ESO Stamina Templar DPS Build

Welcome to our ESO Stamina Templar DPS Build called The Harvester.  On this page you will find an updated guide on the class, gear, champion points and everything you need to know for Stamina Templar DPS.

Table of Contents


The idea behind this build, race and combination of skills is to create a high damage Stamplar (stamina Templar) capable of completing any dungeon, trial or DSA with high damage.  The Biting Harvester is PvE centric first but can do some serious jabbing in PvP.  I’ll have leveling builds complete with end game setup to help you throughout the leveling process and end game.  Here’s some general leveling tips to help you reach 10 asap (CLICK HERE).

Should you play this build?

+ Insane single target and AoE Damage

+ Good self heals even for stamina

– Lacks mobility

– One dimension until end game

Non Vet Leveling

Priority Skills

  • Aedric Spear – The mega ability for the Stamplar is Biting Jabs but once you get this continue to level the skill line for important passives.
  • Dawn’s Wrath – Power of the Light is the only ability we’re really after in this skill line, but Reflective Light is great early on until you get armor passives.
  • Restoring Light – We prioritize this skill line only until we get access to Repentance (unmorphed Radiant Aura).  This ability will change your life!
  • Bow – Leave the bow alone until Veteran Ranks.  However, if you’re having trouble the bows distance makes leveling easy mode.
  • Two-Handed – Obtaining Momentum than Rally is our number one focus for this leveling build.  Once we get that than we switch to Dual Wielding.
  • Dual Wield –  We want two abilities Steel Tornado for AoE and Quick Cloak for speed and later to proc Ravager gear then remaining skill points use towards passives.


Harv at 10


Harv at level 25

25 to VR 1

harv vr1

Important Passives

Harvester Passives

  • Aedric Spear – BURNING LIGHT, this procing makings Biting Jabs the hardest hitter in Update 7 (please don’t nerf).  Then Balance Warrior for 5% more weapon power!
  • Dawn’s Wrath – This line isn’t too important for stamina but extra ultimate via Prism and lower cost via Restoring Spirit is worth maxing it early.
  • Restoring Light – The only worth while passive is Mending early on though I don’t put any points into this until Aedric Spear is maxed.
  • Bow – Leave until end game, it’ll matter.
  • Two-Handed – We’re not really using Two-Handed for damage but a major buff for weapon damage, so I only prioritize Balance Blade (2x).
  • Dual Wield – Eventually we’ll want to take all of these, but Controlled Fury for cost than Twin Blade and Blunt for damage.

Tips and Miscellaneous

  • Race – 1) Imperial for max stamina and health 1a) Redguard for better sustained, 2) Bosmer for massive regeneration
  • Attributes – All stamina, keep it easy.
  • Vamp/WW – In the update I don’t won’t have room for this on my bar so I won’t be using it.  If you play a WW/Vamp that will be your own build.
  • Mundus – Warrior for more weapon damage.
  • Weapons – Two-Hander first, at level 15 Dual Wield, end game Bow.
  • Armor – All medium for max regeneration and reduced cost.
  • Gear – Three piece Ashen Grip and five piece Hunding’s Rage (craftable).
  • Food – Bi-stat for max stamina.
  • Health needed – Since you’ll be in the middle of the enemies, try to get around 18-20,000 health which shouldn’t be a problem running Imperial.

Champion Points

Harvester Champ

Consider this picture has 300 champion points to use (100 in each tree) and the numbers equal percentages of what you have.  So if you have 150 CP, focus 75% on Might FIRST.

  • Blue (the Mage) – Mighty first for more Biting Jab damage and we can get into Thaumaturge later for more Burning Light Damage (thanks FearTurbo for tip).
  • Red (the Warrior) – I just do a 50/50% split between Elemental Defender and Hardy.
  • Green (the Serpent) – I do a 60/40% split between reduced cost and regeneration though this could change drastically depending on race and content (PvP/PvE).

