ESO Magic Templar DPS Build

Welcome to our ESO Magic Templar DPS Build called Omega.  On this page you will find an updated guide on the class, gear, champion points and everything you need to know for Magicka Templar DPS.


Table of Contents

Leveling Build

[Updated for Clockwork City by Gilliamtherogue]


The purpose of this build is to create a play style that capitalizes on the Templar class’s strengths, offering fantastic damage AND healing capabilities.  The Templar is an extension of the holy Divines’ power, and the Omega lives up to that expectation.  Simple, effective, and fun, here it is- The Omega.


Should You Play this Build?

+ Simplistic in nature, with an easy to follow rotation that you can add onto later when comfortable.  This build boasts both ease of access and strong mastery due to flexible and powerful bar options.

+ Due to Templar’s fantastic ability choices, they can do a lot for only a little.  Many abilities deal damage AND heal for the Omega, allowing us to take just as much punishment as we dish out.

– The play style of the Templar is not high mobility.  Many abilities want you to choose a place to fight, claim it, and defend it.  This makes them hard to pick up unless you understand it’s better to stand your ground than to move about.

– Resource management is very difficult for the Omega, so prepare for a long learning process to truly master this build if you are primarily solo.

Priority Skills

As a Magicka Templar we have a lot of options in terms of weapon choices.  In each of these options as a DPS role, one weapon choice will remain core to the build; the Destruction staff.  Aside from that, at level 15 you’ll be given the option to go one of three routes; pair an additional Destruction Staff (Fire or Lightning, whichever you didn’t take at level 1), Dual Wield (boasts immense raw damage at the expense of sustain), or a Restoration Staff (some added defenses at a large expense of damage production).  I personally suggest going double Destruction Staff or Destro + Resto for most players, as they are the easiest to play.  If you’re looking for something harder but more rewarding, go Dual Wield + Destro.


Destruction Staff

  • Walls of Elements (AoE DoT | morphed into Elemental Blockade) – An early magic AoE that helps leveling clearing trash mobs or grinding.  It also plays a vital role in our DPS for end game DPS in both single target and AoE encounters.


Dual Wield

None of these skills will be used in end game if you take this weapon, instead you’ll be using it for passive amplifications.


Restoration Staff

  • Regeneration (Heal over Time | morphed into Rapid Regeneration) – While not accessible at level 1, as long as you get some XP while holding a Restoration staff you’ll be able to get this skill relatively quickly.  It works wonders in solo and small groups, allowing a sizable heal to “tick” on you every other second, offering a steady stream of healing for people in active combat.


Aedric Spear

  • Puncturing Strikes (Channeled Cleave + Heal | morphed into Puncturing Sweeps) – The centerpiece of the Templar’s damage abilities, often referred to as “Sweeps or Jabs”.  Available at level one, and quick to morph into a damage + heal, this skill allows the Templar to begin feeling powerful as soon as you start.  Keep in mind, you’ll only hit targets in front of you with this, so make sure to aim your character properly!
  • Spear Shards (AoE Direct Damage + DoT | morphed into Blazing Spear) – Another fantastic ability from the Templar, this thing does so much in one ability.  Upon cast you will launch a spear into the air at your designated area, and anything within the landing point will take damage, and plant a synergy for allies.  Furthermore, the area it landed will be consecrated with a continuous damage over time effect, that hits all enemies inside.  Finally, when playing with other players, one ally may synergize the Spear to gain Magicka OR Stamina back immediately to NO disadvantage to you.  This skill is amazing as an AoE spammable as well, as the initial hit does sizable damage and can proc one of our passive abilities for even more DPS!


Dawn’s Wrath

  • Sun Fire (Direct Damage + DoT | morphed into Reflective Light) – A truly powerful DoT effect available to us quite early.  Castable at a range as well, this helps us pull far away targets to our position.  Once morphed it also gains AoE damage, really helping melt through packs of enemies.
  • Radiant Destruction (Channeled Execute | morphed into Radiant Oppression) – Even while bugged, this skill still does a lot of damage on targets under 20% health, simplifying your rotation but at the expense of your sustain.  Since you’re channeling during this (same as jabs, but no heal), you’ll be vulnerable to high damage and low mobility.  Don’t cast this just because a target is low health, make sure you can get away with it!


