ESO Stamina Sorcerer DPS Build

Welcome to our ESO Stamina Sorcerer DPS called Ricochet. On this page you will find an updated guide on the class, gear, champion points and everything you need to know for Stamina Sorcerer DPS.


Table of Contents

Leveling Build


The goal of this build is to make an AoE monster (Area of Effect Damage) for any content at hand.  With so many sets to choose from and a lot of buffs in the right places, Stamina Sorcerer’s take the cake at being the best AoE powerhouses around.   Not only that, but the Stamina Sorcerer truly excels at solo content thanks to changes to some of their older abilities.  If you’re looking for something that can do just about anything and is a total blast, try this build out!

Should you play this build?

+ Incredible AoE potential thanks to class and weapon line synergies, making grinding and PvE end game a breeze alike.

+ The strongest self + group healing potential around from a Stamina based class.  The only stamina class that has self healing in it’s kit that scales with our offensive stats, meaning we don’t have to give up power!

– Bar space is a struggle due to so many powerful skills, and we have to have a few toggles on at all times, which limits variety and flexibility while leveling.

/ Due to the meta of stamina builds at the moment, this follows a very rigid formula of specific skills.  Luckily though, a few class specific skills really let this build feel unique.

Priority Skills


  •  Poison Arrow (Single Target DoT | morph to Poison Injection) – A low cost, medium damage ability that helps us pull far away mobs to our position.  Morph to Poison Injection for maximum DPS later on.
  • Volley (AoE DoT | morph to Arrow Barrage) – The strongest AoE DoT in the game once paired with a key weapon, even without it this makes grinding a breeze.  We take Arrow Barrage to encompass a larger area for more targets hit.
  • Arrow Spray (AoE Direct Damage | morph to Acid Spray) – A strong AoE spammable that helps keep things in place with the snare it has, allowing us to keep on the move with grinding.  Acid Spray is preferred for the extra damage it provides.

Dual Wield

  • Twin Slashes (Single Target DoT | morph to Rending Slashes) – An extremely low cost DoT, this helps DPS a lot in late game.  For grinding we won’t be using it much, but we need it to help advance the skill line to get us to the more important skills.
  • Flurry (Single Target Channel | morph to Rapid Strikes) – Our main spammable once we get it, since the Sorcerer class lacks a true class spammable for both Magicka and Stamina.  We take Rapid Strikes since we have so much self healing in our kit already, that Bloodthirst is rather redundant.  The extra damage on Rapid Strikes equates to 15% more damage compared to Bloodthirst.
  • Whirlwind (Direct Damage AoE | morph to Steel Tornado) – By far the strongest spammable AoE in the game, with the biggest radius at that once we can morph it.  The base skill is pretty lack luster at the start but quickly ramps up into a powerhouse.  This makes grinding truly a joke by cutting through hordes of enemies at unbelievable speeds.  Pair this with Hurricane and Arrow Barrage and you’ll be the AoE Juggernaut in town.

Daedric Summoning

  • Bound Armor (Self Buff | morph to Bound Armaments) – A really efficient self buff, this ability gives us so many raw stat bonuses for having active.  At rank IV and paired with other passives it gives Minor Resolve (2% Physical Resistance), 8% Max Stamina, 11% Bonus Heavy Attack Damage, 2% Weapon Damage, and 20% Health and Stamina Recovery.  Have this on both bars since it’s a toggle!

Dark Magic

  • Dark Exchange (Self Heal | morph to Dark Deal) – A decent way to restore Health in between trash pulls to keep us topped off.  Once morphed it will also give us Stamina back as well, to help keep up the speed and have resources to stay in the fight.  Be aware that there is a cast time, so block cancelling it is a no-go.  It can also be bashed in PvP, so be wise with it’s use!
  • Negate Magic (Ultimate | morph to preference) – Recently buffed, Negate Magic is back with a reckoning.  Stunning all NPC (non player characters) mobs for 10 seconds, and silencing all players inside, this can help lock down groups of mobs or players.  Morph options are dealing damage or healing you and allies.  I prefer the damage morph from a solo and DPS perspective, but the heal morph is fantastic as well if you play with friends.  This will actually proc our Blood Magic passive if you take the damage morph, so it’s a selfish heal too.