Maelstrom Build

No Death VMA Video (Flawless Conqueror)


The Harvester Vet Maelstrom Skill loadout

Two Handed – Main damage bar

  • Critical Rush (morph of Critical Charge | Two-handed skill line) – A gap closer that procs a DoT with our Maelstrom Maul.
  • Rally (morph of Momentum | Two-handed skill line) – Self heal and our Major Brutality buff.
  • Repentance (morph of Restoring Aura | Restoring Light) – Passive resource regeneration and heals off of corpses for resources.
  • Biting Jabs (morph Puncturing Sweeps | Aedric Spear skill line) – Our single target damage ability that also gives us Major Savagery.
  • Executioner (morph of Reverse Slash | Two-handed skill line) – Execute ability meant for targets at 25% or lower.
  • Flawless Dawnbreaker (morph of Dawnbreaker | Fighters Guild skill line) – Passive 8% weapon damage and a decent ultimate if you need to kill something.

Bow – Buffs and AoE

  • Purifying Ritual (morph of Cleansing Ritual | Restoring Light skill line) – A cheap heal over time with the benefit of removing negative effects AND increasing our healing done by 25% (major mending).  I can’t tell you how great this ability is for survival and a most have for independent game play like VMA.
  • Arrow Barrage (morph of Volley | Bow skill line) – Who knew this ability rocks as an AoE?  After getting Maelstrom bow and trying it with the next ability, it’s powerful.
  • Razor Caltrops (morph of Caltrops | Alliance War Assault skill line) – A true must have for stamina builds even though you need to PvP to get it.  Massive AoE DoT and snare.
    • FLEX – Evil Hunter (morph of Expert Hunter | Fighters Guild skill line) – Major Savagery just for having it slotted but also effective against undead and daedroth.  I slot here for round 1, 6, 8 and 9.
  • Binding Javelin (morph of Piercing Javelin | Aedric skill line) – A ranged DPS ability with a stun that can be useful control ability.
  • Resolving Vigor (morph of Vigor | Alliance War Assault skill line) – An extra heal ability that also requires PvP.
  • Shooting Star (morph of Comet | Mages Guild skill line) – I like this instead of Nova for low cost though both are good to use.
    • FLEX – Solar Prison (morph of Nova | Dawn’s Wrath skill line) – When going for no death or Flawless Conquer I do substitute in Nova purely for damage mitigation.


Maelstrom Harvester Gear Chart

STATS GOAL = 18 to 19k health (I go 20k on no death runs), 35k stamina if Imperial and 4k weapon damage buffed.

  • Engine Guardian – Great for resources, healing and corpses can be repentance.   Head can be farmed in Darkshade Cavern, shoulders through Undaunted Pledges.  A substitute could be a 3 piece combo for Night Silence (helm, shoulders, weapons).
    • For speed runs I swap this in for Valkyin Skoria for a lot more damage with my DoTs.
  • Hunding’s Rage – Crafted set that is simply a must have for nearly all stamina builds.
  • Agility Set – Found in Imperial City or guild traders, a good substitute can be Endurance for much cheaper.Maelstrom Harvester Champion Points

Champion Points


The Champion Points system has been updated and I use a new formula for my Blue or damage layout.

Asarye’s CP layout here has worked for me.  Try that or a simple split between Thaumaturge, Mighty and Precise Strikes.

End Game PvE Build

[Last Updated for One Tamriel Oct 13th, 2016]


The purpose of this build is a strong Stamina Templar DPS for PvE (dungeons, questing and trials).  This build assumes you have a dedicated tank, healer and you’re role is DPS only.  We’ve also made it compatible for crafting gear only since some don’t have access to other material and still can be an effective DPS character.  Additionally, there’s no one size fits all builds, you’ll need to make modifications based on your play style.  Need something simpler? Lesson the rotation.  Have access to Alkosh?  Use a different gear setup and so on.  The strength of this build is it’s flexibility and simplistic, when in doubt Jabs and you can produce strong DPS at end game.


To the right is a sample single target fight over a brief period.  The purpose is to show you primary damage sources and what you should be aiming for “self-buffed.”  Meaning, no one giving spell power cure, combat pray, minor vulnerability, etc.  Only buff provides was tanks taunt “Pierced Armor” major fracture.  Obviously these numbers will change depending on CP, quality of gear, etc, but the damage “source” should be the same.  Use this as a guide to determine if you are maintaining your Endless Hail or Injection enough vs the amount of damage done.




Dual Wield – All of our spammable DPS abilities and some DoTs.

