Should You Buy Destiny 2?

I wanted to write a brief opinion on Destiny 2 for PlayStation after playing it non-stop for the better part of a week.  I originally intended on getting the game on PC only (late October release) but picked it up for PS4 since a lot of local friends were playing it.   After leaving The Elder Scrolls Online, I didn’t have much interest in gaming and question whether I was going to continue gaming at all.  Destiny 2 was right around the corner so I took a break, refocused my life and figured I’d check it out on PS4.  I heard a lot of bad things about the first game but wanted to check it out for myself and see if this would relight my fire for making guides and playing video games.

Why I Didn’t Play Destiny 1

The two main reason I didn’t play D1 were console only (which I’m a PC snob I’ll admit) and the lack of story.  I strongly feel that any MMO or “long term” game should have a rich story, lore and background to keep you interested in the game.  After hearing that the original game had little to none, I wasn’t interested.  I also wasn’t a fan of console gaming since I had invested a lot of resources into my PC gaming setup.

After I picked up Destiny 2, both of those things were no longer a concern to me as the graphics were good though my controller skills were lacking.  The story to me felt like Halo mated with Mass Effect.  Having rich lore, massive background, cool bad guys and mystery surrounding the Traveler.  The environment felt like Mass Effect yet fully multiplayer with active public events, quest and a main story.  This felt like what I wanted Mass Effect Andromeda to be.

What About the Grind?

Another main concern for me when picking a new game or deciding to continue with gaming was the time commitment.  Many from ESO know that you could spend all day farming content only to end up accomplishing nothing.  Thankfully Destiny 2 does not feel this way as they’ve made it so anything you do, helps your character progress both in experience and gear (power level).

The first character to reach max level (different from end game) only took me about 10 hours watching every cut scene and exploring semi slowly.  Once you reach cap, then you work on your gear score or power level to max of 300.  Even the first few days people were at 300.  What occurred to me that this game has many activities, some of which might get repetitive over time but none of which causing you to spend hours upon hours upon hours to have an effective character.

The problem I had with other games was the need for grinding, aka killing certain mobs or running a piece of content that you really didn’t care for only to get a piece of gear or item that you can use in content that you do care about.  Once again, it feels like every thing I do, whether Adventures (aka questing in other games), public events, PvP, Strikes (dungeons in other games) seems to progress my character at near the same rate.  Score, I can play the game I like without having to do things I don’t want to and constantly progressing at the same time.

The Bad: Build Diversity

The main concern or disappointment is the lack of diversity or impactful choices in builds.  You have subclasses (3) and only 3 characters to choose from.  It appears they have gone this route to make the game more balanced and it feels that way, but sacrifice the sheer breath of choices one can make in ESO.  While “meta” or optimal builds will always exist I wasn’t too thrilled about the lack of choices and impact that they had in individual specs.

However, some of that opens up when you get Exotic gear pieces typically know as set bonuses.  Once again, somewhat powerful but disappointing that you can only use two at a time.  The combination with specs AKA subclass and exotics can be interesting but I foresee only a few viable options.

Should You Buy Destiny 2?

That depends.  If you like Sci-fi shooters, yes.  If you don’t like open world and PvE heavy MMO type shooter, no.  Since I didn’t experience the first game and came into this fresh, after playing for a week, I love it.  My mind has been racing thinking of all the things I’ve learned and how to turn that information into useful guides for other players (specifically PC folks).  I feel that itch to constantly play though I have resisted more so than in the past.  In a nutshell, Destiny 2 gives me what I’m looking for in a game currently.  Something I can login, play quickly and put down.  I can do a PvP match, yell and complain and move on to something else.  And for the most part, everything I’m doing is rewarding my character in some form.  Some of the content is repetitive and I can see the need for constant DLC but if you enjoy the content (PvP/PvE) it’s worth doing over and over.

What I plan on doing is some started Destiny 2 guides mainly aimed at new players and or people getting the game on the PC in October for the first time.  That will give me time to learn more ins and outs of the game and improve my understanding.  Then I’ll move on to making builds or trying to provide some useful information to the community.  The game is huge with a massive population and for all the crap the first game got, I don’t see much of it in 2.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Destiny 2 content.


  1. Vinicius (Vinnie) Assumpcao on September 11, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Hi Deltia!

    I’m a long time fan. I have been looking forward and looking for your guides since the early days of ESO and although I’ve given it more than a couple of tries, I’ve never really fallen in love with that game (probably because although I love MMOs and I’m absolutely passionate about TES, I’ve never quite liked the combination of both).

    I was also a PC gamer, but after I married I had to shift my gaming activities to console, as I couldn’t afford the constant upgrades anymore.

    That said, I have a humble request: please don’t focus your future Destiny 2 guides on PC too much.

    I’m looking forward to your future Destiny 2 content and I bet you would be surprise on how many fans and potential fans you have that play on consoles.

    Best of luck, guardian!

    • Deltia on September 12, 2017 at 12:25 am

      Thanks for writing that and I’ll include console content for sure.

  2. Justin riolo on September 11, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    Hey deltia! My names Justin gt-JimmyKruga (Xbox). Watched you’re video just now and would really love to help you out in destiny just as you have helped me out in ESO. First and foremost I want to say I think you have done a fairly good job in you’re opinion of the game. I felt you have given a good judgment on it based on this being you’re first time playing destiny. Just as you opted to play ESO when it came out I played destiny 1 very religiously. I would love for you to e mail me so that we can chat and I can help you to provide helpful and accurate information to you’re subscribers as well as new people to you’re channel in regards to how to put armor and weapons together choosing a class and other stats and traits that most players won’t see or have the knowledge about when they are putting characters together. Thanks for you’re time I look forward to hearing from you.

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