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ESO Stamina Templar DPS Build

Welcome to our ESO Stamina Templar DPS Build called The Harvester.  On this page you will find an updated guide on the class, gear, champion points and everything you need to know for Stamina Templar DPS.

Table of Contents


[Updated for Homestead patch]

The idea behind this build, race and combination of skills is to create a high damage Stamplar (stamina Templar) capable of completing any dungeon, trial or DSA with high damage.  The Biting Harvester is PvE centric first but can do some serious jabbing in PvP.  I’ll have leveling builds complete with end game setup to help you throughout the leveling process and end game.  Here’s some general leveling tips to help you reach 10 asap (CLICK HERE).

Should you play this build?

+ Great burst damage with easy rotation

+ Good self heals even for stamina

+ Unique kit that’s a blast to play

– Lacks mobility

Priority Skills

Aedric Spear

  • Puncturing Strikes (AoE Channel | morph to Biting Jabs) – Our main spammable that makes the Templar, the Templar.  This skill does monster single target AND AoE damage, and also will proc some amazing passives, further increasing it’s damage potential.

Dawn’s Wrath

  • Backlash (Single Target Debuff | morph to Power of the Light) – Another really unique ability that helps the Templar stand out from other classes.  It stores up damage that the enemy takes over its 6 second duration, and explodes for a massive amount after it.  Great in single target PvE not only for its damage, but also its superb Physical and Spell Resistance shred it applies, helping you AND your group do more damage.  In PvP this thing is filthy, as it IGNORES block, helping kill even the tankiest of players.

Restoring Light

  • Restoring Aura (Self buff | morph to Repentance) – Unique to the Templar, comes a burst heal and Stamina management in the form of Repentance.  This ability operates like no other skill, and does not require stats to cast.  Instead this requires nearby corpses, and will scale off of 10% of your Stamina or Magicka, and returns Health and Stamina multiplied by the number of corpses.  (I.e; if there are 3 corpses, you’ll get Health and Stamina back in form of 30% of your Stamina or Magicka, whichever is higher.)
  • Cleansing Ritual (Purge and AoE Heal | morph to Extended Ritual) – This skill removes up to 5 negative effects (such as snares, damage over times, and debuffs) from your character, and places a massive AoE heal over time ability.  While standing in it you’ll activate some passives which really help the Templar shine in healing application.


  •  Poison Arrow (Single Target DoT | morph to Poison Injection) – A low cost, medium damage ability that helps us pull far away mobs to our position.  Morph to Poison Injection for maximum DPS later on.
  • Volley (AoE DoT | morph to Arrow Barrage) – The strongest AoE DoT in the game once paired with a key weapon, even without it this makes grinding a breeze.  We take Arrow Barrage to encompass a larger area for more targets hit.
  • Arrow Spray (AoE Direct Damage | morph to Acid Spray) – A strong AoE spammable that helps keep things in place with the snare it has, allowing us to keep on the move with grinding.  Acid Spray is preferred for the extra damage it provides.

Two Handed (if you plan on PvPing or like the play style)

  • Cleave (AoE Direct Damage + DoT | morph to Brawler) – While this skill is rather weak in end game, the fact we can get it early and begin mowing down mobs really helps speed up the leveling process.  Brawler is the preferred morph to help us stay sturdy in combat with the shield it provides.
  • Momentum (Self HoT | morph to Rally) – A form of on demand Major Brutality and a sizable heal over time that really helps us move in between packs without having to wait for health regen.  Since we lack healing (without Vigor, which requires a sizable amount of PvP) in solo play, this is extremely helpful, especially at later levels where damage gets higher.  Morph this to Rally for a great on demand burst heal.

Dual Wield (if you plan on focusing PvE, or more group based PvP)

  • Twin Slashes (Single Target DoT | morph to Rending Slashes) – An extremely low cost DoT, this helps DPS a lot in late game.  For grinding we won’t be using it much, but we need it to help advance the skill line to get us to the more important skills.
  • Whirlwind (Direct Damage AoE | morph to Steel Tornado) – By far the strongest spammable AoE in the game, with the biggest radius at that once we can morph it.  The base skill is pretty lack luster at the start but quickly ramps up into a powerhouse.  This makes grinding truly a joke by cutting through hordes of enemies at unbelievable speeds.