  1. Rending Slash (morph of Twin Slashes | Dual Wield skill line) – A strong and cheap damage over time (DoT) effect that can easily be maintained for increased DPS.  I don’t consider this our #1 priority, so if it falls off or too complex to maintaining, don’t.  However, it can increase your DPS to maintain a long with the other suggested DoTs.
    1. Deadly Cloak (morph of Blade Cloak | Dual Wield skill line) – For AoE specific situations, I switch out to this ability.  Not only does it do great damage, but gives us a much needed AoE damage reduction since we will be in the fray spamming Steel Tornado.
  2. Rearming Trap (morph of Trap Beast | Fighters Guild skill line) – Another powerful DoT with an added benefit of increase critical strike damage or Minor Force (12%).  My tooltip says 6 seconds then a rearming trigger by a mob on top of the trap, which regains another 6 seconds of the buff.  However, in game, I’m receiving 7 seconds to both duration.  So, you’ll need to place this down where a mob/boss are likely to go or right on top of them to apply the effect.  This will take some getting use to, but 14 seconds of near constant Minor Force skyrockets our DPS.  Additionally, having it slotted for the Weapon Damage bonus via the fighters guild passive so it’s ideal to place on our front bar.  A trick to using this is immediately bar swapping after applying it due to it’s long winded animation.  It won’t always line up perfectly in your rotation to do so, but try when possible.
  3. Power of the Light [PotL] (morph of Backlash | Dawn’s Wrath skill line) – A decent damage ability with an important buff for your group, Minor Fracture and Breech.  Not only will this boost your DPS by roughly 3%, but everyone’s as well so consider maintaining this a priority.  You’ll also need to make sure the full duration has elapse in order to re-cast it, otherwise the damage effect will be nullified if you “overcast” or cast before it expires.
  4. Biting Jabs (morph of Puncturing Strikes | Aedric Spear skill line) – Our spammable single target ability (and AoE) that procs an additional damage ability Burning Light.  Burning Light now scales off of Weapon Damage (not Magic) making Stamplar harder hitting and really the only stamina DPS that doesn’t benefit from Maelstrom Daggers/Axes.  It’s also very simple game-play to just Jabs constantly over a more complex DoT rotation.  When in doubt, simply Jabs.
    1. Rapid Strikes (morph of Flurry | Dual Wield skill line) – In harder, longer lasting fights, there’s added benefit to switch to Maelstrom Daggers and use Rapid Strikes (only if you have VMA weapons).  The fact that you can “empower” your DoTs adds up to a lot of damage over long fights like Vet Maw Rakatta fight.
  5. Steel Tornado (morph of Whirlwind | Dual Wield skill line) – Best AoE in the game, but only use when facing more than 3 enemies as Jabs is generally better.  Jabs only goes in front of you, where this is 360 degrees so use that to your advantage.
    1. In a true single target fight this doesn’t server a purpose.  You can slot something else maybe even another Fighters Guild ability for increase Weapon Damage.
  • [Ultimate] Rend  (morph of Lacerate | Dual Wield skill line) – The new Dual Wield ultimate Rend is great for our stamplar. It gives us a long last DoT with massive healing done based on it’s damage.  Though this doesn’t have the stun that Smiting Dawnbreaker, I consider it a performance gain in most situations.

