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ESO Houses

Welcome to our ESO Houses guide where you can view on the Houses currently on the Public Test Server Elder Scrolls Online Update 13.  We will be updating this as more information and houses become available so bookmark this page!

Table of Contents


Inn Tour Video


  • maras-kiss-public-houseMara’s Kiss Public House
  •  Cost – Free with Quest.
    • Description –  As the least restricted seaport in the Summerset Isles, Vulkhel Guard has visitors from across Tamriel—and you’re likely to meet most of them hoisting a mug at the Mara’s Kiss Pub.
    • Location – Auridon, Vulkhel Guard, South side [image here]


  • the-ebony-flask-inn-roomThe Ebony Flask Inn Room
    • Cost -Free with Quest.
    • Description – : The Dark Elves may not worship Dibella, but down at the cornerclubs they show that they still know how to have a good time—in their own special way.
    • Location – Stonefalls, Ebonheart Pact, east side [image here].



  • the-rosy-lion-house-interiorThe Rosy Lion
    • Cost – Free with Quest.
    • Description – This inn has always had the reputation of being the safest place in Daggerfall for common citizens in search of illicit services to meet their shadier counterparts.
    • Location – Glenumbra, Daggerfall, South side [image here]



Apartments Tour Video


  • barb-hook-private-room-pictureBarbed Hook Private Room
    • Cost -11,000 gold
    • Description – Like every busy port, Skywatch has a seamy underside. A private room at the Barbed Hook offers easy access to the criminal classes—and a quick escape from the nearby docks.
    • Location – Aurdion, Skywatch, south [image here].


  • flaming-nix-delux-garret-pictureFlaming Nix Deluxe Garret
    • Cost -13,000 gold
    • Description – Even if you don’t personally have a taste for the famous fire-pit dancing at the Flaming Nix, you have to admit it adds a certain cachet to having a room there. Not to mention an unusual fragrance.
    • Location – Deshaan, Mourhold, east [image here].


  • sister-of-the-sands-apartment-pictureSisters of the Sands Apartment
    • Cost -12,000 gold
    • Description – In Sentinel, the best way to hide out in plain sight is with a private room in the Sisters of the Sands, the town’s largest inn. It also has the best food in the city, and is the place King Fahara’jad sends to for take-out.
    • Location – Alik’r, Sentinel, north [image here].

Small Homes

Small Home Tour Video

Small Homes

  • Autumn’s-Gate
    • Cost -60,000 gold
    • Description – In the heart of The Rift, just outside the lively, small town of Nimalten, you will find this sturdy wooden home, with a large hearth to keep you warm in the Skyrim winter, and a stone wall to keep out the trolls.
    • Location – The Rift, Nimalten, west of map.

autumns-gate-small-home-location autumns-gate1 autumns-gate2

  • Black Vine Villa
    • Cost -54,000 gold
    • Description – Would you want to live in an old stone house just across a dark jungle stream from a haunted Ayleid ruin? Silly question—who wouldn’t?
    • Location – Malabal Tor, Baandari Trading Post, north east of map.

black-vine-villa-small-home-locationblack-vine-villa black-vine-villa2

  • Captain Margaux’s Place
    • Cost -56,000 gold
    • Description – The famous Breton merchant-explorer Captain Margaux hasn’t been seen since her ship the Golden Spriggan sailed off over the horizon into the Sea of Pearls—which makes her house near the docks in Daggerfall available for you!
    • Location – Glenumbra, Daggerfall, South of map.

captain-margauxs-place-medium-home-location captian-marguaxs-place captian-marguaxs-place1

  • Cyrodilic Jungle House
    • Cost – 71,000 gold
    • Description – An Imperial, of course, is at home anywhere in Tamriel. This compact house at the Baandari Trading Post in Malabal Tor is a bit of Cyrodiil in Valenwood, and just steps away from the fine food and drink at the Silver s Inn.
    • Location, Malabor Tor, east of map.