Storm Calling

  • Lightning Form (Self Buff + AoE | morph to Hurricane) – One of the Stamina Sorcerer’s most potent tools, this thing is a force to be reckoned with.  Granting both Major Resistance buffs (8% damage reduction from all attacks), and dealing AoE damage on top of it, this is our key ability that distinguishes us from other Stamina builds.  Morph to Hurricane to have it’s damage increase even further, and grant us some extra Movement speed.
  • Surge (Self Buff + Heal | morph to Critical Surge) – An extremely basic yet powerful skill in the Sorcerer kit.  This skill alone is able to be utilized by great players to heal through all of the damage of Veteran Maelstrom Arena (no Vigor or Bloodthirst included).  It revolves around active combat, each time you crit, you get a flat heal which can scale with % amplifications.  It also is a source of Major Brutality, meaning we don’t need a Two-Hander or potions to gain this while leveling.


Levels 1-10


Dual Wield; Twin Slashes, Poison Arrow, Crystal Shard, Unstable Familiar, Mage’s Fury, Negate

Levels 10-25




Dual Wield; Steel Tornado, Poison Injection, Encase, Unstable Clannfear, Hurricane  

Bow; Rapid Strikes, Arrow Barrage, Encase, Unstable Clannfear, Hurricane, Charged Atronach




Dual Wield; Steel Tornado, Poison Injection, Dark Deal, Bound Armaments, Critical Surge, Negate morph choice

Bow; Rapid Strikes, Arrow Barrage, Encase, Bound Armaments, Hurricane, Charged Atronach

Important Passives


  • Dark Magic
    •  Unholy Knowledge gives us reduced cost and that’s about all I invest in here.  Take Blood Magic if you take the Suppression Field morph of Negate.
  • Daedric Summoning
    •  Power Stone really helps us pump out more ultimates while grinding, and Daedric Protection gives us a hearty Stamina Regen boost to help with resources.
  • Storm Calling
    •  Implosion is our main focus here, as packs of mobs will start vaporizing after 15% health, allowing you to move from group to group faster.  Everything else in this tree is great too, so nab them once you get more skill points.
  • Dual Wield
    • Get Controlled Fury to help tone down on the cost of Steel Tornado while grinding.  Also nab Twin Blade and Blunt to help give some extra critical strike when using daggers, to make grinding even faster.
  • Bow
    • Focus on Ranger here for the reduced cost, then fill everything out later on.
  • Medium Armor
    • Wind Walker is our major form of resource management from cost reduction and regen, grab this asap.  Finish everything off later on.
  • Race
    • Focus on Regeneration based passives first, then take everything later on.

Gear Suggestions



The focus with this gear setup is to gain some much needed healing.  Vampire’s Kiss heals over time each time you get a kill, which helps with staying power in grinding.  The Eternal Hunt offers us some great resource management via Stamina Regeneration bonuses.  You can also opt to go with a more offensive setup of 5 Hunding’s and Eternal Hunt if you’re grinding with a Templar.

Champion Point Progression

Mage (Blue Tree)

Focus on filling up Mighty, then pumping up Thaumaturge.  Feel free to spend some points between Precise Attacks and Piercing as well.  Check the DPS portions below for a finalized look at CP.

Warrior (Red Tree)

A healthy split between Hardy and Elemental Expert will help reduce damage greatly and improve survivability.  You can pump some points into Quick Mending as well to help out, but the two nodes in the Lady will be the most beneficial.

Thief (Green Tree)

Cost Reduction is our main focus here, as it is vastly superior to Regeneration.  Get Stamina cost reduction to 100 and then start pumping up Stamina regeneration after.


  • Race – 1) Khajiit for min/maxed PvE DPS, 2) Redguard for sustain management and long fights, and 3) Orc for a truly brutal and speedy setup in PvP.  Anything else is choice but won’t be as impactful.
  • Attributes – All stamina keep it easy.
  • Mundus Stone – Thief to help more Critical Surge procs, and Shadow once you start getting finalized or “BiS” gear.
  • Vamp/WW – Vampire and Werewolf aren’t really anything special with this build, so that’s completely a preference on your part.
  • Food – Use the Max Health + Stamina Regen food while leveling, and the Bi Max Health+ Max Stamina food while PvEing.  PvP you can choose whatever you feel you benefit most from.