Restoring Light

  • Cleansing Ritual (HoT + DoT | morphed into Ritual of Retribution) – Remember where we said this build has a lot of abilities that do more than just one thing?  This ability is a prime example; by offering damage, healing, and removal of negative effects all in one.  It also offers a synergy to allies to “Purify” themselves, offering a nice heal and removing all negative effects on them.  Make sure you place this where you plan to fight large groups of enemies, instead of casting it before you engage.
  • Rune Focus (Buff + Resource Management | morphed into Channeled Focus) – One of the big reasons Templars lack mobility, is because the power of this skill.  Offering us Major Buffs, reducing damage by a whole 8%, it also gives us an insane amount of Magicka for standing inside of it.  You will be allowed to leave the area for up to 4 seconds when paired with a passive though, giving some flexibility.

Ability Bar Progression

Below is an example setup of bar allocation during the leveling process.  Treat this as a guideline instead of a copy paste, since this will only include one of the 3 possible weapon combinations.  Below is assuming you will be using a Destruction Staff paired with a Restoration Staff while leveling.

Levels 1-10

Templar Show full build »

  • No skill selected
  • No skill selected
  • No skill selected
  • No skill selected
  • No skill selected
  • No skill selected

5L / 1M / 1H 10M / 0H / 0S

Levels 10-25

Templar Show full build »

5L / 1M / 1H 25M / 0H / 0S


Levels 25-50

Templar Show full build »

5L / 1M / 1H 50M / 0H / 0S


Feel free to experiment with different abilities and weapon combinations as you level up, but try and settle on a combo before you hit Champion point 160 level.

Priority Passives

Destruction Staff

  • Destruction Expert – Whenever you get a killing blow with a Destruction staff you get a flood of Magicka back (3600 at rank 2), helping our resources immensely when used properly.
  • Ancient Knowledge – Very similar to Dual Wield’s Twin Blade and Blunt, this passive unlocks passive bonuses based on the element type of staff you’re using.  Inferno (fire) staves gain 4-8% bonus single target damage, while Lightning (shock) staves gain 4-8% bonus AoE damage, helping builds find a better identity with their strengths and weaknesses.

Restoration Staff

  • Cycle of Life – Resource management is super important, and Cycle of Life helps the Magicka return of Heavy Attacks (6.5% base) go up by a whopping 30% at rank 2 (8.45% return).


Light Armor

  • Evocation & Recovery – These passives both operate the same way, granting Cost Reduction and Regeneration respectively for the passives for each piece of Light Armor worn.  These passives really help us keep in the fight longer with little to no down time between pulls.


Dual Wield (If planning to PvE)

  • Twin Blade & Blunt – Grants a staggering 5% flat damage increase while dual wielding swords, offering amazing damage during our execute phase.


Aedric Spear

  • Piercing Spear – Critical Hit Damage (CHD) is one of the game’s strongest stats, and this gives the Templar 10% extra CHD to our damage AND healing.
  • Burning Light – Offering a 25% chance to proc some free damage whenever dealing damage with an Aedric Spear ability, you’ll have 5 chances to proc this every second when you have Blazing Spear and Puncturing Sweeps going up.


Dawn’s Wrath

  • Illuminate – Whenever you use a Dawn’s Wrath ability you give yourself and all nearby allies Minor Sorcery, granting 5% Spell Damage.  The only source of Minor Sorcery in the game!
  • Restoring Spirit – Resource management can be brutal at times, and this passive really helps alleviate some of those issues.  It also reduces the cost of Ultimates!


