ESO Templar Tank Build

Welcome to our Templar Tank build called Atlas.  This build is designed for small group play in PvE like dungeons.  It fills the role of tank/healer all in one and can progress through almost any content in the game.  If you’re looking for something different, bookmark this page, ESO Templar Tank Build Atlas Build page.

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[Last Updated July 8, 2016]

“In Greek mythology, Atlas was the Titan god of endurance.” citation

This build is centered around small group PvE, specifically dungeons.  Often times I get tired of looking for a tank or a healer.  Well, this thing can do both.  Gilliam the Rogue and I complete Veteran Imperial City Prison together, just us to.  It has to capability to beat any dungeon taking up two important roles rather than one.  This comes with some major downsides, it’s not meant for 12 player Trials where you need more group synergy.  But if you’re looking something that can survive nearly anything a dungeon can throw at you, this is it.

Atlas survives using Sword and Board (shield) to reduce incoming damage while using light armor for maximum healing capabilities. Even though we have light armor, we still nearly hit hard cap with resistances.  We gain resources from dead corpses and Engine Guardian so both stamina magicka sustain is not a issue typically.  In panic situations, we have a four second channel ultimate that allows us to regenerate resources and not be stunned or cc’d.  Hold block, rotate buffs properly and use potions on cool down for massive sustain.

+ Fulfills two roles for the price of one

+ Good healing

+ High resistance with light armor

– Weak damage

– Not made for trials



Atlas Skills Picture

Sword and Shield – Main block and taunt bar.

  1. Blazing Spear (morph of Spear Shard | Aedric Spear skill line) – We front bar this as our main control ability, stunning one mob at a time.  It’s also very important for stamina build sustain and can be used around 15 seconds.  Most healers provides this, so we need to equip it as well.  Use this for utility, cc and damage.  If all your buffs are up, everything taunted and you have extra magicka, spam spears.
  2. Pierced Armor (morph of Puncture | One-Hand and Shield skill line) – While this is our only stamina ability, use it sparingly since we have a low stamina pool (until CP 160 Footmans is released).  The debuff it provides the group can great increase damage so I keep it up on bosses as a debuff, and generally don’t taunt everything with it.  If you run out of magicka, you can survive, if you run out of stamina you’ll die.
  3. Harness Magicka (morph of Annulment | Light Armor skill line) – Primary we use this as a defensive shield if we need to drop block and regenerate some stamina.  Since we are wearing five pieces of light, the cost of this almost generates more resources than it takes to use it.  Plus it procs our resistance buff from our Armor Master gear.  It absorbs all damage, making it your number one defensive ability when taking heavy damage.
  4. Stalwart Guard (morph of Guard | Alliance War Support skill line) – I’ve talked a lot about Guard and love it on this build as well.  Support the most squishy, most vulnerable or someone near you when possible.  Not all situations call for this ability so switch it in and out depending on your groups capabilities.
    1. FLEX Absorb Magicka (morph of Defensive Posture | One-Hand and Shield skill line) – Reduce block damage, a self heal though it does use stamina.  Placing this on our bar gives us more mitigation and is very good on our main bar when Guard is not needed.
  5. Repentance (morph of Restoring Aura | Restoring Light skill line) – Hands down my favorite Templar skill, healing and stamina return to everyone for each corpses consumed.  On yeah, slotting it gives us 10% more regimentation as well.  It works wonders with Engine Guardian because when that droid disappears, it can be Repented for even more stamina.  Magicka based build that uses this skill to return stamina to maintain blocking.
  • [Ultimate] Remembrance (morph of Rite of Passage | Restoring Light skill line) – Really this is a major defensive ability for heavy damage and resource regeneration.  If you and your group are struggling, bang pop Remembrance.  Massive healing, four seconds of uncc-able and reduced damage in a massive AoE.  After it’s done, I generally use Repentance assume the DPS have cleared some mobs.  It gives you a panic button and something you can pause, focus on what you have to do and survive.
    • NOTE – for PURE mitigation for say a Trial, Empowering Sweep really reduces damage taken.  Swap that in if you plan on taking a heavy hitter.

