Baldur’s Gate 3 Oathbreaker Subclass Ranking

Baldur's Gate 3 Oathbreaker Subclass Ranking

With an entirely damage focus with an evil twist, the Oathbreaker Paladin is ranked A+ tier on our list. Oathbreaker Paladin is a unique subclass that focuses on darkness and corruption, allowing you to play an antihero or a fallen Paladin seeking redemption.  The upside of the Oathbreaker is its Hellish Rebuke spell, Dreadful Aspect Channel Oath, and Aura or Hate passive. Hellish Rebuke is a powerful and simple way to return damage to attackers, and it’s responsible for many kills. However, Hellish Rebuke drains your spell slots, which is the bane of Paladin, especially at early levels. Moreover, Dreadful Aspect can immobilize large groups near you, and Control Undead is useful in specific fights.

Why did we not rank Oathbreaker Paladin as the best? First, it’s hard to unlock in later levels, especially in Act 3, where it bugs out. Second, unlike Vengeance and Ancient Paladin subclasses, the Oathbreaker has no movement-improving spells or abilities. Therefore, you miss out on damage without a Mist Step spell or rely on gear sets to give you this spell.

Lastly, the most powerful aspect of the Oathbreaker is the Aura of Hate passive, which boosts melee weapon damage equal to Charisma. Most Paladin melee builds focus on Strength; therefore, you can expect only 2 to 4 damage from this bonus instead of an incredible amount. Players can argue that Vengeance and Oathbreaker are the best subclass in BG3. However, we feel Vengeance’s mobility and utility spells make it the best.