Restoring Light

  • Sacred Ground – Grants us Major Mending while standing in any of our Restoring Light abilities, offering 25% bonus healing.  It also snares any enemies inside your “castle” (I use this term to describe the area in our Channeled Focus + Ritual of Retribution) to help keep them at bay.
  • Light Weaver – This passive is REALLY strong, increasing the duration of Ritual of Ret by 20%, giving Ultimate when healing anyone under 60% Health, AND giving an absurdly high amount of Physical Damage Reduction while standing in Channeled Focus.

Gear Suggestions

Find yourself a friend as soon as possible so you can get your hands on great gear.  Crafted sets are by far the strongest way to level up in ESO, so hold onto that quest money to pay the bills, or start learning crafting yourself!

  • Magnus’ Gift (4 trait craftable) – The 4 piece of this set offers us a bunch of Magicka Regeneration, helping us with staying power in combat.
  • Seducer (3 trait craftable) – This set also offers an immense amount of Magicka sustain, in form of 8% cost reduction.
    • If you want a more offensive approach you can try Julianos (6 trait craftable) as well.
  • Generic – This refers to any jewelry you can find.  Major quests like Main Story and Guild quests will usually give jewelry, as well as randomly dropping in Tamriel.

Tips and Miscellaneous

  • Race is a very important choice in ESO if you plan on making your character as powerful as possible.  Almost all of the content in the game can be done by anything, but if you plan on playing in level capped dungeons or harder versions like Veteran, you’ll want to research what race fits best for you.  For this build in particular (Magicka Templar), here are the best choices;
    • Dunmer boasts some impressive numbers as a DPS, beating all races point for point of damage*.  Max Magicka, Max Stamina, Fire Shock and Ice damage amps, and Flame resistance all synergize amazingly with the Magplar.
    •  High Elf remains a solid choice for the Templar since we do a healthy mix of Fire and Shock* damage as well as Max Magicka and Magicka Recovery.
    • Breton offers a great breadth of tools between Max Magicka, Cost Reduction to help sustain, and then some Spell Resistance to help load off damage of Magic, Fire, Shock, and Lightning based attacks.

*Dependant on character build

  • To discover skill lines you’ll need to equip their respective pieces of gear or interact.  Interacting with a Anvil will unlock Blacksmithing, while getting a kill with a Two Hander will unlock the Two Handed Skill line.  Equipping at least 3 pieces of an armor weight (Light, Medium, or Heavy) will unlock that skill line.  Try unlocking all skill lines as soon as possible so you can get an idea of what you want to do with your character.
  • Consumables are a very important aspect of ESO, there is ZERO reason to not have a Food or Drink buff, or to drink potions in combat.  They’ll help raise your stats and combat effectiveness, so try and find Food, Drinks, and Potions within your level range as you play.  You can always craft, or find a friend to craft you some!
  • Weaving is an obscure and often misunderstood mechanic in Elder Scrolls Online.  Start by looking up guides or talking with players about what this phenomena is, and practice early.  Understanding the game’s combat system will ensure you will have fun AND remain efficient while playing.  Be wary though, due to the complexity of this mechanic, many players often share misinformation about it.  Always try to get as many opinions and sources as possible to ensure you have a more well rounded view.
  • Mundus Stones are a unique mechanic to ESO that offer your character a free boon for having active.  Simply interact with a Stone to gain a permanent effect.  You may interact with a Mundus Stone whenever you want, and replace whatever stone you interacted with before, with a new one.  As a Magicka Templar you’ll likely want to find the Atronach stone or the Apprentice stone.
  • Attribute Points are another way to increase your character’s power as you level up.  There is no real “best” way to spend these, but usually you’ll want to focus on your character build’s main stat; either Magicka or Stamina.  Health points are also important so you don’t die, so if you find yourself dying too quickly in combat, you can bolster that up as well.
    • As a Magicka Templar, you’ll want to spend most of your points into Magicka, and possibly a bit of Health.  There should be NO points spent into Stamina, other than very very niche moments.