Now What

  1. Level all of your skill lines to 50 (class, armor and weapons)
  2. Level Mages Guild and Fighters Guild to 10 to get Meteor and Dawnbreaker
  3. Start working on Undaunted skill line to acquire passives
  4. Gather skill points and skyshard and finish all the passives (yes, ALL of them.  If they deal with combat, take them)
  5. Now experiment, what works well for you?  Maybe more single target, more AoE, more healing, etc.  Start dipping your toes into PvP and max out your skills levels.

Solo Build

Group PvE


To create a Stamina Sorc DPS for PvE, Dungeons and Trials at end game.  This build assumes you have dedicated tanks and healers and your sole job is to DPS.  This build is successful at massive AoE damage, but lacks single target pressure in comparison to say a stamina Dragonknight.





Dual Wield (Main DPS Bar)

  1. Steel Tornado (AoE Direct Damage | morph of Whirlwind) – Our main spammable when there are 4 or more targets up.  This thing covers a large radius, and gains execute damage twice on targets under 25% health.  You may swap this to Deadly Cloak on cleave/single target fights that have a lot of incoming AoE damage.  
  2. Rending Slash (Single Target DoT | morph of Twin Slashes) – A strong hitting Damage over Time effect (DoT), and a minor snare.  Use this on single target fights or apply when there are 3 or less enemies to fight.  This can be empowered by the Cruel Flurry Enchant.
  3. Rapid Strikes (Single Target Channel | morph of Flurry) – Our main single target spammable attack that gives the next damage ability a massive 2100 increase in weapon damage when used with the Maelstrom Daggers.  The goal here is to be weaving a light attack, Rapid Strikes, light attack THEN a DoT (Trap Beast, Poison Injection, and or Rending Slash).  The added benefit of casting the DoT makes it a must to constantly weave in between.
  4. Bound Armaments (Self Buff | morph of Bound Armor) – A source of Minor Resolve (2% Physical Resistance), 2% Weapon Damage, 11% increased Heavy Attack damage, 8% Max Stamina, and 20% Health and Stamina Regeneration.  Since it is a toggle, make sure it’s active, and on both bars.
  5. Hurricane (Self Buff + AoE | morph of Lightning Form) – The centerpiece of the Stamina Sorcerer class.  This gives us our Major Resistances (8% damage reduction), Minor Expedition (10% movement speed), and an AoE DoT that ramps up in size and damage over time.  Since it gets stronger the longer it’s left up, try not to recast this before it’s done.  This is hard to master, and it’s why it’s on our main bar.
  6. [Ultimate] Rend (AoE DoT + HoT | morph of Lacerate) – The Dual Wield weapon ultimate, morphed for bonus duration.  This thing is an absolute monster on single target/cleave fights, especially when Empowered by the Cruel Flurry enchant.  On top of a 16 second DoT that can be empowered, it also heals for ~70% of the damage per tick, multiplied by how many targets it hit.  This means in AoE situations, you are practically invincible due to the amount of healing you’ll be gaining.  This can be empowered by the Cruel Flurry Enchant.

Bow (Buffs and Debuffs)

  1. Rearming Trap (Single Target DoT + Buff | morph of Trap Beast) – This is our bread and butter DPS tool as a stamina build and our #1 priority to maintain.  Not only is the damage great, but the added benefit of 12% critical strike damage skyrockets our DPS.  It does take a second to rearm, so make sure you recast roughly every 12 seconds.  This can be empowered by the Cruel Flurry Enchant.
  2. Poison Injection (Single Target DoT | morph of Poison Arrow) – A potent DoT effect that can be applied to multiple targets.  When a target reaches 50% this begins gaining additional damage, and continues to increased based on % of missing health.  Always make sure to empower this after 50% on targets to get insane damage.  This can be empowered by the Cruel Flurry Enchant.
  3. Arrow Barrage (AoE DoT | morph of Volley) – Since the focus of this build is big AoE damage, we take the bigger AoE morph of Volley for even more potential.  Honestly I find very few situations where Endless Hail wins on any class, just due to how mobs clump up.  Arrow Barrage hits so many more targets that it almost always wins.  Keep this up 100%, but don’t recast it too soon or you’ll reset your Maelstrom Bow enchant!
  4. Bound Armaments (Self Buff | morph of Bound Armor) – Same as above.
  5. Critical Surge (Self Buff + Heal | morph of Surge) – Our main survivablity tool and it still rocks.  33 seconds of monster healing which procs off of critical damage and benefits from Quick Recovery in the Champion Point system.  If you’re in a group that has plenty of healing and you use Weapon Power potions, you can run Caltrops here to proc more Implosions!
  6. [Ultimate]Shooting Star (morph of Meteor | Mages Guild skill line) – Big time damage, though Dawnbreaker can out preform this on Daedric mobs.  The nice thing about this is the Empower that comes with it and the range.  Charge a heavy attack, hit the ult, Poison Injection for some massive burst to start a fight.
    1. Either Negate Morph works here too, Absorption for group healing/utility or Suppression for some decent damage and group utility.  Keep in mind that Negate actually buffs Dual Wield users by 15% due to the Ruffian Passive!








