank 10 Guarantees your next spell will be a critical hit after you block three spells.
    Spell Precision Rank 30 Increases your spell critical rating by 12%.
    Foresight Rank 75 Reduces the Magicka cost of your next spell by 80% after you drink a potion.
    Arcane Well Rank 120 Gives you a 20% chance when you kill an enemy of opening an Arcane Well, which restores X Magicka to you and any allies within 2.5 meters of the enemy.

  • The Atronach is the weaker of the three mage trees in my opinion. It doesn’t offer that good passives though the added weapon damage is a must for damage dealers. I’ll add points in here after I max my The Apprentice (casters) or The Ritual (for weapon classes).
    Blade Expert Increases the damage of your light and heavy attacks with daggers, swords, and two handed swords by (0-25%)
    Staff Expert Increases the damage of your light and heavy attacks with Destruction and Restoration Staves by (0-25%)
    Heavy Weapon Expert Increases the damage of your light and heavy attacks with maces and axes by (0-25%)
    Bow Expert Increases the damage of your light and heavy attacks with bows by (0-25%)
    Retaliation Rank 10 Increases the damage of your next physical attack by 30% after blocking a heavy attack.
    Riposte Rank 30 While blocking, grants a 15% chance to return X damage to the attack when you block a melee attack. This can only happen once every 5 seconds.
    Butcher Rank 75 Light and heavy weapon attacks deal 5% extra damage to targets below 25% health.
    Tactician Rank 120 Sets enemies off balance when you successfully roll dodge to avoid their attack.

  • The Ritual is almost a mirror image of the Mage in terms of useful passives. As a weapon based damage dealer, consider the 30 point Perfect Strike a must in order to get high critical just from the Champion System. Additionally, I see the Last Stand passive coming in very handy as you might want to max this out first with 120 points.
    Mighty Increases your physical damage by (0-25%)
    Precise Strikes Increases the critical damage of your physical attacks by (0-25%)
    Piercing Increases the amount of armor your physical attacks ignore by (0-25%)
    Thaumaturge Increases your damage with poison, disease and magic by (0-25%)
    Opportunist Rank 10 Increases the damage of your next physical attack by 50% after you interrupt a target.
    Perfect Strike Rank 30 Increases your weapon critical by 12%.
    Exploiter Rank 75 Increase your damage against off balance enemies by 10%.
    Last Stand Rank 120 Grants Major Heroism when you fall below 20% health, increasing your ultimate gain by 3 every 1.5 seconds for 8 seconds. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.

  • Most players will eventually spend a lot of points here as The Tower has cost reduction for magicka and stamina. However, the passives are a little uninspiring at high levels leaving this one of the weaker Thief trees.
    Warlord Reduces the stamina cost of spells and abilities by (0-15.8%)
    Magician Reduces the magicka cost of spells by (0-15.8%)
    Bashing Focus Reduces the stamina cost of bash attacks by (0-25%)
    Sprinter Reduces the cost of sprinting by (0-24%)
    Ensnare Rank 10 Grants a 33% chance to reduce an enemy’s movement speed by 20% for 3 second any time you hit them with a bash attack.
    Inspiration Boost Rank 30 Increases inspiration gain by 20%.
    Mara’s Gift Rank 75 When killed heal all allies in a 8 meter radius for X.
    War Mount Rank 120 Improves your mastery with mounts, removing all stamina costs outside of combat.

  • The Lover is what I consider the better of the “sustained” trees because of the passives. Both Synergizer and Windrunning will come in handy on any class/race making this my choice for sustained stamina and or magicka.
    Arcanist Increases your magicka regeneration by (0-25%)
    Healthy Increases your health regeneration by (0-25%)
    Mooncalf Increases your stamina regeneration by (0-25%)
    Tenacity Increases the amount of magicka and stamina your heavy attacks restore by (0-15.8%)
    Plentiful Harvest Rank 10 Grants you a 10% chance to double the yield from normal resource nodes.
    Synergizer Rank 30 Grants 2 ultimate any time you activate a synergy.
    Master Gatherer Rank 75 Reduces gathering times by 50%.
    Windrunning Rank 120 Increases your movement speed by 2%. This applies to all types of movement. Also increases health and magicka regeneration by 10% while sprinting.