Champion Point Progression

Mage (Blue Tree)

Focus on filling up Elemental Expert, then pumping up Thaumaturge.  Feel free to spend some points between Elfborn and Master-at-Arms as well.  Check the DPS portions below for a finalized look at CP.

Warrior (Red Tree)

A healthy split between Hardy and Elemental Expert until 49 will help reduce damage greatly and improve survivability.  After that begin pumping up Iron Clad and Thick Skinned with a 1:1 ratio.  Check the End Game’s tab to see the final version.

Thief (Green Tree)

Tenacity and Arcanist are our most important nodes in the Thief, helping resource management greatly.  Bump those both up to 49 as soon as possible.

Other Priorities

  • Passives are important in ESO.  If you use a class line, weapon type, or armor weight; always get ALL the passives when you have extra skill points.
  • Join Guilds early to level them up as you go, instead of having to do it once you’re at cap.  Fighter’s Guild, Mage’s Guild, and Undaunted are the most important, while Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood offer more questing/RP approaches.  Many powerful skills lie within the main 3 guilds, so always toy around with them.
    • As a Magicka Templar, the Mages’s Guild and Undaunted are the most important.  The Fighter’s Guild can be ignored if you wish.

 Group PvE

[Updated for Clockwork City by Gilliamtherogue]


This build is meant for group PvE as a damage dealer primarily.  This means, ideally you’ll have a tank/healer to take care of those roles and your sole job is to DPS.  The advantage of this build is you can easily swap in and out skills to make an effective ranged DPS if needed.  The downside is the sustain and the need for coordinated buffs; mainly Elemental Drain and Mystic Orbs or Shards.  Those two things combined with weaving in attacks with each skill, should keep your resources high in order to gain extra damage (Radiant Oppression) during execute phase.  This build is also meant for the majority of players, that have access to crafted gear and helm sets, so if you’re looking for a simple, flexible Magplar DPS build, this is it.

Relevant Changes (Patches, Updates, etc)

[For Dragonbones update]

As of the Dragonbones patch, Magicka Templars will see a slight direct damage boost with some adjustments to Puncturing Sweeps and Radiant Oppression.  They’ll also see a nice resource increase with the Off Balance interaction, and some indirect damage if you’re playing the traditional meleeplar, with an item set!  Below is a rough outline of things to be on the lookout for.

1; Always be watching Off Balance (via addons or in game buff tracking).  The icon is a small bluish-purple icon with the silhouette of face with “dizzy swirlies”.  As soon as you see this appear, try and line up a fully charged Heavy Attack (Inferno staff is ideal for this) and then use an ability like Sweeps or a DoT. Immediately try to line up another Heavy Attack to utilize the double resources against Off Balanced enemies.  You can completely ignore this interaction if you don’t need resources though!

The in game visuals for a target being Off Balance

2; The Off Balance immunity is now also recorded as a debuff with the in game or addon buff tracking sources. The icon is a character standing tall and proud, with a bluish-grey color scheme.  This will last 15 seconds.  When this is debuff reaches 1-2 seconds, you can attempt to charge up a Heavy Attack so that if the target is immediately set Off Balance, you will get additional time to squeeze in more  Heavy Attacks.

3; The Puncturing Sweeps melee build will be buffed by two ways; the Zaan’s item set is the best single target monster set in the game but requires you to be melee to use it.  Puncturing Sweeps is also going to get a slight damage boost, and will gain 1 extra meter outwards for hitting more targets.  Radiant Oppression has seen a slight damage boost as well, but it still feels too low.

4; Lightning staves on our backbar are no longer always ideal.  If someone else (like a healer or a Sorcerer) is running Lightning Wall, you can opt to run an Inferno Staff for more damage production instead.  Keep in mind though, that Lightning staves amp up your AoE damage dealt by 8%, so if you’re fighting multiple enemies at once you still might want to keep one!


