ESO PvP Templar Tank

Welcome to our Elder Scrolls Online ESO PvP Templar Tank called Bubble Trouble. The idea behind this build is absorbing and reflecting damage back at enemies. If you want something very strong and support group oriented tank as a Templar, this is for you.

Table of Contents


[Last Updated April 6th, 2017 ESO Homestead Patch 2.7.11]

The purpose of this build is to be a main tank in a competitive PvP team, specifically for Battlegrounds (may change in June). Your goal isn’t to be the main killer though you can do incredible AoE damage. Your job; protection, control and off healing. You allow your team to do their jobs heal and damage while soaking up tons of damage reflecting back in the area around you. It’s simple in nature and every single skill and gear piece has been purposefully placed to optimize your performance specifically resource management. Lastly this build is specifically made for no champion points since Battlegrounds will not contain them, however I added the CP section if you’d like to take this into Cyrodiil as well. Here’s a short list of the builds strengths and weakness:

Should you play this build?

+ Tanky, very hard to kill

+ Great utility

+ High damage for a tank when taking damage

– Lacks the immobilization a Sorc or Dragonknight can provide

– Can somewhat be countered with skillful play


Sword and Shield – Our main damage and crowd control bar.

  1. Mystic Guard (morph of Guard | Alliance War Support skill line) – We take this morph for the extra vitality bonus 8% more healing received along with providing that buff for another player. Ideally you’d guard a target that will be moving close to you (15 meter range) a high damage dealer or a healer. This isn’t a fire and forget skill, you’ll need to swap this to a friendly ally that is getting pressured with damage in order to fulfill your role. Remember this has a very high stamina cost so be careful when swapping.
  2. Structured Entropy (morph of Entropy | Mages Guild skill line) – Mainly we take this morph and slot on our front bar for the extra health bonus. Casting this can be useful as well since our healing done is based off spell damage. Mainly keep this buff up for a small amount of healing and major sorcery.
  3. Blazing Shield (morph of Sun Shield | Aedric Spear skill line) – The center piece of our build that reflects damage based on how much we take. The shields size is based off your max health and is cut in half in Cyrodiil. The way to use this properly is to not spam cast it (unless taking a ton of damage). You’ll want to cast, allow the shield to explode around players then recast after explosion or expiration. The key when in combat is looking at the color of your health bar to determine if you already have a shield. More on this in the video above.
  4. Absorb Magic (morph of Defensive Posture | One-Hand and Shield skill line) – Mainly slotted for reduced block cost and damage reduction but it can be staggeringly powerful heal as well as it absorbs magic projectiles. Them annoying Sorcerers casting high burst Crystal Fragments can now be absorbed for huge healing (I’m talking 11k heals). Be careful repeatedly casting this as it can be trouble some on your stamina.
    1. A good flexible skill here is Immovable Brute (morph of Immovable | Heavy Armor skill line) as it reduces the stamina cost of break free. However you will be lacking healing but both are solid choices.
  5. Invigorating Drain (morph of Drain Essence | World Vampire skill line) – Our main control or stun that can be used at range, generates ultimate and heals us based on missing health (very important). The downside of this skill is it cannot be used while an opponent is holding block, but you can still proc the health and ultimate generation as well. Ideally, your team will focus down one target at a time and you’ll stun them just prior to unloading damage.
  • Replenishing Barrier (morph of Barrier | Alliance War Support skill line) – There are a lot of great ultimate choices here but this one can be used in tandem with Light’s Champion for spectacular defensive capabilities. The trick is number one, it gives you magicka regeneration for slotting it, two it returns magicka and ultimate when shields expire and you can “pre-barrier” before an engagement. This is useful because as you enter combat, shields start to expire, you start getting ultimate as well as natural generating it as long as you light/heavy attack. If you do a Drain along with natural ultimate generation, with a few seconds you should have enough ultimate to cast Light’s Champion for major protection.
    • Solar Prison (morph of Nova | Aedric Spear skill line) – This is an offensive choice but also has damage reduction as well and a high ultimate cost. The downside to Nova is it can be negated. The upside is the stun via the synergy can high insanely hard so it fits well into an offensive minded PvP team. You can’t go wrong with either choice and there are other options in addition to these ones so experiment.