  • The Shadow has some interesting passives made for the sneaky sneaky. As a PvPer, I can see making full use of this tree for reduction in break free. Consider Tumbling and Elusive must have passives for Cyrodiil.
    Elusive Reduces the duration of all snare, fear, and disorient effects on you by (0-24%)
    Tumbling Reduces the stamina cost of roll dodge and break free by (0-18%)
    Shade Reduce the stamina cost of moving with in stealthy by (0-15.8%)
    Nimble Reduces damage dealt to you by (0-25%) when you roll dodge.
    Fortune Seeker Rank 10 Increases the amount of gold you find in treasure chest by 50%
    Merchant Favored Rank 30 Reduces the cost of armor repairs by 10%
    Treasure Hunter Rank 75 Increases the quality of items you find in treasure chest
    Shadowstrike Rank 120 After killing a target with a heavy attack, enter stealth for 2.5 seconds.

  • The Steed has a good mix of tanking and PvP passives making it a useful tree. The one I plan on spending points into early on is Resistant, basically replacing Impenetrable gear though having zero effect in PvE. You can really customize your tank with all the added benefits to blocking as well.
    Block Expertise Reduces the cost of blocking by (0-25%)
    Spell Shield Increases spell resistance by (0-25%)
    Resistant Reduces the amount of damage you take from critical hits by (0-25%)
    Medium Armor Focus Increases your armor by (0-13%)
    Invigorating Bash Rank 10 Gives you a 20% chance to restore X health when you bash an enemy.
    Phase Rank 30 After roll dodging, your armor and spell resistance is increased by X for 3 seconds
    Shield Expert Rank 75 Increases your armor and spell resistance of shields by 75%
    Reinforced Rank 120 When activating block, gain a damage shield for X every 10 seconds.

  • The Lady is my favorite of the Warrior Constellations for the amount of game changing passives you have. Yet another heavy PvP tree, this one gives you health back for getting critically hit and dishing out critical hits. I plan on putting 120 points into this tree specifically for Unchained, one of the best passives.
    Elemental Defender Reduces flame, frost, and shock damage dealt to you by (0-25%)
    Thick Skinned Reduces the damage you take from damage over time effects by (0-24%)
    Hardy Reduces poison, disease, and magic damage dealt to you by (0-25%)
    Light Armor Focus Increase your armor by (0-13%) while wearing 5 or more pieces of light armor
    Spell Absorption Rank 10 Restores X magicka when you take magic damage equivalent to 30% of your health. This can only occur once every 10 seconds.
    Resilient Rank 30 Restores X health when you are hit by a critical hit
    Critical Leech Rank 75 After critically striking a target, restore X health. This can only occur once every 5 seconds.
    Unchained Rank 120 Reduces the stamina cost of abilities by 80% for 3 seconds after breaking free of a stun, knockdown, fear, disorient or stagger.

  • The Lord is another great tree for those that want to optimize healing received. Combine these passives with the Argonian 6% healing received and even some gear and you’ll be a monster on the battlefield.
    Bastion Increases the effectiveness of damage absorbing effects by (0-24%)
    Nourishing Increases the effectiveness of healing potions by (0-25%)
    Quick Recovery Increases the effectiveness of healing received by (0-15.8%)
    Heavy Armor Focus Increase your armor by (0-13%) while wearing five or more pieces of heavy armor.
    Field Physician Rank 10 Reduces damage received while resurrecting another player by 15%.
    Infusion Rank 30 Increases another player’s magicka regeneration by X for 8 seconds after you resurrect them.
    Revival Rank 75 Absorbs X damage for 5 seconds after you are resurrected.
    Determination Rank 120 Absorbs X damage for 15 seconds after drinking a potion.



Here are some valuable tips I’ve learned so far.

Do Stuff

Yeah, that’s a terrible heading, but the idea has some merit.  If you want to earn max CP, start questing, killing mobs, anything that earns you XP.  I plan on finishing up old Dolmens, Skyshards, and Public Dungeons I had no reason finishing.  Not to mention the awesome story quest in upper Craglorn. Most people don’t know these are dailies even Cyrodiil holds 50+ quest outside of the PvP ones.  With a 20 hour respawn, you would be hard pressed to do every single quest within one day.  So get out and start “doing stuff” to earn CP.