Templar Show full build »

5L / 1M / 1H 64M / 0H / 0S


Bar 1: Lightning Destruction Staff OR Dual Wield – (Sharpened) Main source of DPS, spammables + execute

*Which should I pick? While many players like Dual Wield for maximum damage, the cost is great since you can’t Heavy Attack for Resources, or proc things like Destruction Expert.  I really only suggest Dual Wield for really good players who know how to manage resources well, or people who run with great healers.

  • Inner Light (Self Buff | morph of Mage Light) – Boosting our max Magicka and recovery, while providing the critical buff should be doubled barred. Use prior to casting a Shooting Star for massive boost due to empower via Mages Guild “Might of the Guild” passive.
  • Reflective Light (AoE DoT | morph of Sun Fire) – This ability splits and hits up to 3 targets, dealing initial damage and damage over time.  The 6 seconds duration is hard to keep up, so it’s why we main bar it.  This is always worth keeping up, even in single target fights.
  • Harness Magicka (Self Shield | morph of Annulment) – A fantastic damage shield that helps soak a lot of damage and return Magicka when taking Elemental or Magical damage.  I suggest this for most players so they can take extra punishment while learning.
  • Puncturing Sweeps (Channeled Cleave | morph of Puncturing Strikes) – A truly powerful ability of the Templar, boasting great single target AND AoE damage.  It also heals for a % of the damage it deals, letting us spam away even when taking damage.  On top of this, since it is a channel, it gets the double benefit of Thaumaturge and Elemental Expert.
  • Purifying Light (Debuff | morph of Backlash) – An amazing single target skill that copies a portion of the damage the target takes in the next 6 seconds, up to a maximum based on your Max Magicka.  After 6 seconds it will explode for huge burst damage, helping give you amazing DPS.  This skill is hard to cap out in full solo application, so you may want to try a flex option instead.  It also isn’t very great in AoE situations.
    • Ritual of Retribution (AoE DoT | morph of Cleansing Ritual) – Boasting a tremendous amount of efficiency, this skill does it all.  It offers AoE healing to you and 5 allies, ticking every 2 seconds.  It also deals damage to any enemy standing inside the area every 2 seconds, helping AoE potential skyrocket.  Furthermore any ally inside the circle may activate the Purify synergy, healing them and removing ALL negative effects from their character.  It also activates some passives for us, helping us become even stronger.  Use this in fights where you want to be more defensive, or where there are more than 3 targets.


  • Elemental Rage (AoE DoT | morph of Elemental Storm) – An ultimate capable of disgusting power from DPS and resource management, this is also needed on this bar if we go with Double Destruction staff, to ensure the Ancient Knowledge passive is active while on this bar.  Any time this gets a killing blow you’ll get 3600 Magicka back from our passives, helping you melt enemies and stay in the fight.

Bar 2: Inferno or Lightning Destruction Staff – (Sharpened) Ground DoTs and Buff bar