Important Passives


Aedric Spear

  • Burning Light – A fantastic passive that gives us a % chance whenever we deal damage with an Aedric Spear ability, to do even MORE damage.  Truly helps add to the burst damage potential of Templar.
  • Piercing Spear – Critical Strike is one of the most important and powerful stats in the Elder Scrolls Online, and this passive makes our Critical Hit Damage go up by an additional 10%, helping boost damage AND healing potential.

Dawn’s Wrath

  • Restoring Spirit – Helps maintain our resources and increase our Ultimate usage by reducing ALL costs.
  • Prism – Whenever we cast a Dawn’s Wrath ability, we gain some free Ultimate.  This can only trigger every 6 seconds, but that’s exactly the duration of Backlash, so it’s perfect to make us of if we keep it up 100%!

Restoring Light

  • Sacred Ground – Enables our Cleansing Ritual to buff our Healing by a massive 25%, AND snare any enemy inside by 30%.


  • Since we won’t be using our bow bar too much while leveling, leave these passives until you hit level 50.

Two-Handed (If PvP oriented)

  • Heavy Weapons – If we’re going the PvP route, then this passive really helps us gain some extra damage.  Try to pair this with a Sword while leveling.
  • Battle Rush – Again if we’re going to be using Two Handers in PvP, then this passive will help our resource management while we grind.

Dual Wield (If PvE oriented)

  • Twin Blade and Blunt – Another great passive ability that will buff our weapon choice.  Pair with two daggers for maximum damage and healing potential.
  • Controlled Fury – Helps bring down the high cost of our abilities, making resource management a breeze.




The focus with this gear setup is to gain some much needed healing.  Vampire’s Kiss heals over time each time you get a kill, which helps with staying power in grinding.  The Eternal Hunt offers us some great resource management via Stamina Regeneration bonuses.  Once you unlock Repentance you can opt to drop Eternal Hunt for more damage from something like Hunding’s Rage or Nightmother’s Gaze.

Ability Bar Progression

(Click the picture to see what abilities they are and where to find them!)





Keep in mind that these are just a guide line. Experiment with what abilities you like and where you want to place them. Just always make sure to have your 2 desired (or more!) weapon’s slotted and at least 1 ability from their skill line on a bar at ALL TIMES. This is because you can progress any weapon skill line in the game, as long as you have an ability slotted.

Champion Points


Mage (Blue Tree)

Focus on filling up Mighty, then pumping up Thaumaturge.  Feel free to spend some points between Precise Attacks and Piercing as well.  Check the DPS portions below for a finalized look at CP.

Warrior (Red Tree)

A healthy split between Hardy and Elemental Expert will help reduce damage greatly and improve survivability.  You can pump some points into Quick Mending as well to help out, but the two nodes in the Lady will be the most beneficial.

Thief (Green Tree)

Cost Reduction is our main focus here, as it is vastly superior to Regeneration.  Get Stamina cost reduction to 100 and then start pumping up Stamina regeneration after.

Tips and Miscellaneous

  • Race – #1 PvE race is Khajiit, #1 PvP race is Redguard.  Go Redguard if you like solo play as well.  Orcs, Imperials, and Wood Elves also make decent choices!
  • Attributes – All stamina, keep it easy.
  • Vamp/WW – Neither of these really fit into our build, although Werewolf is an option if you want.
  • Mundus – Thief for more damage AND healing.  Go Shadow if you plan on PvPing once you hit end game.
  • Weapons – Bow no matter what, Two Hander if you plan on PvPing, and Dual Wield if you prefer PvE.  At the end of the day, you can choose any of the 3 for whatever you want though.
  • Armor – Go 5 Medium, 1 Light, 1 Heavy to help progress all armor lines.  Plus once you level up Undaunted you’ll get free stats!
  • Consumables– Bi-stat Health and Stamina for maximum health and damage.  Use stamina potions while leveling, and Major Brutality potions once you hit end game PvE.  While leveling, try getting your hands on some XP scrolls or Psijic Ambrosia to help speed up the process!

Solo and Maelstrom Build

[Updated for Homestead patch]


To create a build that you can use to start getting into solo PvE and Maelstrom Arena.  The Templar truly excels at taking care of itself when alone, and this build proves it.  While it might not boast as much damage as some other classes, the healing and utility we have at our disposal is superb.  This build can easily post weekly leaderboard scores once you take the time to learn and improve.