cyrodilic-jungle-house-small-home-location cyrodilic-jungle1 cyrodilic-jungle

  • Hammerdeck End
    • Cost -65,000 gold
    • Description – The house may be small, but the surrounding deck is spacious, convenient for outdoor dining, as well as the Orcish recreations of deer-fishing and taking archery potshots at passing assassin beetles.
    • Location – Stormhaven

hammerdeck-end-small-home hammerdeck-end hammerdeck-end1

  • Humblemud
    • Cost -40,000 gold
    • Description – A mu d house is a constant reminder of the impermanence of life, and that we are but standing waves in the river of existence. But one still wishes it to look nice and comfortable, and decorates accordingly. Of course.
    • Location -EP starter zone.

humblemud-location-picture humblemud humblemud1

  • Kragenhome
    • Cost -69,000 gold
    • Description -This residence might not be in Kragenmoor’s best neighborhood, but if you’re looking for classic Dunmeri architecture at an affordable price, this town house certainly fits the bill.
    • Location – Stonefalls, South east.

kragenhome-small-home-location kragenhome1 kragenhome

  • Moonmirth House
    • Cost -50,000 gold
    • Description – A small elevated house on an idyllic plantation in the mild and hospitable clime of Khenarthi’s Roost? This one would find that sweet paradise!
    • Location – Khenarthi’s Roost AD starter zone, dead center.

moonmirth-house-location moonmirth-house moonmirth-house1

  • Snugpod
    • Cost -45,000 gold
    • Description – A perfect graht-oak pod home, grown by a Home Singer from the very roots of Elden Root—compact, comfortable, and convenient to everything. Praise Z’en!
    • Location – Grahtwood, Elden Root, in the town.

snugpod-small-home-location-1 snugpod1 snugpod

  • Twin Arches
    • Cost -73,000 gold
    • Description – It may be small but it’s solid, and it keeps the sandstorms out. The scenery is magnificent, but if you’re in the mood for civilization, it’s right outside the south gate of Hallin’s Stand.
    • Location – Bangkori, south of map.

twin-arches-small-home-location twin-archers2 twin-archers3

Medium Homes

Medium Home Tour Video

Medium Homes

  • Bouldertree Refuge
    • Cost -190,000 gold
    • Description – When civilization grows too confining, it’s a relief to be able to withdraw into a handsome home in the wilds—especially one with an imposing wall around it, to keep out beasts and bandits.
    • Location –

bouldertree-refuge-medium-home-location bouldertree-refuge3 bouldertree-refuge

  • Cliffshade
    • Cost -255,000 gold
    • Description – Just outside the Aldmeri settlement of Marbruk, the forest is wide and open, the climate is mild, the setting idyllic: the elegant home of Cliffshade seems an abode blessed by the gods.
    • Location –

cliffshade-medium-home-location cliffshade2 cliffshade1

  • Domus Phrasticus
    • Cost -295,000 gold:
    • Description – No one has seen Phrastus the Scholar since his ill-advised return to the Imperial City. He’s probably fine—he must be!—but in the meantime, his walled town house in Elinhir is available on an indefinite basis.
    • Location –

domus-phrasticus-medium-home domus-phrasticus domus-phrasticus3

  • Grymharth’s Woe
    • Cost -280,000 gold
    • Description – Fine urban living in Windhelm is now available at this commodious town home, which features a lofty main floor, two fireplaces, and a second-floor balcony. Alas, that balcony lacks a railing, which is how Grymharth, after too much mead, came to woe.
    • Location –

grymharths-woe-medium-home grymharths-woe3 grymharths-woe

  • House of the Silent Magnifico
    • Cost -320,000 gold
    • Description – After the death of his beloved daughter Haruzeh at the Running of the Dunerippers, the Magnifico Z’za retired to his house in Sentinel and never spoke again, spending his last days playing endless games of hammergammon with his trained monkey, Lizard.
    • Location –

house-of-the-silent-magnifico-medium-home house-of-the-silent-magnifico house-of-the-silent-magnifico1