When testing my builds I kept in mind I’d have 70 points to spend out of the gate.  You start feeling pretty powerful around 90 points, because then you can hit 30 points in each of the tree constellations and start earning some valuable passives.  The trick to making the Champion System work is not mixing up your CP.  Spend them in one of each of the three constellations FIRST to get passives unlocked.  Then move on to the next tree.  Let me show you.

Building a Melee DPS

  • Blue – The most advantageous 30 point passive is Perfect Strike from The Ritual tree, upping my weapon critical by 12%.  To get there, I plan on dumping 10 points into Piercing, Mighty, and Precise Strikes.  This takes advantage of diminishing returns yet I still hit that key 30 point mark.
  • Green – With ultimate generation nerfed, I need something to tune up my ult gain and Synergize from The Lover tree is a quick 30 point passive that will help.  I’ll get there by spending 15 points on Mooncalf and 15 on Tenacity to increase stamina regeneration and resource return on heavy attacks.
  • Red – I plan on wearing medium armor and using this character for PvP, so The Steed tree makes perfect sense.  I’ll put 15 CP into Medium Armor Focus and another 15 CP into Resistant increasing my armor and resistance to critical.  Plus I’ll have a nice 30 point passive after dodge rolling thanks to Phase.

Now you can see where I’m going with this and how I’ll be building characters in the future. I don’t want to give you every combo, because this adds another layer of complexity on a massive character progression system.  It may seem hard at first, but I plan on adding “Champion Points” section to each of my builds.  Hopefully this will give you a starting point for your own builds as you customize some of my ideas.  Which is the entire idea behind my site.


The 120 point passive is the most important one to go after.  Ideally, you want to stay within the same tree within the same constellation UNTIL you reach 120. That way you unlock a major passive, than you can move on.  Let’s do an example of a player who didn’t read my guide doing this with 360 CP to spend.  Let’s call him player X.  Another player who loves my site (I know this is corny) will be player A with the same 360 CP to spend.  Here’s what they do.

Player X setup

Mage (blue)

  • Apprentice – 20
  • Atronach – 60
  • Ritual – 40

Thief (green)

  • Tower – 25
  • Lover – 25
  • Shadow – 70

Warrior (red)

  • Steed – 110
  • Lady – 5
  • Lord – 5

Player A setup

Mage (blue)

  • Apprentice – 0
  • Atronach – 0
  • Ritual – 120

Thief (green)

  • Tower –  0
  • Lover – 120
  • Shadow – 0

Warrior (red)

  • Steed -120
  • Lady -0
  • Lord -0

Player X spread their CP out throughout various trees within constellations.  With 360 CP, they didn’t even manage to get one major passives from any tree.  Now Player A who’s an avid reader gets a blocking bubble via the Steed, an ultimate gaining boost when low health and increase movement speed by 2%!  There are many combos that will be effective, but the point I’m trying to make is hit those key numbers to unlock the passives before moving on.  Spending 110 points in the Lover tree just to dump 5 here and 5 there misses out on a key passive.

That Easy?

I foresee a million (maybe even a billion) different unique combinations and builds coming out of this.  ESO’s progression and character build is second to none in my opinion.  This MMO makes your character feel unique and special.  Throw in the massive Champion System and my character builds just got a whole lot more complex.  I hope you enjoyed this article and I plan on updating it as things change.


CP Updated with Thieves Guild


A lot has changed with CP in ESO Patch 2.3.5 and here’s some information that will help with readjusting ones characters.

  1. Asayre CP Guide

Here’s a description of how his CP spreadsheet works – http://tamrielfoundry.com/topic/pts-2-1-2-sorcerer-arithmagic/page/19/#post-640374

Second is a example parse and ratios – http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/comment/2760032/#Comment_2760032

Lastly the spreadsheet that has two tabs for stamina/magicka builds and CP layouts based on testing – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Zp9v1Vp4Z7X6zfDfcxTwyAnejv-tEC5LujbXYBiVMDk/edit


  1. Crowns PvP CP Guide

A basic layout of CP for PvPers here: https://darkelves.com/champion-points/

Spreadsheet and ratios here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ktbYDsiyI7W6v5k2JFSHJPSUw5p0RRaIW_-K3MBIbr8/edit?pref=2&pli=1


