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100k Giveaway

For those that don't view my YouTube, I'm doing a monster giveaway for reaching the 100k subscriber mark this year. If you'd like to enter, simply subscribe to my channel and comment in the video below, your favorite build from Deltiasgaming in 2016.  Thanks for making this a great year!

The Winners were selected and chosen
3rd place Panda
2nd place Trey 
1st place Doddy Dodson (already contacted and mailed 1080 GTX)

Thanks for participating and here's to next year!

28 thoughts on “100k Giveaway

  1. Thanks for a great past in making all the vids and the fun with streaming. Here’s looking forward to the future and what it will bring!

  2. Templar healer for Tamriel one ! Both PVE and PVP !! Love it as it helped me a lot while farming AP in cyro and than in PVE dungs and vet !

  3. Templar healer for Tamriel one ! Both PVE and PVP !! Love it as it helped me a lot while farming AP in cyro and than in PVE dungs and vet !

    1. I took you’re magika sorcerer build and I was able to go through the game from each step you wrote for the levels. Im5 currently looking at you’re dk build.

  4. Hey Deltia. First of all, thanks for this website and your youtube channell, as it has helped me out on every aspect of game, from crafting and making money to skill / trait / champion setups and gear for trial builds.
    I’ve just started with your Julianos / Willpower build for Mag Sorcerer, and it really packs a punch even without the Engine guardian set and Maelstrom staves which I’m yet about to get.
    I’m really happy it’s been a great year for you, may the next one be even more successful! 😉 Keep up the good info!

  5. To follow up on my comment about the hybrid tank.. started from scratch n now i am lvl 12 knocked out some duels n pvp.. n luv this build. Not set armor but everything else works like a charm. Cant wait to work in the bar switch from snb to 2hander..

  6. I use about all your builds. As a new player I have found that you are a great source of information.

    My favorite build is the Battery Templar.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. I absolutely love your stam sorc build i did start off using your magicka sorc build but found the stam sorc so much better for solo content. I was resonably new to eso and was trying to work out what character and class to play so i thought i would do some research. I have always played damage dealers in every game so i thought i wanted to play a magicka sorc “thinking sorc was only for magicka use” untill i seen your stam sorc build. Im kicking myself for having to reroll my sorc to use as stam instead of magicka but thanks to your videos of your build and your information i knew what i had to do to get my stam sorc to were it is now. Which i never finished vma untill i read your vma guide and watched your solo build video for armors and bar setup. I tried different ways before but never have been successfull in completing it till i set up the same way. So thank you so much for helping and explaining everything for begginers like me. All hail deltias

  8. Favorite build is tough I go to you for a lot of my stuff, but I just built the warden on an argonian and I’m liking it a lot!

  9. I read and learn from all you builds. So far your Laceration has been the most fun. Its not too hard to play and packs a lots ass kick. I have used some of your other builds as well or parts of them. I would like to see something with a 2H nighblade build. I think you had one awhile ago but its gone now.

  10. I thought my Stamina Khajiit Nightblade was junk… but after setting up the Specter build, I was so wrong. The synergies of skills, class, weapon, gear, buffs is not something you can easily ‘see’. You have helped put the fun back in the game for me and so many others -Thank you. Now I just have to work on my playwr skills 😉

    Thanks Deltia !

  11. I have a battery templar, a mag sorc, stam blade, and laceration dk that are all mostly if not completely based off your builds. Very good stuff my man, been checking up with the content you provide for quite some time.

  12. I know I missed the cutoff, but I still wanted to say my favorite was Laceration Magicka DK (not sure if it was posted this year, but that’s when I saw it). I was brand new to the game and didn’t even know what a leveling build was, and your video helped me out BIG TIME.
    Thanks for all the hard work!

  13. Dude, im a gamer, im a old school gamer, ive played d^d style games since dice and paper, your web site, your attitude, your honesty and your lack of acting like god, and treating the players like your one of us is what really matters and makes a difference, and its why i keep coming back for more and updates, I didnt get thru eso twice without your influnece, i didnt do Maelstrom without your help, im not going to kiss your A$$, but you rock. and thanks for keeping it real, I wish you a happy holiday, and may your family, Have a great year in 2017. (any hints for cardhunter?)

  14. I’m using your Stamina Sorcerer build. I started with a Wood Elf because of the Bow bonus and I always liked ranged DPS. Although in Beta I used a Nightblade Wood Elf, I also tried a Sorcerer (another race) and liked that so for the game I decided to use a Sorcerer Wood Elf, but was trying to go Magicka. I came across your Stam Sorc build and thought “well, the Wood Elf has bonuses to Stamina, so why not?” So I’ve been using this build since then and still refer back to your videos whenever you have changes or upgrades. I don’t get to play as often as I would like, so I’m still slowly leveling up but I really appreciate all the help and advice your videos and articles give. Whenever possible I recommend your web site to other ESO players. Keep it up!

  15. I love your harvester build. I went through every class and build before I settled on harvester. It’s great! Keep up the good work Deltia.

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