Dual Wield – Main damage bar

  1. Steel Tornado (morph of Whirlwind | Dual Wield skill line) – Our main spammable when there are 4 or more targets up.  This thing covers a large radius, and gains execute damage twice on targets under 25% health.
    1. Alternative; Blood Craze (morph of Twin Slashes | Dual Wield skill line) – A strong hitting Damage over Time effect (DoT), and a minor Heal over time.  We take this morph for some free healing every two seconds, but if you’re comfortable with healing you can take Rending Slashes for some extra burst damage.  Use this over Steel Tornado for single target bosses.
  2. Rearming Trap (morph of Trap Beast | Fighter’s Guild skill line) – This is our bread and butter DPS tool as a stamina build and our #1 priority to maintain.  Not only is the damage great, but the added benefit of 10% critical strike damage skyrockets our DPS.  It does take a second to rearm, so make sure you recast roughly every 12 seconds.  It’ll also help lock mobs in place to pair with a Endless Hail to melt em before they can even move!
  3. Biting Jabs (morph of Puncturing Strikes | Aedric Spear skill line) – Our main spammable, and a great one at that.  With amazing single target and cleave potential, this also enables our Piercing Spear and Burning Light passives to activate, helping push our damage to new heights.
  4. Power of the Light (morph of Backlash | Dawn’s Wrath skill line) – A truly unique and amazing debuff that copies damage for 6 seconds, and explodes for 26% of the damage they took (capped, so don’t expect to one shot anything with it) and scales with our Max Stamina.  Place this on elites and bosses, but don’t worry about putting it on weaker targets.
  5. Resolving Vigor (morph of Vigor | Assault skill line) – Our main self heal that will place a healing over time for 5 seconds, healing once per second.  Paired with our Extended Ritual’s Major Mending, this thing can crit for 5k+!
  6. [Ultimate] Dawnbreaker of Smiting (morph of Dawnbreaker | Fighter’s Guild skill line) – A powerhouse ultimate that smashes any foe who stands in front of us.  It has a 2.5s stun associated with it, as well as initial hit and a 5 second DoT that ticks once per second.  This helps crush through weaker enemies, and even does bonus damage to Daedra and Undead!
    1. [Ultimate] Rend (AoE DoT + HoT | morph of Lacerate) – The Dual Wield weapon ultimate, morphed for bonus duration.  The heal really helps out newer players, as well as ignoring mechanics and adds as we place on this on a boss.  Don’t ever cast this on trash, since nothing will live longer than 16s other than bosses.

Bow – Buffs and AoE

  1. Extended Ritual (morph of Cleansing Ritual | Restoring Light skill line) – A cheap heal over time with the benefit of removing negative effects AND increasing our healing done by 25% (major mending).  I can’t tell you how great this ability is for survival and a most have for independent game play like VMA.
    1. Alternative; Razor Caltrops (morph of Caltrops | Assault skill line) – If you find your healing to be fine and you want more damage, Caltrops can really help litter the field with tons and tons of damage.  Place this on mob spawns to help push ’em even faster.
  2. Endless Hail (morph of Volley | Bow skill line) – A truly potent AoE damage over time function that melts through mobs with ease.  It has amazing single target and AoE potential, so always keep it up on spawns!  You may morph to Arrow Barrage if you like more AoE.
  3. Binding Javelin (morph of Piercing Javelin | Aedric skill line) – A ranged DPS ability with a stun that can be useful control ability.
  4. Poison Injection (morph of Poison Arrow | Bow skill line) – A fantastic single target damage over time that further scales into an execute after the target gets to 50% health and lower.  This is a great skill to place on everything, and keep it up always on bosses!
  5. Repentance (morph of Restoring Aura | Restoring Light skill line) – The skill that makes Stamplar a true breeze.  Scales off 10% of our Maximum Stamina (or Magicka if that’s higher) and restores Stamina AND Health based on nearby corpses.  The fantastic thing about this, is that there will almost ALWAYS be bodies next to us to help get our Health and Stam management.


