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Skill Lines

Learn about the various skill lines and what they can do for you.

ESO Alchemy Guide

Welcome to our ESO Alchemy Guide.  Here you will find the basics about alchemy, leveling the skill line, how your character can benefit from it and some powerful potions combinations. As I write this (May 4, 2016), Alchemy is becoming more and more important due to the Dark Brotherhood release at the end of the month.  Therefore it's time to learn all about alchemy and how it can help you. (mo...
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ESO Undaunted Skill Line

ESO Undaunted Skill Line with pictures for Elder Scrolls Online Patch 1.6 still on the PTS.  I'll update after the release of the patch.  Centered skills are original abilities while left handed ones are morphs. (more…)
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Justice System Legerdemain Guide

Justice system part one is now on the Public Test Server (PTS) for the upcoming release of 1.6.  I wanted to come out with a quick introduction guide for phase one, the Legerdemain skill line.  Huge thanks to  @Rockma in game for testing and sharing his information.  Without him, this wouldn't be possible.  Welcome to our Justice System Legerdemain Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online. (more&hel...
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