ESO Magic Templar PvP Build

ESO Magic Templar PvP Build



[Updated by Deltia for ESO Patch Clockwork City DLC]

This build focuses on the versatility aspect of the Magic Templar in PvP whether solo or in a group.  The class excels at ranged damage, self healing and can do some hefty damage.  Additionally, Templar’s still over a lot of group utility and are great small or large parties.  Keep in mind, the default skill and gear loadout is aimed for solo player primarily (more survivablity) though they can be altered with alternatives for coordinated group play.  While Templar’s may not be as powerful as they once were, they still have a lot of value and are yet fun to play.

+ Versatility (damage, off healing and survivable)

+ Great single target pressure

+ Easier to play for beginners

– Unreliable class stun

– Lacks mobility


Dual Wield – Damage dealing (reason for DW is extra weapon, set bonus and passives).

  1. Total Dark (morph of Eclipse | Dawn’s Wrath skill line) – A reworked skill with some powerful combinations for direct damage dealers (ranged and melee now).  Basically you place this on an enemy and then every direct damage attack they do, heals you.  Essentially, 1 v 1 it’ll be very hard to kill you with the amount of healing this provides you.  The downside, you give the target crowd control immunity for seven seconds after the effect ends.  However, for single target focused players, this is amazing and can turn the tide on Sniper, Birds and Dizzying Swing spammers.
    • Option 2 – Toppling Charge for a gap closer that hits hard.  I don’t prefer this skill anymore since so many people charge me and I have plenty of range to deal with them.
    • Option 3 – For AoE juggernaut folks with a dedicated healer, try the other morph of Solar Flare, Solar Barrage.  A cast of 1.1 second then three ticks over six seconds of massive AoE damage with an empower on your next attack.
  2. Purifying Light (morph of Backlash | Dawn’s Wrath skill line) – Another single target pressure ability with even more healing.  The thing I Love about this skill is it cannot be dodged, blocked or avoided.  The downside, to the max benefit you have to reach a damage cap which is somewhat hard to do.  Another benefit of the skill is that it places a healing circle around the target after it explodes essentially give you another powerful heal if in melee range.  Combine Total Dark and Purifying light for MONSTER healing 1v1.
    • Option 2 – AoE focused players will see benefit in Reflective Light especially if wearing Skoria.  However, my testing playing solo or outnumber, I survived way longer using PL.
  3. Repentance (morph of Restoring Aura | Restoring Light skill line) – Not nearly as powerful as before, but still a great stamina sustain tool.  You can use this ability with out cost and consume corpses give you (only you now) stamina and you plus friendlies health back.  Usually I play a kill or be killed mentality so there’s no shortage of bodies but it has limitations in say 1v1.  Experiment with this slot but consider it flexible based on your play-style.
    • Option 2 – Entropy from Mages Guild skill line will give you Spell Power bonuses and another DoT (great for Skoria users).
    • Option 3 – If playing the massive AoE play style, go with Proximity Detention and charge into a massive group with this and Solar Barrage up.
  4. Puncturing Sweeps (morph of Puncturing Strikes | Aedric Spear skill line)  – AoE and single target DPS that heals us making it extremely strong.  You’ll need to play around with until you learn 1) it’s 8 meter range (just past the yellow spear) and 2) if you can out-heal someones damage.  Both are critical because the more targets you hit, the more possible healing you can receive, essentially out healing large groups while doing damage.  Consider this your spammable attack when targets are in range.
  5. Radiant Aura (morph of Radiant Destruction | Dawn’s Wrath skill line) – Beam has seem some damage reduction but still a powerful execute because it hits harder the lower someones health is. I take this morph because you’re vulnerable while casting this on a target and the healing returned negates some of this.  Don’t be the guy who just spams this on targets at 100%, time it when they dip love say 35% and finish them off.
    • TIP – How do you counter getting beamed?  1) Bash them if in range 2) Cleanse yourself with Ritual 3) Stun them with Charge or Spear | People panic when beam is on them but it can easily be countered by good players thus you need to know how to counter it for survival sake.
  • [Ultimate] Soul Assault (morph of Soul Strike | World Soul Magic skill line) – This skill can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you use it.  It’s a single target killer especially against stamina builds (in particular Nightblades).  However, it leaves you very vulnerable sitting there casting it for four seconds without heals.  Ideally you’ll wait for a target to be lower health (say 60% range), prep your combo with Total Dark for healing if they attack you, Purifying Light for a burst of damage after the channel is done, and rip it off.  They will either run, block or die.  Either way, they should be around 40% health or lower which leads into a Beam for the kill.  Experienced players can counter this with potions and ultimates of there own so be prepare to continue the assault but it’s extremely good for single target kills.
    • Option 2 – Shooting Star from Mages Guild is still an AoE killer and great because it doesn’t require a Destruction Staff or another weapon type to set it up.  For insane damage, slot either Dark Flare, Inner Light or Entropy instead of Repentance, hit it for an Empower then launch an earth shattering Meteor and things go BOOM.


