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Running and operating my website and YouTube is my primary means of income.  In order to sustain myself and my family (namely my son Maximus), I'd appreciate your extra support.  Your support will be used to improve the website by hiring extra folks, expanding the content creation, paying hosting fees and improving my YouTube recordings and equipment as well as financially support me. There's a variety of ways you can support me, here's how.


PayPal is the most convenient and easiest way to make a one-time donation.


If you come to my site often, you can setup a monthly donation to support the site. This comes with a host of additional benefits based on the tier you sign up for.

Donate In Game

Creating a lot of builds takes a ton of time and having materials or gold in game saves me that time needed to play more and test.  If you have extra materials, such as mats (Ancestor silk, Dreugh Wax, Tempering Alloys, Rosin, Colubmine, etc) think about mailing them to me on PC North American server @Deltia.  If you'd like a shout out for your support please list your name as I will do so in my next YouTube video.


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  3. Dragonsblood11 on November 29, 2017 at 7:40 am

    Hey Deltia,just want to thankyou for the Ricochet stam sorc build.Finally after 3 years i can play a stamina character that survives well and is fun to play.Your a champion mate! 😛

    • Deltia on November 29, 2017 at 1:57 pm

      Ty buddy

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