BiS Boys/Score Runs


  • Velidreth (Obtainable from Veteran Cradle of Shadows) – A fantastic damage set as a 2 piece, offering us unparalleled burst damage.
  • Twin Fanged Snake (Obtainable from Sanctum Ophidia, any difficulty) – The peak of single target Stamina DPS sets, giving us 5k Physical Penetration at cap, which is truly easy to reach and maintain.
    • If you can’t get TFS, you can use 5 Nightmother’s Gaze in place (Obtainable from 6 trait crafters) which will take a ~2-3% overall damage loss, but is still super strong.
  • Vicious Ophidian (Obtainable from any Craglorn Trial, any difficulty) – This set enables solo Stamina builds to infinitely sustain their resources due to the 5 piece bonus.  8% cost reduction and 2150 Stamina on kill, this set enables Maelstrom to become easymode.
  • Maelstrom Bow (Obtainable from Veteran Maelstrom Arena) – This weapon is not mandatory to complete Maelstrom.  This is here for score runs, helping empower Endless Hail and give us bonus Weapon damage.
    • If you’re just starting VMA, use and c160 gold Sharpened bow with a Crusher enchant.


  • Hunding’s Rage (Obtainable from 6 trait crafters) – A solid set that boosts damage AND healing.  Not much to write home about other than it’s nice and easy to get, but it definitely isn’t the strongest.
    • If you want more damage and less healing, you can use 5 Nightmother’s Gaze in place (Obtainable from 6 trait crafters).
  • Spriggans (Obtainable from Bangkorai zone events) – Another easy to obtain 5 piece that is BoE and offers a ton of Physical Penetration.  While your resource management will be brutal, the damage is nice.
    • Vicious Ophidian (Obtainable from any Craglorn Trial, any difficulty) – This set enables solo Stamina builds to infinitely sustain their resources due to the 5 piece bonus.  8% cost reduction and 2150 Stamina on kill, this set enables Maelstrom to become easymode.
  • Agility (Obtainable from Imperial City treasure vaults) – A nice 2 piece that boosts our Stamina up tremendously, making Power of the Light AND Repentance EVEN better.

Champion Points

The Mage (Blue)

  • Mighty – 100
  • Precise Strikes – 33
  • Piercing – 28
  • Thaumaturge – 39

The Thief (Green)

  • Warlord– 100
  • Mooncalf– 94
  • Tumbling- 6

The Warrior (Red)

  • Elemental Defender – 90
  • Hardy – 90
  • Thick Skinned – 10
  • Quick Recovery – 10


  • Race – 1) Khajiit for min/maxed PvE DPS, 2) Redguard for sustain management and long fights, and 3) Orc for a truly brutal and speedy setup in PvP.  Anything else is choice but won’t be as impactful.
  • Attributes – All stamina keep it easy.  If you’re lower CP and you need some health, pop a few in there.
  • Mundus Stone – Thief to increase overall damage and healing.
  • Consumables – Max Health & Stamina bi stat food to bolster our health and damage.  Major Brutality potions to ensure we get that juicy 20% bonus Weapon damage and massive flood of Stamina back on consumption.

End Game PvE Build

[Written Guide Last Updated for Homestead patch]

[Video outdated]


The purpose of this build is a strong Stamina Templar DPS for PvE (dungeons, questing and trials).  This build assumes you have a dedicated tank, healer and you’re role is DPS only.  We’ve also made it compatible for crafting gear only since some don’t have access to other material and still can be an effective DPS character.  Additionally, there’s no one size fits all builds, you’ll need to make modifications based on your play style.  Need something simpler? Lesson the rotation.   Use a different gear setup and so on.  The strength of this build is its flexibility and simplicity; when in doubt Jabs out- and you can produce strong DPS at end game.

Should you play this build?

+ Easy rotation, and really unique

+ Able to bring unique debuffs to the group

+ Built in cleave damage for doing a single target rotation

+ Doesn’t use the boring and cookie cutter Maelstrom Dagger rotation

– Lower end of the spectrum in endgame DPS



Dual Wield – All of our spammable DPS abilities and some DoTs.