Restoration Staff – Buffs (reason for resto is the ultimate defensive capabilities).

  1. Restoring Focus (morph of Rune Focus | Restoring Light skill line) – I take this morph because I run around Cyrodiil with “Deltia” above my head and people try to kill me, a lot of people.  I need to be extra “tanky” and this morph really helps because 8% damage reduction and 8% more healing received.  Plus the base ability gives us our major resistances anyways making it a must cast ability prior to charging into combat.  Even then, the effect will last eight seconds because you need to either recast or move back into the run.  Usually it’s buff, run, charge, bomb, return to rune or recast.
  2. Extended Ritual (morph of Cleansing Ritual | Restoring Light skill line) – The single most important skill in our class skill lines to help us survive.  No other class gets this and this is what makes a good Magplar.  When I’m being attacked by five or more people, I often have 10 or more negative effects.  While blocking, the damage doesn’t kill me, the DoTs and debuffs do.  This is another ability you want to cast constantly to remove negative effects like poisons, healing debuffs or siege DoT damage.
  3. Elusive Mist (morph of Mist Form | World Vampire skill line) – The entire reason I use Vampire, escape-ability with Mist.  You can’t be CC’d, rooted, or snare and it removes the effects.  The downside is you cannot regenerate magicka while in the four second Mist.  I’ll show you in detail how to use this to survive in our Magplar videos.
  4. Aurora Javelin (Morph of Piercing Javelin | Aedric Spear skill line) –  A very weak on demand stun but it’s important to have some kind of CC solo though often times I flex this in or out depending if I’m playing truly solo (even solo qued in Battlegrounds).
    1. Option 2 – Rapid Regeneration with VMA Healing Staff for insane sustain and even better healing.
    2. Option 3 – Dark Flare for a AoE healing debuff and empower (with meteor BOOM).
    3. Option 4 – Luminous Spear for group utility and resource management.  If your party can get back resources, it allows them to switch to full offensive sets and net result is better than an on demand stun.
  5. Honor the Dead (morph of Rushed Ceremony | Restoring Light skill line) – A very very strange morph to take at first, but great for solo play or very small groups.  Remember when I said you can’t regenerate magicka while in Mist? Doesn’t apply to this effect, so when you’re in trouble, HtD heal, mist and recover some of that magicka you just spent.  If you’re playing with more than four people often, I’d switch morphs but this and Radiant Glory are fundamental for solo play.
  • [Ultimate] Light’s Champion (morph of Panacea | Restoration skill line) – This is the “hard carry” skill for the build.  Major Protection and major crit allows us to survive (or another party member) when we shouldn’t.  Newer players or someone unconformable with PvP should rely on this as there primary ultimate until you understand how to buff, CC break, Line of Sight and cleanse.  I image this will get changed, but use it while you can!



*Note, with some many useful and relevant sets, experiment to find which works best for you.  In my testing, I like to pair a defensive five piece with an offensive one to be survivable and damage dealing.*

Monster Helm Options

  • Overall – Blood Spawn (found in Veteran Spindleclutch II) not only gives us massive defensive boost via mitigation during procs, but ultimate.  Considering that ultimate can be used both defensively and offensively, I prefer this as my best monster helm (for me).  Yes it lacks a max stat one piece and it relies on getting hit, but when you need a resto ult most, it’ll proc and save you.
  • Damage – Skoria (found in Veteran City of Ash II) is a powerhouse for single target damage.  You’ll have to swap in some skills to take full advantage of it since it procs off of DoTs like Reflective Light over Purifying Light and even Vampire stun can proc it.  However, I still felt that my survivability and utility outweighted the extra damage from Skoria.  Experiment with it if you have access to both sets.
  • AoE Juggernaut – Grothdarr (Found in Vaults of Madness Veteran) for those playing with a larger group or pocket healer and want to do the old school proxy/meteor bomb build, slot this sucker.  You’ll sacrifice a lot but boy will you do a lot of area damage which is a blast in zerg v zerg fights.
  • Max Stats – A good alternative is to have two one pieces that give you max stats or spell damage.  I feel the best combination for this build is 1pc Dominhaus (Falkreath Hold Veteran mode) and 1pc Chokethorn (Elden Hollow 1).  This will give you over 2k max stats and 129 magicka recovery!

