Dragonstar Arena

Dragonstar Arena Stage Four The Slave Pit Guide

Welcome to Dragonstar Arena Stage Four The Slave Pit Guide.  This maybe one of the easier rounds in Vet DSA as long as you focus target, position within healing range and communicate.  Let’s get started with all you need to know about the Slave Pit!

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Dragonstar Arena Guide

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Patch 1.4 brought us Dragonstar Arena (DSA) and difficult four player content.  Since then, I’ve been playing DSA non-stop.  At this point, I’ve beaten Veteran DSA a couple of times and thought it was time to share strategies with other players.  So here’s the first part (basics) of a very long…

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ESO Veteran Dungeon Guide – City of Ash

It’s time to tackle the most difficult Veteran Rank 14 dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online, Veteran City of Ash.  In this guide, we cover each boss and their mechanics, giving you the edge to take down these monsters and grab those phat loots.  So let’s get started with our Veteran City of Ash Guide!

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