Plans for the Future 2017

Hey Gang,

It’s me again and I’m back bringing some information regarding the plans for the year 2017.  Everything from my site, YouTube and the direction of my content as well as what you can do to help in keeping me going.



maxs-first-snowRegarding why I haven’t been posting that much is mainly due to raising my son (Maximus) most of the day.  My first and number one priority in life is my son.  To make sure he grows up and has all that he needs to be a successful member of society and I will sacrifice anything to make that happen.

With that being said, I don’t have to sacrifice my gaming, my site or our community.  Thankfully, my Mother has moved to where I live in Omaha Nebraska to help take care of my son.  We also plan on getting him in daycare for socialization though that takes some time.  As he’s reach almost 9 months old, he’s a lot more independent and time is freeing up slowly.  Meaning, I’ll have a lot more time to do more things though I cannot do it solo.


maxresdefault11I have no intention of leaving Elder Scrolls Online and foresee playing it for the future.  With that being said, sometimes there’s points where I get bored and don’t feel like creating content.  I never want to be pressured into making guides or videos because I feel like if the enthusiasm isn’t there, the content will suck frankly.  So in those cases I’ll just play a game privately for a week or two and come back refreshed.

The only other game I could see myself making content for like guides and builds is Mass Effect Andromeda coming out spring next year.  ME is my favorite single player series of all time and I love how ME3 added multiplayer.  If the new game has something like this, with continual DLCs it’ll be worth covering for it’s duration (ideally 3-6 months).  However I would not abandon my time in ESO at all, but would rather look towards to community to help post relevant information for all to share.

Website and YouTube

2016 has been a lot of ups and downs for me but near the end of the year, both my site and YouTube channel are at all time highs.  I’ve had a small group that has helped me through the hard times and I owe them thanks.  My big plans for increasing my presence for this year are as follows

  • Streaming – I stopped streaming for many reasons, mainly my son and the time commitment and having to drop everything to care for him at a moments notice.  Also, I did not like the Twitch community and the “partnered” revenue plan which made me feel more like salesmen than entertainer.  Though that’s my personal opinion.  Now that I have more free time, I miss the interactivity and plan on returning with YouTube streaming creating a video series called “Learn 2 Play.”  This is where I’ll play live once or more a week on a certain build and create a video highlight of all the things I’ve learned or cool moments during the time.  The main reason to do this is showing the learning process and interacting with viewers live.  No YouTube isn’t nearly as profitable as Twitch right now for streaming, but I don’t want to be a salesman though nothing against folks that like Twitch.
  • Interactivity – This is something I have been lacking, giving people access to me (some free and some paid).  While time doesn’t permit me to be available 24/7, I’m thinking of ways to interact with everyone.  So maybe a day where I do a giveaway here on my site for an hour or two hang out with me in game going over builds.  Then a week later the same for YouTube and so on.
  • Giveaways – I’m not sponsored by any big name brands but that doesn’t mean I can’t give something back in a fun affordable way.  Everyone likes a giveaway and it’s another way I can interact with you and also find out what information you seek most.  I plan on doing a monster giveaway via YouTube soon for reaching 100,000 subscribers and look forward to that soon.
  • Collaborations – Yet another thing I need to improve on is networking with fellow content creators both in and outside the ESO world.  Some of the connections in the past have proven valuable experiences and rewards for both, and I need to do more of that.  Not just someone that’s more “successful,” but anyone that has a good product, means well and wants to help the community at large.
  • Hiring and Improvements – Thankfully I have some really close friends and folks that can help me stumble along the wild ride called the internet.  Without them I’d still be using Microsoft Paint to edit thumbnails (seriously).  But I’m always looking to expand though that will take more money.

n5diamondCrowd Funding

Ultimately your support means the word, whether you come and view content, share it or spread the word that is all valuable.  But what was once a hobby is now a business for me and a source of income.  I know driving a Lamborgini isn’t in my future playing ESO and that’s okay, but I’ll be looking at adding somethings to increase my income #1 to support the continual existence of the site and #2 to support my son and family.

I started a Patreon account as a way that people can help me out by pledging their support financially.  The nice thing about this system is it’s not just a donation, but a monthly pledge where you receive something back. Donation $1 receive access to community discord, $25 a month and you get a monthly Q&A, etc.  My initial goal is $500 a month through this system in order to do 4K streaming/videos along with hire other folks to expand content creation for crafting, leveling and new player information.


In summary,

  • I want to expand on ESO content but I need your help with support, whether that be views or pledges.
  • I want to be more interactive with community members and content creators.
  • I may expand to another game if it has value.
  • And I want to give back with giveaways and become more available with streaming.

Thanks for reading this and please leave some feedback on my 2017 plans.

If my plan goes well, 2017 will be the best year to date.  I’m motivated again, have good support from my family and my son is doing great.  Help me help you and 2017.


  1. Stevie73 on December 17, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    Hey Delts. Good to hear that you have a short and long term plan. I think the community is very very lucky to have you and for you to be so dedicated. That being said, as an uncle to a 11month old nephew, I know that family always has to come first.
    With regard to your content I love the way you explain your builds and how everything is set out and also whether it is designed for PvE or PvP. Personally, I’d love to see you take it back to the beginning – imagine you are playing ESO for the first time but with alllll the knowledge you have now: maybe try a new guide for that explains how you design a build, what things you look for to make it really awesome (the role of passives and their link to gear etc); ho to make gold; basic important things that all newbies should know and things that aren’t that important.

    Whatever you do, have fun doing it. Sending very best wishes to you and your family across the pond. Have a brilliant festive season and a superb 2017. Stevie . 🙂

    • Deltia on December 18, 2016 at 1:03 pm

      Yeah I’ll be releveling toons on consoles so then I’ll write more new player guides.

  2. Z Davis Robison on December 18, 2016 at 2:00 am

    Excited to help support you in some small way, and I look forward to the monthly group chat!

  3. Dave on December 18, 2016 at 6:00 am

    All sounds great man and wish you luck. Family first always. Most important.
    Side note myself and a few friends just purchased ESO and would love an up to date guide on how to start a new character with no CP points, no main crafter etc. That would help lots of people. And then where to go from there. Anyway cheers

    • Deltia on December 18, 2016 at 12:53 pm

      Got it, thanks.

  4. Thedustman on December 18, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    Hey man glad to hear, I’ll be contributing to you in whatever way I can just keep up the great work. D.O.E.S dad’s of elder scrolls coalition is here

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