  • Inner Light (Self Buff | morph of Mage Light) – Same as bar 1, as it must be double barred.
  • Blockade of Fire (AoE DoT | morph of Wall of Elements) – A centerpiece of power for any caster build, for good reason.  This thing does fantastic damage and gains even more damage when targets are afflicted with the Burning Status.  Keep this up at all times, regardless of AoE or Single Target. Lightning Wall will set Concussed enemies Off Balance, for extra resource management!
  • Blazing Spear (AoE Direct Damage + DoT | morph of Spear Shards) – This should be our primary spammable AoE attack after Blockade and Ritual have been cast, assuming that enemies are not stacked up to be Puncturing Sweep-ed.   When doing a single target fight, you can cast Blockade, Spear, then immediately bar swap for a faster rotation and more damage.  Make sure to keep this up in AoE and Single Target fights both for extra damage and chances to proc Burning Light.
  • Channeled Focus (Self Buff + Resource management | morph of Rune Focus) – Standing in the circle grants you Major Resistance buffs (8% damage reduction), Minor Mending (8% healing done) and a fatty Magicka return every .5 seconds.  Try and keep this up as much as possible for all the great boons it offers.
  • Radiant Oppression (Channeled Execute | morph of Radiant Destruction) – The almighty “Jesus Beam or Laser Beam” is still powerful and now works with multiple Templars.  This ability takes the place of Puncturing Sweeps at 25%, but should have DoTs kept up with it until 20%.  Once a target reaches 20%, you will only use Purifying Light, Blockade, and Spear Shards with this execute, and after 10% you will only use this ability with Blockade.  However, if you’re not used to rigorous rotations, it’s always safe to make sure you’re DoTs are active, Channeled Focus is down, and you’re safe from damage.  If you need to break the cast to heal or something, simply block or dodge roll.  It is very important to note, that this ability scales in damage with your CURRENT Magicka level.  This means it is extremely important to have Channeled Focus down and you’re drinking potions to have as much Magicka as possible, so this scales to absurdly high numbers.
  • [Ultimate] Shooting Star (AoE Direct Damage + DoT | morph of Meteor) – Boasting insane burst, lingering damage, free stats for slotting, and an AoE knock up, this ultimate is fantastic.  It refunds ultimate based on enemies hit, so try hitting large clumps of enemies to stun them and melt ’em down.  This ultimate wins in pure single target DPS sitautions, or where adds are so close that the impact damage hits all of them.


If you need help making sense out of what gear sets to use and how they hold up to one another, check out the video below for a very in depth explanation on many of the popular 5 piece sets!

Crafted/BoE options


  • Twice-Born Star (Obtainable from 9 trait crafters, Craglorn) – Enables the use of two Mundus stones.  Pair this with the Apprentice and Lover for decent results in damage.  Even though Mundus stones are relatively weaker after Horns of the Reach, I still suggest this set due to the extra Health and Stamina to stay alive.
    • Interchangeable with Julianous (Obtainable from 6 trait crafters, Wrothgar) – A really simple but effective set that offers nice damage.  This is stronger than TBS now after the Homestead update, but you’ll have less health.
  • Mother’s Sorrow (Obtainable from Deshaan zone events) – Offers a nice amount of Critical Strike rating, helping our DPS especially as a Templar due to our extra 10% Crit hit damage passive.  The Jewelry and Helmet/Shoulder pieces are relatively cheap and easy to find as well.
    • If you want to save money you can try a 3 & 2 setup of using 3 Willpower (Imperial City events) and a 2 piece crafted or Monster set for you Helmet and Shoulders.

BiS Boys

  • Julianous (Obtainable from 6 trait crafters, Wrothgar) – A staple Magicka set that helps buff our Spell Damage quite a bit, as well as a nice boost of Critical Hit Chance.  Can’t go wrong with this set no matter what.
  • Maelstrom Fire Staff  (Obtainable in Veteran Maelstrom Arena) – A really nice bonus in damage with Light and Heavy Attacks to enemies in our Wall of Elements.
  • Grothdarr (Obtainable from Vaults of Madness) – This set is straight up ridiculous.  Granting some nice Max Magicka as a 1 piece, the 2 piece of this set is INSANE.  The up time is fantastic, as it procs off ANY damage.  With this you’ll be a living Lava Geyser, causing mobs to get melted right before your eyes.  Keep in mind this is melee bound, so you’ll have to be face to face with enemies to capitalize on the power.
    • Interchangeable with Ilambris (Obtainable from Crypt of Hearts I) – If you’re going the Lightning + Inferno Staff setup, then Ilambris will offer more DPS than Grothdarr.  You can also take a set like Valkyn Skoria if you want more Health.
    • If you’re in melee mode you can also use Zaan’s (Obtainable from Scalecaller Peak) – Boasting the best single target damage in the game on a monster set, this will require you to stay within 10 meters of your target for it to proc and deal damage.  This means on high mobility fights or large AoE encounters you’ll want to use something else.
  • Moondancer (Obtainable from Maw of Lorkhaj) – A source of Minor Slayer, granting 5% damage boost in instanced PvE areas.  It also boosts our Max Magicka. If you go the Dual Wield setup, you’ll be able to nab the 5 piece bonus of this set, helping your sustain and DPS tremendously.
    • If you take the Lightning/Fire staff route, you can also opt to run Infallible Aether.  The difference between sets is very small, but Infallible is slightly stronger in a group with Major Force.
    • If you want to help buff your group and gain some cheesy extra DPS, you can also use an Asylum Staff on your front bar and use Force Shock over Sweeps.  You’ll loose AoE damage and healing, but you’ll do extra DPS with Burning, Chilled, and Concussed; as well as buffing your groups damage!