Sword and Shield – Buffs and heals bar

  1. Channeled Focus (morph of Rune Focus | Restoring Light skill line) – This gives us our major resistance buffs which stacks with Armor Master buff for a whooping 10k + of resistance.  That’s how we can hit soft cap.  This morph gives us back magicka which I think is essentially for this build, however the other morph Restoring Focus, gives damage mitigation and increase healing received.  Your choice, dungeon clearing, stick with Channeled, PvP or Trials, go Restoring for big time mitigation.
  2. Inner Rage (morph of Inner Fire | Undaunted skill line) – Our primary means to maintain aggro since it cost magicka and the synergy can hit like a Mac Truck.  I start on this bar when pulling mobs and taunt as many as I can before melee range, then switch bars for the fight.
  3. Shuffle (morph of Evasion | Medium Armor skill line) – Another way we can benefit from Armor Master, but mainly we use this buff to avoid being hit, thus avoid using our stamina.  On small scale fights, say one to two mobs, it’s not that effective.  However, huge AoE fights, you’ll dodge TONS of hits making it save more stamina than it consumes.  Be careful with using this and taunt as they can drain our stamina quickly.
  4. Stalwart Guard (morph of Guard | Alliance War Support skill line) – Same as above.  I swap in Purifying Light here if not using Guard.
  5. Breath of Light (morph of Rushed Ceremony | Restoring Light skill line) – Our primary means to heal which can be done WHILE holding block.  This makes us so much more effective because Templar’s can burst heal, while blocking and become a powerhouse tank/healer hybrid. Don’t get carried away spamming this, typically I use it if someone’s health drops rapidly below 60%.  You get more bang for your buck the lower someone’s health so try to use it for those applications, not when someone is at 80% health.
  • [Ultimate] Solar Prison (morph of Nova | Dawns Wrath skill line) – Huge damage and mitigation at a high cost.  Place this down on a boss for a good burst of damage and save Remembrance for a “oh crap” moment during the fight.

Buffs and Debuffs

  • Pre-fight phase I cast Shuffle for extra dodge chance and the armor resistance via Armor Master, taunt at range while closing the distance, when you get near your holding spot, drop Channeled Focus for your other mitigation and Harness Magicka.
  • Now I Pierced Armor taunt the priority target like say a boss, then immediately use a potion since I used two stamina abilities.
  • After that it’s priority mode, an armor ability every 10 seconds, generally two Harness Magicka and one shuffle to keep up armor buff.  Every 18 seconds, Channeled Focus for your other resistance and just taunt.
  • You’ll need to Repent corpses as they fall, not waiting until the fight is over, ones and twos.  Remember it heals as well and cost ZERO magicka.  Bar swap and BoL for healing if someone drops below 60% and rely on Harness Magicka for protection.

This is much simiplier than previous builds but you have to watch your stamina and resources closely.


Atlas Gear Setup Atlas Gear Picture

  • Engine Guardian – You KNOW I love me some Engine Guardian!  Now it doesn’t have the Trial ultimate generation that Blood Spawn provides, however the resource return is fantastic.  A health, magicka or stamina is needed on a tank, so there’s nothing better than seeing a beam.  An added advantage as a Templar is each droid can be repented for even more stamina.  This is how I can constantly sustain while tanking 10+ mobs.  You just got to survive long enough for things to die and that we can do.
  • Footman’s Fortune – Right now Footman’s only comes in CP 130/140 which makes it very weak.  However, next patch you can get CP 160 from the revamped Dragonstar Arena including Gold quality jewelry.  This is big boost to our stats and will also come in useful traits.  Since we don’t use Defensive Posture by default, the block mitigation really helps while wearing heavy armor.
  • Armor Master – This set is simply TANKY.  It requires you to keep an armor skill active, but as a magicka based build using Harness, this isn’t a problem.  Our mitigation is stacked with this and focus, even more so than some of my heavy armor builds.

Champion Points


Atlas CP PictureSetup for 531 max Champion Point cap in ESO 2.5 Shadows of the Hist

Blue / Mage


  • Blessed (self healing) – 100
  • Elfborn (spell critical multiple) – 67
  • Elemental Expert (magicka damage) – 10

Green / Thief


  • Magician (reduce magicka cost) – 72


  • Arcanist (increase magicka regeneration) – 75


  • Shadow Ward (reduce block cost) – 40

Red / Warrior


  • Elemental Defender (reduces elemental damage) – 60
  • Hardy (reduce poison, disease and physical) – 60


  • Quick Recovery (increase the effectiveness of healing received) -57

*Check out video for CP explanation*

Race, Mundus and Other


  1. Argonian – Anytime we are going to balance something using all three resources, I prefer Argonian for the potion passive.  It has disease and poison resistance which is also very useful for the next patch ESO 2.5.
  2. Imperial – A monster bag of stats and self healing for melee attacks.  Nord could go here for pure mitigation, however, since this build is designed for dungeons,  you’re not going to encounter massive damage solo bosses.
  3. Breton – Spell resist and reduce magicka cost is so powerful for tanks I think people skip over this race.  You could easily hit hard cap spell resist in 5 light armor plus a lot better resource management.


Atronach – Magicka regeneration is so useful since our jewelry and armor traits are designed for block cost reduction.


DEPENDS, on your race.  You want to aim for 18-20k stamina, 25k+ health and the rest into magicka.  These numbers will be much easier to hit in patch 2.5 rocking Gold Footman’s jewelry.


None, while I love vampire for Trials, there’s a lot of dungeons that use fire and you can really take a hit.  However, for smart game play you can easily counter this effective with active Harness Magicka activation.  Your choice, extra regen is very helpful, but eating fireballs can be annoying.

Thanks for viewing our massive ESO Templar Tank build called Atlas.  It’s different, fun and effective so let me know, what do you like or not like about this build in the comments?