Bow – Debuffs and flexibility

  1. Blazing Spear (morph of Spear Shards | Aedric Spear skill line) – We need at least one Aedric Spear ability on our bar to get the 10% critical strike damage from our passive and Spear is great for group play.  It also has the added advantage of stunning mobs when we are in trouble.  However, you’re not going to use this as a DPS tool, rather utility when someone needs stamina or you need to stun a specific mob.
    1. Blazing Shield (morph of Sun Shield | Aedric Spear skill line) – If you’re looking for more survivablity, slot this on your back bar instead.  It’s a solid magic dump if you’re constantly getting beat on and can provide some protection in dungeons.
  2. Poison Injection (morph of Poison Arrow | Bow skill line) – This acts as our DoT execute though it should be up 100% of the damage as the damage outweighs recasting it.  The damage up front isn’t that much, but if you’re in a ranged only situation for a short time, you can keep up PotL and spam Injection until you can regain melee range.
  3. Razor Caltrops (morph of Caltrops | Alliance War Assault skill line) – It’s very useful for the Night Mothers Gaze damage dealer to run Caltrops.  It has a monster radius and constantly “ticks” with the possibility of apply the armor reduction debuff.  It even does good damage in single target fights though has a tremendously high stamina cost.  Usually I start fights with Endless Hail first, Caltrops THEN potion to top myself off.
    1. Repentance (morph of Restoring Aura | Restoring Light skill line) –  For whatever reason, I run into a lot of healers that don’t run or utilize this ability properly.  Zapping corpses (not when the fight is over but DURING) is so important for you and the groups sustained stamina DPS.  You can flex this in and out depending on your other Templars, but I almost always find it beneficial to zap every corpse.
  4. Endless Hail (morph of Volley | Bow skill line) – Our ranged Juggernaut AoE/single target DPS ability that scales well with the Maelstrom bow.  It’s still worth using without the bow, but the added damage adds up quickly.  I have some detailed explanation of how to use this in the video for extra damage and burst.  Consider this #1 DoT single target and AoE, it’s that good.
  5. Resolving Vigor (morph of Vigor | Alliance War Assault skill line) – Everyone needs a self heal, not to mention this can AoE healing as well.
  • [Ultimate] Smiting Dawnbreaker (morph of Dawnbreaker | Fighters Guild skill line) – You can use meteor or Smiting depending on your play-style though there’s a useful trick with Smiting.  If you need to AoE stun mobs, come in range even on your bow bar, as soon as you click the ultimate, BAR SWAP.  This will use the stats on your front bar (DW), not your bow thus hitting harder.  It takes some time getting use to so practice on trash mobs after applying Endless Hail.



OPENER – I do my opener differently due to the 2 second delay before Endless Hail doing damage, so I want to match up everything at once.  Basically what changes is I cast Hail prior to Injection, only at the start of fights.  I’m also assuming you’re doing light/medium attacks in between these actions listed below.

  • Endless Hail (takes two seconds to do damage), Caltrops, Potion, Injection and bar swap
  • Trap Beast first, PotL, Rend and Jabs 2x
  • Usually you can do another PotL since it’s on a 6 second duration prior to bar swapping
  • Posion Injection, Endless Hail and bar swap — Rinse and repeat throwing down caltrops when needed

If it’s too complex, working on doing Jabs first then add one DoT at a time working up to the full rotation.  Meaning, start with Rending Slash then Jabs.  Once that feels natural, add in PotL, then Injection and so on.




Option 1

  • Night Mother’s Gaze (NMG) – A six trait craftable set that gives us amazing weapon critical and boosted weapon damage over a four piece Hunding’s Rage.  The major downside is the five piece effect does not stack if another party member is using it so for coordinated raids, you’ll need a backup.
    • I suggest wearing Hunding’s Rage if you want flexibility.  No it’s not as good DPS, but you can use it regardless of what other players are doing and still obtain good DPS.
    • Remember that your five piece is only active on your front bar so Twice Born Star will not work in this application.
    • NOTE: I have not tested out the new stamina critical strikes set Leviathan (found in Crypt of Hearts) or Spriggan’s (found in Bangkorai zone). Both offer big time damage and could be used in replacement of either NMG or Hunding’s Rage but I honestly don’t know it’s performance value at this time.
  • Vicious Ophidian – Trials which you can get jewelry through weekly trial rewards.
    • Another high end alternative is Alkosh set which uses synergies to debuff targets for you and the group.  The downside is, this requires a coordinated group with constant synergies like orbs, spears, cleanse, etc.  This has very little value solo so I wouldn’t invest as a solo player.
    • Agility Jewelry – Found in Imperial City or traders, robust weapon damage will add a lot of DPS
  • Velidreth Monster Helm – Overall the best set for us considering its great single target, amazing AoE and great burst.  Helm can be found in Cradle of Shadows, shoulder obtained through Undaunted Pledge dailies.
    • Kra’gh – Great single target, not as good AoE but good none the less.

Option 2


  • Twice Born Star – A still relevant super powerful crafted set that preforms well and almost any arena.  You’ll want to use the Shadow and Thief mundus stone for best results.
    • Hunding’s Rage or Leviathan – If you don’t have high enough crafting, go with Hunding’s Rage as a safe alternative.  If you don’t use crafting you can find Leviathan’s a safe main body 5 piece set.
  • Night Mothers Gaze –  Using two body pieces and weapons gives a comparable amount of benefit as some two piece helms.  This is what I used to farm Veteran Maelstrom Arena until I could get the newest gear.
  • Agility – Some people don’t like trials (me) or do not have access to running them with a guild.  Agility isn’t the best jewelry set, but it can work while you work towards two piece monster helms.


