Baldur’s Gate 3 Oath of the Ancients Subclass Ranking

Baldur's Gate 3 Oath of the Ancients Subclass Ranking

We rank the Oath of Ancients Paladin subclass as A Tier on our list because of its healing and utility focus rather than raw damage. Oath of the Ancients Paladin is a type of paladin that strengthens itself from nature, light, and goodness from the past. The strength of the subclass is the ability to heal and provide snares and immobilization. The Healing Radiance Channel Oath spell is useful because you heal based on your level, proficiency bonus, and charisma modifier. Thus, as you progress, this heal scales in effectiveness and uses a bonus action rather than an action.

However, the downside of the subclass is weak overall damage amplification spells and utility. While the Oath of the Ancients subclass gains Misty Step, you don’t have the power of other classes with a damage-producing Channel Oath or Aura. Most likely, you are playing a Paladin to do damage on the front-line tank, and in this regard, spending actions on Nature’s Wrath and Plant Growth is effective compared to the other subclasses on our tier list. Therefore, we recommend playing the Oath of the Ancients subclass if you want extra healing, nature-specific spells, and Role Play. Otherwise, Oathbreaker and Vengeance are more powerful subclasses at later levels in BG3.