  • Mournoth Keep
    • Cost -325,000 gold
    • Description – This fortified household is strong, intimidating, and remote—in short, everything an Orc holds dear. And if you get tired of the “remote” part, there’s a convenient wayshrine just outside your gate!
    • Location –

mournoth-keep-medium-home-location mournoth-keep3 mournoth-keep1

  • Ravenhurst
    • Cost -260,000 gold
    • Description – Two floors, no waiting, in this handsome walled town house makes for prime real estate in the quaint Rivenspire town of Fell’s Run. The local story that the ravens that loiter around the front steps are the revenant spirits of former owners is absurd.
    • Location –

ravenhurst-medium-home-location ravenhurst ravenhurst1

  • Sleek Creek House
    • Cost -335,000 gold
    • Description – All your friends are already nearby in Rawl’kha, yes? Invite them over to have a party at your so-sleek riverside house, with its private garden and over-creek deck. Much sweetness!
    • Location –

sleek-creek-house-medium-home-location sleek-creek-house-1 sleek-creek-house

  • The Ample Domicile
    • Cost -195,000 gold
    • Description – “This house is a good house, plenty of room for guar! Palisade is strong to keep guar from straying, and many guar can feed in the garden! Very good, yes! Esqoo will come to visit often!” —Esqoo of Dhalmora
    • Location –

the-ample-domicile-medium-home-location the-ample-domicile1 the-ample-domicile3

  • Velothi Reverie
    • Cost -323,000 gold
    • Description – This charming abode was named after both the Prophet Veloth who founded the surrounding town of Narsis, and the Velothi Mountains that rise above the walled garden at its rear.
    • Location –

velothi-reverie-medium-home-location velothi-reverie2 velothi-reverie

Large Homes

Large Home Tour Video

Large Homes

  • Dawnshadow
    • Cost -1,275,000 gold
    • Description – Ah, such a sweet estate, with every appurtenance—out in the country, yet convenient to the nearby Khajiiti metropolis of Dune! What can one do but love and admire it?
    • Location –

dawnshadow-large-home-location dawnshadow3 dawnshadow

  • Forsaken Stronghold
    • Cost -1,285,000 gold
    • Description – When Hakkvild drove the Orcs of Yashnag’s Kingdom out of Falkreath in 2E 467, the exiled Orsimer came east to establish Forsaken Stronghold. But the last Orcs died in 563 after they were visited by a merchant infected with Knahaten Flu.
    • Location –

forsaken-stronghold-large-home forsaken-stronghold5 forsaken-stronghold1

  • Gardner House
    • Cost -1,015,000 gold
    • Description – The Gardners were the royal family of Wayrest before every single one of them was carried off by the Knahaten Flu. Which is why the spacious and well-situated Gardner House feels like it’s fit for a king!
    • Location –

gardner-house-large-home gardner-house5 gardner-house1

  • Hunding’s Palatial Hall
    • Cost -1,295,000 gold
    • Description – This elegant pleasure palace, with its walled grounds enclosing stables, well, gardens, pool, watchtower, and docks, were paid for by the blood and treasure spilled from the countless treasure ships taken by the legendary Captain Izad.
    • Location –

hundings-palatial-hall-large-home hundings-palatial-hall5 hundings-palatial-hall

  • Mathiisen Manor
    • Cost -1,025,000 gold
    • Description – This elegant walled estate is truly the apogee of Aldmeri architecture, including a grand entrance hall, curving double staircases, and a blossom-tree garden with circular reflecting pool.
    • Location –

mathiisen-manor-large-home-location mathiisen-manor6 mathiisen-manor1

  • Old Mistveil Manor
    • Cost -1,020,000 gold:
    • Description – By tradition, the biggest mansion on the south side of Riften is always called Mistveil Manor. Since the death of old Thane Snelgar, the current Mistveil Estate has come available, including its impressive stone mansion with attached stable.
    • Location –

old-mistveil-manor-large-home-location old-mistveil-manor4 old-mistveil-manor1

  • Quondam Indorilia
    • Cost -1,265,000 gold
    • Description – This capacious Dunmeri mansion, with its walled garden and view across a waterfall to majestic Mournhold, was originally built to house a noble family of House Indoril.
    • Location –

quondam-indorilia-large-home-locations quondam-indorilia2 quondam-indorilia

  • Stay-Moist Mansion
    • Cost -760,000 gold
    • Description -How does this spacious and comely hilltop manor, so far above the fen, nonetheless stay so delightfully damp? It is a paradox, like life itself. (Don’t miss the upper-story lodging with separate entrance!)
    • Location –

stay-moist-mansion-large-home-location stay-moist-mansion3 stay-moist-mansion1

  • Strident Springs Demesne
    • Cost -1,280,000 gold
    • Description – This fortified manor between Arenthia and Skingrad at the headwaters of the Strid River should satisfy all those who aspire to the life of the landed gentry. Inside the gatehouse you’ll find gardens, a waterfall, and a mansion in Second Empire style.
    • Location –

strident-springs-demesne-large-home-location strident-springs-demesne3 strident-springs-demesne