60 thoughts on “ESO Champion System

  1. Wow! This is the best summary of the CS I’ve seen so far. Well written, well explained, awesome!
    Thanks a lot, now I know what I’ll be going for 🙂
    Regards, Eric

  2. Extremely useful (as usual), Deltia. Thanks for this.
    Could you please just help me understand a bit more about Enlightenment?
    How do you become Enlightened?
    How long does it last?
    What stops you being Enlightened?
    How do you become Enlightened again?
    What are the “actuals ” in terms of how you gain CP’s more easily?
    Is being Enlightened account or character based (i.e each of my alts can be Enlightened and therefore gain CP’s more easily by swapping around)?

    1. I honestly don’t know much about it because the time I had to test, I was fully maxed on champion points. That’s why I didn’t explain it to much. I’ll update it when I know more.

    2. The way I understand it, each day you accumulate sufficient Enlightenment to translate 100,000 experience points into 400,000 Champion points, which advances a level. You can accumulate up to 12 days worth of stored Enlightenment, which equates to 1.2 million XP and 4.8 million CP. Enlightenment is account based – playing any Vet player will use Enlightenment. Note that each Vet character has its own CP accumulation bar, so one may be close to another CP, while another is far away. Also, CP is account wide and can be used on low level toons before they can start to accumulate CP on their own.

  3. Great wrietup as always Deltia!
    I’d like to pull you up on your final tips thou as I’m sure you are fully aware the champion system adds lots of complexity to builds so I don’t believe you can flat out say ‘put 120 points into one’ so you get the 120 point passive because lets face it some of the passives are not that good compared to other passives. Each build is going to need certain passives so players may need to put CP in where it counts PLUS you have dimmenishing returns. If you map out the CP values some CP will give 0% for spending that point where as maybe you are better off putting that point in another option which will grant you say 1.6%

    I’m sure you understand where I’m going and believe players will need to add some thinking into their builds as to what they really needand where the greatest benefits lies for your character in the shortest space of time.

    Keep up the great work anyway, love it!!

  4. Very nice write-up. However, I think it is missing two key factors, which should actually also drive point placement: (1) It is clear may “stars” are bugged. For example, currently, the light/medium/heavy armor rating improvements do boost your armor rating, but result in absolutely zilch difference in melee mob damage to you (i.e., your armor technically goes up, but mobs don’t read it as higher. Thus, it’s like having a million dollars you are never allowed to use). There may be other stars that have similar issues. In other words, ZOS has botched things up (big shock), and who knows when such will get fixed; and (2) driving to a 120-point so-so skill does not overwhelm the main first points buffs you get in lots of skills. Thus, in the hypo above Player X has spread his points, and thus lost out on the 120-point skills. However, depending what those points are in he may be far better off. The first point in any star is very good. Thus, having a first point in many stars gives you a ton of good buffs, far better than even three 120-point skills, because stacking points in stars of de mimimis returns is way worse than getting all the juicy “first star or two” buffs.

  5. Deltia,

    The way the system currently works, it is much more efficient to spread your points around due to the steep diminishing returns. If you spend 120 in one tree first, you will have a nice passive but much lower stats than you could have with spreading the points around.

    Attorneyatlawl on ESO forums has a good explanation:

    Tankqull wrote: »
    » show previous quotes

    the problem is thats not really true as proven in serveral other discussions – after investing some points the CP-system is not going into a dimnishing system but a linear one and that is a severe culprit.

    It actually is, though ;). Actual numbers tell the tale for the bonuses, and your post illustrates my point perfectly (nothing negative intended, but saying it since it’s a real-world example). All of the champion passives are placed in one of five scales for its bonus scaling. Here’s how it breaks down for each group at a few different point investment amounts:

    10 points invested: A: 2.5%, B: 3.6%, C: 4.0%, D.: 4.9%, E: 5.0%

    30 points invested: A: 3.9%, B: 6.6%, C: 7.7% D.: 10.5%, E: 10.8%

    50 points invested: A: 4.7%, B: 8.8%, C: 10.5% D.: 14.9%, E: 15.4%

    100 points invested: A: 6.3%, B: 13.0%, C: 15.8%, D.: 24.0%, E: 25.0%

    To break this down, with 10 points (a minimal investment) you get a small bonus in any of these. When you go to 30 points by placing three times that amount into it total (so 2x more past your original points spent), you gain only a 56% benefit for category A, 83% benefit for category B, a 92% benefit for category C, a 114% benefit for category D, and a slightly better 116% benefit for category E. That is for spending an extra 200% of champion points, after already having had 10 in them initially.