  1. Rending Slash (morph of Twin Slashes | Dual Wield skill line) – A strong and cheap damage over time (DoT) effect that can easily be maintained for increased DPS.  I don’t consider this our #1 priority, so if it falls off or too complex to maintaining, don’t.  However, it can increase your DPS to maintain a long with the other suggested DoTs.
  2. Deadly Cloak (morph of Blade Cloak | Dual Wield skill line) – For AoE specific situations, I switch out to this ability.  Not only does it do great damage, but gives us a much needed AoE damage reduction since we will be in the fray spamming Steel Tornado.
  3. Power of the Light [PotL] (morph of Backlash | Dawn’s Wrath skill line) – A decent damage ability with an important buff for your group, Minor Fracture and Breach.  Not only will this boost your DPS by roughly 3%, but everyone’s as well so consider maintaining this a priority.  You’ll also need to make sure the full duration has elapse in order to re-cast it, otherwise the damage effect will be nullified if you “overcast” or cast before it expires.
  4. Biting Jabs (morph of Puncturing Strikes | Aedric Spear skill line) – Our spammable single target ability (and AoE) that procs an additional damage ability Burning Light.  Burning Light now scales off of Weapon Damage (not Magic) making Stamplar harder hitting and really the only stamina DPS that doesn’t benefit from Maelstrom Daggers/Axes.  It’s also very simple game-play to just Jabs constantly over a more complex DoT rotation.  When in doubt, simply Jabs.
    1. Rapid Strikes (morph of Flurry | Dual Wield skill line) – In harder, longer lasting fights, there’s added benefit to switch to Maelstrom Daggers and use Rapid Strikes (only if you have VMA weapons).  The fact that you can “empower” your DoTs adds up to a lot of damage over long fights like Vet Maw Rakatta fight.
  5. Steel Tornado (morph of Whirlwind | Dual Wield skill line) – Best AoE in the game, but only use when facing more than 3 enemies as Jabs is generally better.  Jabs only goes in front of you, where this is 360 degrees so use that to your advantage.
    1. In a true single target fight this doesn’t server a purpose.  You can slot something else maybe even another Fighters Guild ability for increase Weapon Damage.
  • [Ultimate] Rend  (morph of Lacerate | Dual Wield skill line) – The new Dual Wield ultimate Rend is great for our stamplar. It gives us a long last DoT with massive healing done based on it’s damage.  Though this doesn’t have the stun that Smiting Dawnbreaker, I consider it a performance gain in most situations.

Bow – Debuffs and flexibility

  1. Rearming Trap (morph of Trap Beast | Fighters Guild skill line) – Another powerful DoT with an added benefit of increase critical strike damage or Minor Force (10%).  This will take some getting use to, but 12 seconds of near constant Minor Force skyrockets our DPS.  Additionally, having it slotted for the Weapon Damage bonus via the fighters guild passive so it’s ideal to place on our front bar.  A trick to using this is immediately bar swapping after applying it due to it’s long winded animation.  It won’t always line up perfectly in your rotation to do so, but try when possible.
  2. Poison Injection (morph of Poison Arrow | Bow skill line) – This acts as our DoT execute though it should be up 100% of the damage as the damage outweighs recasting it.  The damage up front isn’t that much, but if you’re in a ranged only situation for a short time, you can keep up PotL and spam Injection until you can regain melee range.
  3. Razor Caltrops (morph of Caltrops | Alliance War Assault skill line) – A great AoE DoT that helps pump up the DPS.  Keep in mind that only one person can run Caltrops, because they DO NOT STACK.  If a Stamina Sorcerer is in group running this, let them do it instead.
    1. Repentance (morph of Restoring Aura | Restoring Light skill line) –  For whatever reason, I run into a lot of healers that don’t run or utilize this ability properly.  Zapping corpses (not when the fight is over but DURING) is so important for you and the groups sustained stamina DPS.  You can flex this in and out depending on your other Templars, but I almost always find it beneficial to zap every corpse.
  4. Arrow Barrage (morph of Volley | Bow skill line) – Our ranged Juggernaut AoE/single target DPS ability that scales well with the Maelstrom bow.  It’s still worth using without the bow, but the added damage adds up quickly.  I have some detailed explanation of how to use this in the video for extra damage and burst.  Consider this #1 DoT single target and AoE, it’s that good.
  5. Resolving Vigor (morph of Vigor | Alliance War Assault skill line) – Everyone needs a self heal, not to mention this can AoE healing as well.
  • [Ultimate]Shooting Star (morph of Meteor | Mages Guild skill line) – Big time damage, though Dawnbreaker can out preform this on Daedric mobs.  The nice thing about this is the Empower that comes with it and the range.  Charge a heavy attack, hit the ult, Poison Injection for some massive burst to start a fight.
    • If your group needs some damage reduction, you may also opt to run Solar Prison, but you’ll lose A LOT of DPS, and it’s better for a healer to run it instead.


OPENER – I do my opener differently due to the 2 second delay before Endless Hail doing damage, so I want to match up everything at once.  Basically what changes is I cast Hail prior to Injection, only at the start of fights.  I’m also assuming you’re doing light/medium attacks in between these actions listed below.