  • The Gorinir Estate
    • Cost -780,000 gold
    • Description – The Gorinir family, a cadet branch of the royal Camoran line, has fallen on hard times and had to sell their palatial Cormount home. The seasons turn, luck changes, and their loss is your gain.
    • Location –

the-gorinir-estate-large-homes-location the-gorinir-estate4 the-gorinir-estate


Manors and Crown Store Tours


  • Daggerfall Overlook
    • Cost -3,780,000 gold
    • Description – Before Daggerfall Castle was built, the kingdom’s rulers lived in this imposing manor, now known as Daggerfall Overlook. The keep comes complete with a lower dungeon level.
    • Location –

daggerfall-overlook-manor-location daggerfall-overlook-throne-room daggerfall-overlook

  • Ebonheart Chateau
    • Cost -3,785,000 gold
    • Description – A magnificent castle keep, complete with walls, watchtowers, well, fountain, and stable, all dramatically sited on the slopes of an active volcano! It just needs a murder, and then it will be haunted as well.
    • Location –

ebonheart-chateau-manor-location ebonheart-chateau2 ebonheart-chateau1

  • Serenity Falls Estate
    • Cost -3,775,000 gold
    • Description – Set in a quiet corner of Reaper’s March, the rural manor of Serenity Falls deserves its name, with plenty of room for servants and livestock, all behind a handsome wall to keep out the bandits and burglars.
    • Location –

serenity-falls-estate-manor-location serenity-falls-estate4 serenity-falls-estate1

Crown Store Exclusives


Crown Store Exclusives

  • Earthtear Cavern
    • Cost – Crowns only, haven’t been released.
    • You want privacy? What could be more private than lost and forgotten Nedic ruins in a remote corner of Craglorn’s backcountry? Especially recommended for overthrown despots, retired master assassins, and Ministers of Finance Exiled for embezzling.
    • Location – Craglorn

earthtear-cavern-location earth-cavern-2 earth-caver-1

  • Grand Topal Hideaway
    • Cost – Crowns only, haven’t been released.
    • Description – You probably think only the mad masterminds of vast criminal organization have their own private tropical island.  Well, think again: you, too, could have a hidden hideaway ever-trembling on the verge of volcanic destruction!
    • Location – Grahtwood

grand-topal-hideaway island-2 island-1

27 thoughts on “ESO Houses

  1. These are nice overviews. I totally agree that having outdoor space is really cool. A couple quick questions:

    1. Let’s say you travel to your home via fast travel (i.e. you click on it from the map, you don’t walk up to it from the outside). When you exit the home, do you go back to where you were, like you would if you were ported to a dungeon from the dungeon finder, or do you go to the outside world in the zone where your house is?

    2. Since the banker assistant doesn’t let you access your guild bank and stores, I’m interested in finding the home with the closest “real” bank. Could you add something like, “number of loading screens/approximate travel time to nearest real bank”?


  2. I am watching this and thinking about starting playing ESO again 😀 This is amazing! Also since I wasn’t really reading some notes to housing update, I have few questions 😡
    1) Can you add something to your house that will give you access to bank? (like NPC or something)
    2) Will you be able to plant some stuff there? I mean flowers that are later harvestable.
    3) Can you put all available workbenches in?
    4) How does the housing work? Unlimited number of players can own same kind of house and when you’ll want to enter you will get to choose which instance you want to go in? But all are basically on same spot?

    1. Bank yes, I don’t think so for planting, yes to workbench, instance is capped depending on size for how much can go in your house. 24 players plus you is cap.

  3. Thanks for that overview.

    1) If you own a manor, have you a opportunity to allow access to other guild members?
    2) If this is possible, can they access the house, even if you are offline?

  4. Can a stable master and crafting stations be added so that we can be productive at our homes? It would be nice if they added a guild banker.

  5. Will we be able to use things we steal to decorate our homes? Some stolen things look kind of cool and I would launder them instead of sell them if they could be used as house decorations.

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