Restoration Staff – Mobility and healing.

  1. Mystic Guard (morph of Guard | Alliance War Support skill line) – Same as above, need to double bar otherwise the effect does not persist when you bar swap.
  2. Extended Ritual (morph of Cleansing Ritual | Restoring Light skill line) – Removal of five negative effects, AoE healing, a powerful synergy and major mending all in one skill. This is unbelievably powerful therefore we use it as a way to rid our-self of negative damage over times, poisons, snares, roots, etc.
  3. Elusive Mist (morph of Mist Form | World Vampire skill line) – A mobility tool that is a must right now considering the game does not have a cool down on immobilization.
  4. Channeled Focus (morph of Rune Focus | Restoring Light skill line) – This gives us great regeneration, major mending and resistances for nearly zero magicka. Both your Rune/Ritual need to be up at all times defensively.
  5. Breath of Life (morph of Rushed Ceremony | Restoring Light skill line) – We are not going to rely on this ability often, but it can save you and others in a tight situation. Even as a PvP tank in zero CP PvP, I can critically heal someone for 10,000 health. It’s too powerful not to use even if we are a tank. Don’t cast it frequently as it requires a LOT of magicka.
  • Light’s Champion (morph of Panacea | Restoration Staff skill line) – Hands down the best defensive ultimate in the game right now. Cheap, two major buffs and healing. Combine this with a healer running it as well for spectacular defensive power.


  • Monster Helm – Pirate Skeleton Set – We have a ton of options but the way the game works right now with shields, and elusive mist this provides the most survivability out of all the sets I’ve tested (I explain in great detail in the video). You obtain the shoulder through undaunted pledges and the helm in Blackheart Haven.
    • Secondly for self survivability would be Maleubeth found in Wayrest.
    • Last option would be Lord Warden for great group utility.
  • Main Five Piece – Black Rose Set – Can be purchased with Tel Var from Imperial City and is still the strongest resource sustaining tool for a tank using stamina and magicka. It also gives us good stats across the board making it a must have in no CP.
    • If you were going to play with CP, I’d use Fasalla’s as a debuff set and increase your health pool further.
  • Secondary Five Piece – Plague Doctor set – An overland set found in Deshaan specifically made for this build. Massive health and it use it with sword and shield mainly for the extra slot since we only need that extra health on our Blazing Shield bar.
    • A good substitute would be Green Pact from overland Grahtwood. The reason I don’t use that is the fact that I’m a vampire specifically for the stun and mobility.


  • Traits – Infused is good for larger stats, sturdy can be good for when placing while low on magicka and impenetrable can also be beneficial in PvP.
  • Glyphs – Prismatic on large and health on small.
  • Poisons > Weapon Enchants – Cost reduction poisons are insanely powerful and should be used with light attacks or blocks to proc them frequently.

Champion Points

While this is a No CP build, here’s what I run in CP campaign PvP.


  • Race – Argonian hands down though any race can play this and be just fine. Mainly you want max health pool so Imperial is also a good choice. Don’t worry so much about the race, worry about getting better.
  • Attributes – With that being said, I can’t tell you what attributes a Khajiit would need on this build. What I can tell you, aim for 50,000 health with zero buffs inside no CP campaign (besides food). Then split your stats evenly between stamina and magicka. On my Argonian I have 0 magicka/49 health/15 stamina.
  • Leveling – You’ll have a painful leveling experience with this that will be brutally slow. Play a magicka based DPS like Omega and follow those skills.
  • Vampire vs Werewolf vs Natty – Vampire provides the great utility though Werewolf has some good powers and skills as well.