  • Buffs (potion, etc), Charge up a Heavy attack and realese into Trap Beast, now cast Arrow Barrage, then Poison Injection, then Caltrops and barswap
  • Immediately apply Power of the Light and Rending Slashes, then go into Jab spam.
  • Usually you can do another PotL since it’s on a 6 second duration prior to bar swapping
  • Posion Injection, Endless Hail and bar swap — Rinse and repeat throwing down caltrops when needed

If it’s too complex, working on doing Jabs first then add one DoT at a time working up to the full rotation.  Meaning, start with Rending Slash then Jabs.  Once that feels natural, add in PotL, then Injection and so on.


BiS Boys

  • Twin Fanged Snake (Obtainable from Sanctum Ophidia, any difficulty) – Since Stamina doesn’t stack multiple people anymore, we’re going to need more Armor Penetration, and this set remedies that.  Coming in at a whopping 5k Physical Pen, we can expect to do true damage all the time.
    • If you can’t nab this set right away, run Nightmother’s Gaze (6 trait craftable set) which still helps reduce Physical Resistance.  The added benefit of this, is that by any chance you’re running with multiple Stamina DPS, everyone can make use of the 5 piece’s damage.
  • Vicious Ophidian (Obtainable from any Craglorn Trial, any difficulty) – Another truly powerful 5 piece, since we don’t need Maelstrom Daggers.  This will help our Stamina management, give us Minor Slayer, AND a massive amount of Critical Strike chance.  Truly superb.
  • Velidreth Monster Helm (Obtainable from Veteran Cradle of Shadows) – The best AoE monster set for Stamina DPS at the moment, this thing really helps pump our damage up.
    • Selene’s (Obtainable from Selene’s Web) – Yes you saw that right.  Selene’s, the disgusting set of PvP, is now amazing in PvE as well.  Since our spammable procs Power of the Light, that will be considered direct damage and proc this sucker.  Easily the top single target DPS set for PvE, and the 1 piece will boost our DPS and Power of the Light!

Beginner/BoE obtainable

  • Hunding’s Rage (Obtainable from 6 trait crafters) – A solid set that boosts damage AND healing.  Not much to write home about other than it’s nice and easy to get, but it definitely isn’t the strongest.
    • If you want more damage and less healing, you can use 5 Nightmother’s Gaze in place (Obtainable from 6 trait crafters).
  • Spriggans (Obtainable from Bangkorai zone events) – Another easy to obtain 5 piece that is BoE and offers a ton of Physical Penetration.  While your resource management will be brutal, the damage is nice.
  • Agility (Obtainable from Imperial City treasure vaults) – A nice 2 piece that boosts our Stamina up tremendously, making Power of the Light AND Repentance EVEN better.

Champion Points

The Mage (Blue)

  • Mighty – 100
  • Precise Strikes – 66
  • Piercing – 0
  • Thaumaturge –34

The Thief (Green)

  • Warlord– 100
  • Mooncalf– 94
  • Tumbling- 6

The Warrior (Red)

  • Elemental Defender – 90
  • Hardy – 90
  • Thick Skinned – 10
  • Quick Recovery – 10

Note on CP allocation; Most Stamina DPS will run identical CP due to the nerf of Critical Strike Damage and Chance from the Major Force change.  This leaves Precise Strikes slightly less desirable, and Thaumaturge more enticing.  Furthermore, since we have so much penetration from sets like Twin Fanged and Sharpened weapons, we don’t need any Piercing most of the time.


  • Race Choice – 1) Redguard for best sustained 1a) Khajiit for weapon critical strike which adds up to more damage in a perfect world, just not as much sustain 2) Orc for PvP and speed 3) Imperial for massive stat pool.
  • Werewolf or Vampire – Neither of these add DPS or survivabilty to us, so I don’t take either.
  • Attributes – Your main goal at end game (Level 50 with 600 champion points) is to reach ~18,000 health in group (Ebon, etc).  Some builds can get all 64 into Stamina, but sometimes you’ll want to run some in Health.
  • Potions – Weapon Power, weapon critical and stamina return.
  • Mundus Stone –  Thief for the most damage capability.  Shadow comes in at a close second.
  • Food and Drink – Go CP 150 bi-stat stamina and health for max stats.

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