Damage Five Piece Options

  • Spinner’s Garment’s (found in Malabor Tor) –  The single most damage production five piece in my testing was Spinner’s.  However, it’s not perfect since shielded targets are not effected by spell penetration (magicka Sorcs/NB, etc).  The fast majority of builds will feel the pain of Spinner’s and if you have the gold, it’s a great set.
  • War Maiden (found in Vvardenfell Morrowind DLC) – A great alternative that could be cheaper and the spell damage does effect shielded targets.  In my testing, I lost about 7-8% in compared to Spinner’s but experiment for yourself.
    • There are bunch of other sets that preformed okay but didn’t see as strong as the above.  Find what works for you.  (Rattlecage, Julinaos, Kags, Burning Spell Weave, just some that I tested).

Defensive Five Piece Options

  • LIGHT Fortified Brass (four trait craftable in Clockwork City DLC) – Boy was I wrong on the power behind this set.  It essentially allows us to use light armor without being squishy (easy to kill).  Another advantage of light over heavy is more spell crit but really it’s the 4884 spell penetration which is the equivalent of a lot of spell damage.  This really seemed to shine and take the build to another level.
  • HEAVY Shacklebreaker (six trait craftable in Morrowind) – This set allows us to have a massive stat pool and better regeneration though not nearly as damage producing nor as tanky as Fort Brass.
  • ULTRA Tanky – There are many various sets for newer players who need extra help surviving.  While I hate to recommend it because of its power, if you aren’t use to cleansing or CC breaking quickly, Imperial City DLC Reactive would really help you out.  Even Blackrose for those that struggle with resources could be an option.  Ultimately, think out of the box and never stop testing and modifying your gear to get every drop of performance out of it.


Consumables, Race & Mundus

Armor Weights: My overall favorite for this setup is 5 light, one medium and one heavy to offset the lack of max stats via Undaunted passive.  This build in particular performed MUCH better in a five piece tanky set due to the light armor passive but experiement with what works for you.

Food: Clockwork Citrus Filet  from the Clockwork City DLC is optimal because it provides max health and magicka, and magicka recovery and health recovery!  A cheaper alternative is the Witchmother’s Brew (a holiday event recipe).  You may need to spend some Attribute points or enchants in Health to make sure you’re healthy enough though!

Attributes: All magicka 64.

Potions:  Since we aren’t always running Entropy, we can gain our Major Sorcery buff from potions but I also carry around various ones depending on the situation.  I’d rather lose 20% spell damage and stay alive with a Tri-Pot so keep that in mind.

Race: Argonians boast the best resource management in the game from their potion passive.  They also have 9% Max Health and 3% Max Magicka giving them wonderful stats, and 3% Healing Done AND Received.  Tack on 2.25% damage mitigation towards Poison and Disease, making the Argonian is the best PvP race around.  The player makes the build, not the race.  If this looks fun to you, play it on a Nord/Orc/Whatever FIRST then see if you want to take it to the max level in damage or survivability later on.

Mundus: This depends greatly on how you manage resources.  If you need help, try the Atronach.  If not, The Apprentice or Lover for damage.

Traits: For most builds I run five impenetrable and two flexible traits like Infused on two large pieces with prismatic glyphs for max stats.  Weapon traits is a tough choice between Nirnhoned (damage all the time), Sharpened (useless against shields) and even infused with a good enchant.  I would say for beginners, Sharpened would be a great option.

Infection: Vampire is a must in my opinion due to the passive and active skills.

Champion Points

The Mage (Blue)

The Apprentice

  • Elfborn – 31
  • Elemental Expert – 41
  • Spell Erosion – 36

The Atronach

  • Masters-at-Arms – 61

The Ritual

  • Thaumaturge – 61

The Thief (Green)

The Tower

  • Warlord – 22
  • Sprinter – 16

The Lover

  • Arcanist – 75
  • Tenacity – 42

The Shadow

  • Shadow Ward – 44
  • Tumbling – 31

The Warrior (Red)

The Steed

  • Ironclad – 42
  • Resistant – 27

The Lady

  • Elemental Defender – 44
  • Hardy – 43
  • Thick Skinned – 44

The Lord

  • Expert Defender – 3
  • Quick Recovery – 27


Thanks for reading our ESO Magic Templar PvP Build.