Baldur’s Gate 3 Oath Devotion Subclass Ranking

Baldur's Gate 3 Oath Devotion Subclass Ranking

We rank the Oath of Devotion Paladin B tier due to weak Channel Oath abilities and support-focused spells. Oath of Devotion Paladins dedicate themselves to a higher code of conduct and strive to exemplify the highest standards of virtue and goodness.  The Channel Oath abilities are the weakest point for Devotion Paladin, with Holy Rebuke requiring an action rather than a bonus action. Thus, you use an action to gain a 1d4 radiant damage if attacked in melee. Moreover, Turn the Unholy is a powerful Channel Oath ability, but Clerics gain something similar called Turn Undead. With Turn Undead, Clerics add Destroy Undead at level 5, giving any enemies turned a 4d6 radiant damage bonus. Thus, you are less likely to use this ability because the Cleric version is way more powerful, especially if playing Shadowheart as a Light Cleric.

Furthermore, the always-prepared spells for the Devotion subclass are odd, giving you healing and weak utility spells. Sanctuary and remove curse spells are helpful, but the Cleric makes better use of them as a healer and a support class. Therefore, the Devotion Paladin ends up with 10 or so “dead” skills and spells that you never use, and you begin to wonder why you selected the subclass in the first place. Even if you play this subclass, Divine Smith, Heavy Armour, and other factors make you naturally powerful playing the Paladin class. There are much better choices outside the Role Play (RP) aspect of being a devoted holy warrior.