Champion Points


  • Mighty – 100
  • Precise Strikes – 23
  • Piercing – 22
  • Thaumaturge – 42


  • Warlord– 100
  • Mooncalf– 87


  • Elemental Defender – 80
  • Hardy – 80
  • Thick Skinned – 20
  • Quick Recovery – 7


  • Race Choice – 1) Redguard for best sustained 1a) Khajiit for weapon critical strike which adds up to more damage in a perfect world, just not as much sustain 2) Orc for PvP and speed 3) Imperial for massive stat pool.
  • Werewolf or Vampire – Werewolf is a really good choice but I’ve yet to max the skill line and level all the abilities, but great.
  • Attributes – Your main goal at end game (Level 50 with 561 champion points) is to reach 18,000 health and the rest into stamina.
  • Potions – Weapon Power, weapon critical and stamina return.
  • Mundus Stone –  Shadow for more critical strike damage (or with Twice Born Star pick up Thief as well)
  • Food and Drink – Go CP 150 bi-stat stamina and health for max stats.

End Game PvP Build

Updating soon

stamplar-pvp-cp harvester-pvp

[Last updated July 18, 2016]


To create a self-sufficient stamina PvP Templar made for a no Champion Points campaign or players without CP.  This build isn’t easy to play, it’s expensive to buy the gear but the results are dramatic.  Additionally, if you’re playing in larger groups this won’t be good to use, but 1-4 players, it’s very effective and here’s how to use it.



Dodgeplar Skill Loadout

Two-Hander – Our main damage bar bow single target and AoE.

  1. Stamped (morph of  Critical Charge | Two-Handed skill line) – Our gap closer that snares enemies.  Both morphs cause a critical strike, I prefer this one for solo play since I want to keep them in Jabs range.
  2. Rally (morph of Momentum | Two-Handed skill line) – Heal, Major Brutality buff, a must have on your bar for stam builds.
  3. Repentance (morph of Restoring Aura | Restoring Light skill line) – This is our flex spot, but a dominate resource tool (but on our bar and actively using).  Zap up bodies of vanquished enemies to keep the fight going and stay healed.
  4. Biting Jabs (morph of Puncturing Strikes | Aedric Spear skill line) – AoE, snare, juggernaut DPS ability.  It no longer stuns targets so your goal is to Javelin, Dawnbreaker or Meteor prior to Jabing.
  5. Reverse Slice (morph of Reverse Slash | Two-Handed skill line) – This got a nice buff recently and makes a good AoE splash damage tool.  Combined with Biting Jabs, we have decent AoE for using a Two-Hander.
  • [Ultimate] Dawnbreaker of Smiting (morph of Dawnbreaker | Fighters Guild skill line) – Stun, massive burst and DoT, use this on a target not blocking, Jabs, Reverse Slice dead.

Bow – Buffs, debuffs and primary dodge roll bar.

  1. Binding Javelin (morph of Piercing Javelin | Aedric Spear skill line) – Our primary stun, though Luminous Shards is another stuns you can use that drops block.  Don’t spam this on targets as it’s expensive, but setup someone for melee destruction with the stun.
  2. Extended Ritual (morph of Cleansing Ritual | Restoring Light skill line) – Our cleanse of five sources which is huge for solo play.  This also grants Major Mending so drop it down prior to a Vigor for huge healing.
  3. Resolving Vigor (morph of Vigor | Alliance War Assault skill line) – A great AoE heal that combined with Major Mending can keep you topped off.
  4. Shuffle (morph of Evasion | Medium Armor skill line) – Dodge chance, removal off snare, this is our get away ability when in trouble.  Keep it up at all times, but recast if you get stuck or immobilized.
  5. Poison Injection (morph of Poison Arrow | Bow skill line) – Huge DoT that only gets stronger the lower the target.  Apply prior to combat.
  • [Ultimate] Shooting Star (morph of Meteor | Mages Guild skill line) – AoE stun, massive damage and empower proc meteor is our go to ultimate when charging a massive group.


Dodgeplar Gear Chart Dodgeplar Gear


Champion Points

None, this is a None Champion Points Build.