  • Velidreth – Obtained from Cradle of Shadows, the power of this set is quite nice and reliable.  Any damage source has a chance to proc it and will crit upwards of 20-30k depending on buffs/debuffs on targets.  The extra weapon damage also helps us a bit from the 1 piece.  The main focus with this choice is the AoE potential, each orb has a chance to hit something for a max of x3 the damage of the tooltip.
    • Swap this out for Kra’gh’s 2 piece on single target fights.
    • If you need some extra health instead, try out Valkyn Skoria since we use all DoTs!
  • Night Mother’s Gaze –  Obtainable from 6 traits crafting, the most potent Stamina DPS set out there, assuming no one else is running it.  This set works for the wearer and anyone attacking the target you’ve applied this to.  If someone else is running this however, you’ll see no benefit from the 5 piece.
    • If NMG is already being ran by another player in group, use 5 Twice-Born Star instead.  It’s easily the next strongest set out there, and it gives you some extra health.  Make sure to pair the Thief and Shadow with it!
  • Maelstrom Weapons – Obtained from Veteran Maelstrom Arena.  Optimal is 2 Sharpened Daggers and a Precise Bow, these weapons really change up the pace of Stamina builds.  The bow alone adds 2-3k DPS per target, and the Daggers easily add 6-9k DPS in single target when used properly.  The nice thing is the VMA build of this class doesn’t even need these weapons to clear or even get good scores, so you’ll be fine when you work your way up!
    • If you can’t get ahold of Maelstrom Weapons yet, try flexing in Vicious Ophidian or other crafted pieces.
  • Vicious Ophidian Jewelry – Obtained from all of the Craglorn Trials (veteran or normal), this 3 piece gives us a whopping 5% damage increase via Minor Slayer and a nice crit bonus as well from the 2 piece.  Since Alkosh has the same set bonuses, you can swap either of them out.
    • If you can’t get Vicious yet, just use some Agility or Endurance place holders until you can.
  • Side Note; If you’re struggling with Sustain management, I highly suggest you swap off your Undaunted 2 piece for Vicious Ophidian.  The 5 piece bonus from VO offers unparalleled resource management, and really helps out on the more exhausting fights.


Champion Points


  • Mighty – 100
  • Precise Strikes – 33
  • Piercing – 10
  • Thaumaturge – 44


  • Warlord– 100
  • Mooncalf– 87


  • Elemental Defender – 86
  • Hardy – 84
  • Thick Skinned – 7
  • Quick Recovery – 10


  • Race – 1) Khajiit for pure damage with crit bonus 2) Redguard for monster sustain 3) Imperial/Dunmer if you want to play magic in the future
  • Attributes – All stamina keep it easy.
  • Mundus Stone – Shadow for more critical damage since medium provides 7 piece bonus for crit.  Pair with Thief if you’re using Twice Born.
  • Vamp/WW – Werewolf is great for this build though I still use Shooting Star.
  • Food – Bi-Stat Champion Point 150 food (stam/health).


[Last updated ESO Imperial City Patch]


Make a self reliant stamina Sorcerer build that can play solo, group, AoE, single target, PvP and PvE.  It’s a lofty goal, but I think we pulled it off!