 Champion Points

This CP allocation is for the player comfortable with the rigorous Magicka Templar rotation in solo, who has at least 70% uptime on all DoTs.  If you’re struggling with that, try taking points out of Elfborn and placing them into Staff Expert or Thaumaturge.  If you’re in a group with a lot of debuffs like Alkosh or Infused Crusher enchants, take all of your points out of Spell Erosion and place them into Thaumaturge until 75, and then pump up Master at Arms.

The Mage (Blue)

  • Elemental Expert – 49
    • 37 if running Off Balance CP
  • Elfborn – 44
    • 31 if running Off Balance CP
  • Spell Erosion – 35 *(If attaining penetration cap from group buffs, spread these between Thaumaturge, Master at Arms, and Staff Expert)
    • 47 if running Off Balance CP
  • Master-at-Arms – 40
    • Same if running Off Balance CP
  • Staff Expert – 6
    • 0 if running Off Balance CP
  • Thaumaturge – 56
    • 75 if running Off Balance CP

The Thief (Green)

  • Arcanist – 100
    • Drop to 76 if you need more defenses
  • Tenacity – 100
    • Drop to 76 if you need more defenses
  • Free 30 points
    • This becomes 78 if you need more defenses.  Spread between Dodge Roll, Break Free, Block, and Sprinting cost reduction.

The Warrior (Red)

  • Elemental Defender – 49
  • Hardy – 49
  • Iron Clad – 61
  • Thick Skinned – 61
  • Quick Recovery – 7
  • Expert Defender -3

If you’re doing content with more damage over time, take points out of Expert Defender and Bastion and pump up Thick Skinned.  Make sure you put your points into Elemental Defender and Hardy FIRST, committing them before placing any in Ironclad/Thick Skinned (there is currently a bug where if you do not do this, you will get less mitigation than intended).

Consumables, Race, Mundus, and Misc

Armor Weights: Most players will see all 7 Light as a damage advantage due to the importance of resource management.  5 Light 1 Heavy 1 Medium still offers the highest raw stat damage, as well as some nice mitigation.  If you want a blend of each try 6 Light 1 Heavy, but make sure you have the Juggernaut and Constitution passive from Heavy Armor!

Food: Bi Health & Magicka food offers great healing capabilities, as well as helping our Health pool be sturdy enough.  If you prefer more sustain however, try Witchmother’s Brew (a holiday event recipe).  You may need to spend some Attribute points or enchants in Health to make sure you’re healthy enough though!

Potions: You’ll need to use Spell Power potions (Corn Flower + Lady’s Smock + Wormwood) to ensure Sorcery is up indefinitely.  If you aren’t super invested in the content you’re doing, then you can use any potions that return Magicka.

Race: Dunmers offer the highest damage production when looking at stats.  7% Flame, 2% Shock, and 2% Frost damage all play a role in this build, with 9% Max Magicka and 6% Max Stamina to boot.  Tack on 3.15% Flame damage reduction and this build makes playing as a Vampire totally viable.  High Elves offer a lot of great stats as well.  4% Flame, Shock, and Frost damage all are nice, but is a bit weaker compared to the Dunmer version.  We will have slightly more Max Magicka from our 10% boost passive, as well as 9% Magicka Recovery, helping us sustain.  If you play as a Vampire however, Dunmer wins in every shape and form.  Argonians boast the best resource management in the game from their potion passive.  They also have 9% Max Health and 3% Max Magicka giving them wonderful stats, and 3% Healing Done AND Received.  Tack on 2.25% damage mitigation towards Poison and Disease, making the Argonian is the best PvP race around.

