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player vs. player or pvp guide for elder scrolls online

PvP Tip #1: Prepare for War

If you've been watching my stream, you know I have been playing PvP in Elder Scrolls Online non-stop (North American Server Thornblade Campaign).  It's a part of the game that I haven't dedicated enough time to and as part of my things to do prior to patch 1.6, it was time to jump in.  I wanted to come out with some posts about what I've been learning and number one is being preparing for combat w...
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ESO PVP Offensive Strategy

So, due to recent developments with Forward Camps, this article might be a little late to the party (See what I did there?), but I think some of the old strategies will still hold true in our newest iteration of Cyrodiil. Therefore, I’m going to go ahead and continue with my plans to elaborate on Cyrodiil strategy even through the very basis for the majority of it has been unceremoniously yanked f...
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ESO PVP Defense Strategy

Sometimes the best defense is just a great defense. This week I’m going to be going over some general defense tactics that can be employed in Cyrodiil. These are mostly going to be random knowledge tips and a few ways to use the mechanics of Cyrodiil to your advantage.  So let's check out our ESO PVP Defense Strategy. (more…)
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ESO PvP Strategy

Strategy is what separates the Pick up Groups (Pugs or puggies) from the guys who go into Cyrodiil and make people cry.  And I've been waiting for this week ever since I started writing articles. This is why I PvP in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Strategy combined with real world leadership comes into play and you’re not just mashing buttons anymore. You’re using distraction, coordination, surpr...
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ESO Siege Guide

Siege weaponry is a vital part of the assault and defense of any location in Cyrodiil. It’s also often misused and misunderstood. There are quite of few forms of siege and each has a specific effective use. This week I’m going to be going over the basics of siege in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and how to use it in our ESO Siege Guide. (more…)
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ESO PvP Grouping Guide

Welcome to Party Pyro's ESO PvP Grouping Guide part 1.4.  Don’t venture into Cyrodiil alone!  The best thing your can do to increase your overall effectiveness in Cyrodiil is to join up with an objective based well-coordinated group. Working with a good group can exponentially increase your impact on the battlefield. There are several keys to finding a group and many aspects that separate the lege...
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ESO Templar PvP Build Bubble Trouble

After getting face stomped by a Templar in PvP while playing my Dragonknight, it was time to dust off Big-Jake and come up with a PvP build.  Bubble Trouble is very similar to my DK Dragonguard build.  It's primarily a melee tank in for PvP.  You'll be up in the enemies faces, making them frustrated and reflecting their damage.  So, welcome to our ESO Templar PvP Build "Bubble Trouble." (more&he...
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ESO PvP Cyrodiil Travel

The biggest complaint I hear about PvP in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is that you have to spend 20 hours riding your horse to a battle only to die after five seconds of fighting. Well, lucky for you my little puggies (pick-up-group), I am going to teach you how not to be bad today (partially at least). Welcome to the Forward Camp (FCs) edition (well, mostly) of Party Pyro’s PvP Palooza in our ESO P...
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ESO PvP Goals

What is AvA? Alliance vs Alliance is a three way battle to capture static locations on the map as well as controlling The Elder Scrolls (OoOoOo The name of the game in the game gives me goose bumps). Cyrodiil is an incredibly complex style of PvP with many aspects that are not obvious to the first time player. This learning curve can drive some people away, but I promise if you stick it out it wil...
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ESO PvP How to Enter Cyrodiil

Are you thinking about or currently pursuing a productive experience in Cyrodiil?  Check out our ESO PvP How to Enter Cyrodiil guide by Party Pyro. “Pull the NPCs! Focus the Tower Mage! Stack the Crown! Crash the Flag! NEGATE NEGATE NEGATE!!!” (more…)
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