Toxic Tornado Skills list

Dual Wield (Hammers)

  • Flying Blade (morph of Hidden Blade | Dual Wield skill line) – Ranged DPS on demanding, eliminating the need to have a bow. Not to mention, it hits extremely hard, snares and gives Major Brutality buff.
  • Thundering Presence (morph of Lighting Form | Storm Calling skill line) – Major resistance (spell and physical) also speed and a great source of damage if maintained.
  • Bound Armaments (morph of Bound Armor | Daedric Summoning skill line) – 8% max stamina and 11% more damage on heavy attacks, yeah it’s the source of our monster stamina numbers.
  • Critical Surge (morph of Surge | Storm Calling skill line) – Another buff for Major Brutality though this is superior as it makes critical hits heal for 60% of damage inflicted AND last 33 seconds in Update 7!
  • Steel Tornado (morph of Whirlwind | Dual Wield skill line) – Hands down the best AoE in the game, combined with  Sheer Venom set giving this build a 100% execute that does poison damage over time. Truly amazing AoE.
  • [Ultimate] Flawless Dawnbreaker (morph of Dawnbreaker | Fighters Guild skill line) – 8% weapon damage for having this slotted and a great AoE damage ultimate, it’s a must have on a stamina build.

Two Handed (Maul)

  • Critical Rush (morph Critical Charge | Two Handed skill line) – A guaranteed critical making it a powerful self heal on demand.
  • Streak (morph of Bolt Escape | Storm Calling skill line) – A way to create space, stun and escape perfect for Imperial City.  I use this to Streak past enemies, turn and Crit Rush, rinse and repeat for big time self healing (with Surge active).
  • Bound Armaments (morph of Bound Armor | Daedric Summoning skill line) – Same as above, double bar so it doesn’t turn on/off.
  • Wrecking Blow (morph of Uppercut | Two Handed skill line) – This is nice to have on as a source of single target, spammable damage for boss fights or up close on enemy players.  Combine this with Critical Rush for massive burst damage.
  • Executioner (morph of Reverse Slash | Two Handed skill line) – Another trick giving every Two Handed ability the power of execute (remember Sheer Venom?).  Now even Critical Rush can cause poison damage.
  • [Ultimate] Suppression Field (morph of Negate Magic | Dark Magic skill line) – A PvP game change, removing effects in the area such as ultiamtes AND granting minor protection.  You can’t beat this ultimate in a zerg v zerg fight.


Toxic Tornado Gear Picture Toxic Tornado Gear Chart

  • Nerien’eth’s – Obtained in Crypt of Hearts which received a major buff. This procs off nearly all of our damage adding to our AoE Juggernaut damage.
    • If you don’t have helm, run a 5 piece Hunding’s Rage and a 3 piece Ashen Grip for good performance.
  • Agility Jewelry Set – Obtained from Vetearn Bosses, Treasure Vaults and sold from other players.  This is the major source of statistical performance in Update 7.
  • Night’s Silence Set – Two trait craftable set with a powerful two piece bonus.  The difference between VR14 Master Weapons to Vr16 craftable is a big performance boost.
  • Sheer Venom – Obtained in Imperial City Prison (VR15 Normal / VR16 Veteran mode).  Monster weapon damage for 2/3 bonuses and executable poison proc….wow.
    • Hunding’s Rage – A six trait craftable set that is a great alternative until you get Sheer Venom (which I currently use as I writ this guide).

Champion Points

MAGE (Blue)

  • Might (the Ritual) – Pump this up for more physical Damage.
  • Precise Strikes (the Ritual) – More critical damage, more self healing, great combination.


  • Quick Recovery (the Lord) – More self healing that applies to Critical Surge bonus.

THIEF (Green)

  • Warlord (Tower) 45% / Mooncalf (the Lover) 45% / Tumbling (the Shadow) 10% split for resource management.


  • Werewolf and Vampire – Werewolf has little value for my purposes as the ultimate might do a lot of damage, but I love the control of Negate.  I experimented with Vampire and loved Devouring and Clouding Swarm for HUGE damage, but didn’t enjoy fire damage in PvE.  You’re choice, but I’d go Vampire if anything.
  • Race – Redguard for sustained and max damage, Imperial for all around and more sturdy build and Khajiit for burst PvP/self healing.  Can it work with something else? Sure, but if you don’t have 10% max stamina or critical, you’ll be lack significant damage.
  • Attributes – All stamina, if you need more health (say 20,000) enchant with health glyphs or get healthy jewelry.
  • Mundus Stone – Weapon Power or for more self healing, Shadow.
  • Food/Drink – Bi Stat food for pure maximum damage, bi-stat drink if you’re Imperial for great sustained or tri-stat food if you’re using Dark Conversation of resource management.
  • Weapon Traits – Sharpen gives great all around benefit, but a Khajiit rocking two Precise Daggers might produce extraordinary results with the Shadow Mundus stone.