Mundus: The Apprentice boasts the best damage production for any Magicka build around, no questions about it.  It will also help your healing as well, which is another great strong point of the Magicka Templar.  The Lover also can be used if you play primarily solo, but due to the ease of access of penetration for Magicka builds, I don’t really suggest this.

Traits on your Weapons: Horns of the Reach has reworked traits a lot.  Ideally you’ll want your front bar staff to be Infused or Nirnhoned paired with a Shock or Fire enchant.  As a Magicka Templar your backbar should definitely be Infused.  Sharpened is also feasible, as it works on any weapon as long as you don’t over penetrate.  Charged is also in INSANELY powerful choice to increase your Burning and Concussed uptimes, making you do extra DPS.  I don’t suggest this trait in a trial however, since there will be plenty of people helping apply those buffs already!

Traits on your Armor: All Divines boasts the best DPS.  You’re free to have Infused on large pieces if you want to enchant for Max Health to help survivability, or Magicka to help a tiiiiny bit with sustain.

Enchants/Poisons on your Weapons: Enchants again are contextual.  Below will explain the most powerful choices.

  • Main Bar; Shock and/or Flame damage enchants are ideal.  Shock is usually preferred for applying Concussed and Off Balance when paired with a Blockade of Storms.  Flame is ideal if you already have Concussed running at 80% or more from the group (if 2 healers and 2 magicka DPS are already running Shock, or there are Asylum staff users).  You can also use Prismatic if you’re fighting Undead or Daedra (Rakkhat, Roko-tu, and the first two bosses of Aetherian Archive and plenty of 4 man content).
  • Back BarBerserker enchant by far your best bet for versatility of AoE and ST damage.  If you want you can also run Shock, Flame, or Absorb Magicka enchants as well.  Make sure to use the opposite of whatever you had on your front bar.  This will be great single target damage, but your AoE potential will suffer.

Vampire or Werewolf?: Vampire does exceptionally well with this build if you are a Dunmer, due to the extra Fire damage mitigation.  The extra 10% Magicka Recovery can help a lot in today’s meta, making it a valid choice.  If you’re doing a Trial or Dungeon with a lot of fire damage, you’ll want to make sure to be Stage 1 before entering!

Rotation and Buffs


Below is a rotation for group and solo settings as a damage dealing Templar with this build.  This rotation will work for both AoE and Single Target since our spammable has cleave potential.  I’ll mention slight differences between the two.  Here’s a simple video you can see for this rotation in quick action.  Feel free to slow down the video to see each action and where to fit in extra Light Attacks or ways to speed up animations!

Priority #1) Apply buffs/debuffs (non damaging).  These include; Elemental Drain (24s)*, Channeled Focus (22s), and Major Sorcery Potions (47.6s).  If you let your potion run to about 20-30s before engaging, you’ll be able to drink it sooner in combat for the Magicka return.

Priority #2) Apply damage over time effects.  These include; Blazing Spear (8s), Elemental Blockade (8s), Purifying Light (6s), and Reflective Light (6.5s).  If you’re in AoE, replace Reflective Light with Ritual of Retribution (12s) OR Solar Barrage (6s).  Make sure to Light Attack between each of these applications.

Priority #3) Begin “spam” mode.  Use Puncturing Sweeps or Lightning Fully Charged Heavy Attacks if you need sustain.  Try and aim these to hit the most amount of targets when in AoE.  You should only get off 2-3 of these per rotations.

Once your damage over time effects start fading, you’ll want to immediately go back and apply them.  Usually you’ll only have to cast Drain and/or Focus every 3 full rotations.  This is a very demanding rotation, and is a big reason why Templars feel so weak.  Keep practicing and remember, “When in doubt, Jabs out!”.