    Once you go to the 50 point level, it gets even steeper a curve. For A you get a relative boost of 20% for spending another 67% of champion points. For B that becomes a 33% boost for spending the extra 67% of points. In category C, you’re only netting yourself 36% in gains over the 30-point level for spending another 67% in champ points. On category D, it improves to 42%, and category E gains the same amount, both of course for an extra 67% investment.

    Pop over to the 100 point maximum for them, and the numbers just get worse on the bang for your buck :). Given that most of the champion abilities don’t apply to all builds, you can buy the 30 point tier of the ones that are important for you pretty quickly, gaining generally around 1/2 to 2/3 of the buff someone who spent 100 points in that same passive gets for categories A, B, and C, while a little under half for categories D and E, which are mostly less-significant bonuses to boot. That’s despite them spending 3.3 times the number of points, or 333% the investment on each one.

    1. It sounds good to spread your points around and you have the math to back it up. But spending points in a passive say A which gives you a flat boost to DPS and say B that gives you armor penetration are not the same thing. So while I like the idea of spreading around, all passives are not equal.

      1. Right, and that is where common sense will come into play and players will have to consider which characters they want to boost the most, etc.

  6. Very nice video. A lot of information.
    Well, what I wonder, the CS points accumulate account wide, so with any of my character I play, I will collect points in one bucket. So I do have to decide which character I spend the points on and which characters I neglect or if I spread the point in several character, which if I understand right, might not be so effective.

    And does this buffs and everything go on top of what my character is now?

        1. Sorry if I stepped on your toes. I just want to say thanks for all you do to spread knowledge about ESO. I recently returned to the game after playing for a few months at launch and this website has been instrumental in my ability to keep up with the changes.

  7. Hi Deltia,

    I’m running a dual role Tank/Healer on my VR14 Imperial Templar, which was originally built to your first Harvester spec. I’ve moved to a more tank specific role, but still rely on Blazing shield as my go-to damage and protection spell when tanking and soloing. I’ve got all my Attribute points into Health to make the shield as large as possible and have a mix of health and magicka glyphs on my heavy armor with two light pieces for tanking/soloing, and 7 pieces of light armor for the healing role.

    Based on that, could you recommend some of the better individual skills and passives to shoot for? I’ve got 69 points to spend (not enough time as a VR14, I guess). Thanks again for the awesome and informative guides!

    1. Well you might want to take a look at Java’s healing guide if you’re looking for passives to take. I don’t have a healer in 1.6 yet so I can’t answer you on active templar skills. Honestly most of the same skills are still effective in 1.6.

  8. Hey deltia,
    im wondering about spell precision. it says it will give it a 12% spell crit rating. Are you 100% sure its spell crit chance or is it damage. Ive been holding off on putting points into that line cause im not sure. It could be worded better.

  9. Also important to know is that you enlightenment pool gets filled when you play a non 50+ level character. (But you need at least one 50+ level character).

    They do this for the players who like to play with alts to still be able to earn CP. You still need to play you’re level 50+ character to get the XP bonus.

  10. Thanks for this video – I watched from start to finish and now have a much better understanding of the Champion point system. I didn’t have a clue what to do with it!
    Feeling more confident now!

  11. Hello I was just wondering if you could help me. I have been veteran ranks for about two weeks and I have not been enlightened. I play maybe every other day for a few hours and iv never been enlightened. Iv sent a bunch of tickets to zenimax about this issue and they haven’t responded. I was hoping maybe UV heard of this issue and would have an idea on how to fix it.

  12. I can’t find anything on how champion points are accrued and/or shared when more than one character is earning them. Do they all go into the same pool?

    Also – excellent guides!


    1. From what I’ve seen, each of my Vet characters earns Championship experience on a different progress bar. For example, one earns a Championship point, while the other is only half-way to the next point.

      However, each point earned by either of my Vet characters is applied to all my characters, including non-Vets. So, if I alternate and play my two vets for enough to get a Championship point each, they would each add two points to their total.

      I have not been unenlightened yet, so I cannot say whether enlightenment is account wide or specific to the character. However, from what I understand, each day you accumulate 1 day’s worth of enlightenment, which allows you to earn a Championship point with 100,000 points instead of the normal 400,000. You can accumulate up to 12 day’s worth of Enlightenment.

  13. im confused and a upcoming console gamer. Is the VR system removed or is this added onto it saying you go VR and get CP?

    1. Currently it’s both. The original plan seemed to be to introduce the Champion System and phase out Veteran Ranks. I personally made a push to get 1 of each toon to Vet 1 before this happened. It seems they have back peddled a little bit on this idea. As it stands now, both exist. To be competitive at endgame, you need 90 CP and to be at V14, but Vet 12 gets you in the door. The finish line keeps moving though as every week the top spot on the leader board moves as people get more CP. I know several people with 300+ at this point. I play a few hours a day and am at around 170.

  14. Quick question. In The Lord tree, the perk Bastion: It says that it “Increases the effectiveness of damage absorbing effects”… If I have a healer class that uses the abilities/spells: Ring of Preservation, Healing Ward, and Bone Surge, does it increase the effectiveness of those damage absorbing effects just for myself? Or does it increase those effects for the ALLIES I buff as well, as long as I am the caster? Or would THEY need to put CP into Bastion to receive the increased damage absorbing effect.

  15. He had that many champion points because he was playing on the test server Steven.

    This video was really helpful and informative.

  16. Thanks for this guide! It was very clear, however I couldn’t quite wrap my finger around one critical question, is also why I haven’t spend points on (In my case, blue and red).

    Basically: I have 1 character, Which is now getting points for me to spend on these constellations.

    I’ve only put points on the green. Spending points on red and blue will also affect my character? (Even though his stone is “The Shadow”)

  17. Is there any more information you can give on the new system they are implementing for the champion points instead of Vet Rankings. what will happen to our attribute points we earned after level 50

  18. Thanks for all the great content! About CP, do you or anyone you know of have more detailed info? Specifically how does the CP system interact with racial passives, equipment, etc… For example, if I am a tank and have 33,000 spell/physical resistance and have my shield up blocking a 100 point damage hit, I would take 25 points of damage (if I understand damage mitigation correctly). If that hit was fire and I had say 10% resistance from elemental defender, would the total damage taken then be approximately 22.5? Or is the 10% taken off of 100? There are a lot of other details about the system that are unclear and it would be great to have that info for making builds. Thanks for any help!

  19. Great info as per usual. Just hit the 3600 champ point marker and was thinking of dumping all into 1 tree for the cool 120 point passives. The one I’m curious about is Arcane well from the apprentice tree. Have you tried that one, or do you still feel the ritual tree and Last Stand is the best. Seems to me if you are going for pure dps to go with ritual because of Thuamertage, but if you want healing, crit, elemental damage (ala wall of elements) and penetration go with Apprentice. Thoughts?

  20. Well, very interesting update for Thieves Guild, but I am missing some hints for the battery healer. Does anything could be improved on CP for the battery healer?

  21. Love the update. Thanks Deltia. Thaumaturge is now OP for magicka based players. One note…the tool-tip for hardy should now read “This ability now reduces Poison, Disease, and Physical Damage dealt to you” rather than “Poison, Disease, and Magical Damage”
    Small change, but it makes the Lady constellation that much more powerful for those of us who still like our armor to be light!
    Noob question: balance of magician vs. arcanist? I run heavy arcanist on my Breton-Templar, but would assume someone should do the opposite if playing as high-elf? Does anyone know an ideal ratio between the two and how that varies based on racial passives and/or if a player chooses to run a 5pc seducer set?
    Thanks in advance.

  22. Hey Deltia,

    Long time no talky (been busy playin ESO on xbox one).
    I was wondering if there was going to be an update to the Champion Point Calculator to coincide with Thieves Guild Update?

    You’re STILL awesome BABY!

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