ESO Magicka Warden PvP Build

Magicka Warden PvP Build - Elder Scrolls Online

This ESO Magicka Warden PvP Build is ideal for players looking for survivability, sustainability, mobility, group utility, and damage.  The Magden play style revolves around crowd control through snares, immobilization, and stuns.  This is best played with double frost staff due to a passive giving a 12% damage increase. Moreover, frost staff makes a great addition to the Warden class due to their inherent ability to procure the chilled status effect, doing more critical damage.  Due to its passive, the Warden also has a very high critical damage rating.  Thus, this build centers on high critical chance and damage to optimize the class to initiate passives and skills.

Warden Class Pros

Burst – Using Deep Fissure, Meteor, or Dawnbreaker, you can do some of the best burst damage in ESO PvP.

Utility – You can argue that the Warden is the best PvP healer, offering great buffs and utility.

Survival – With a high-health meta, the Warden shines with burst healing and healing over time capabilities.

Warden Class Cons

Buff Cycling – most of your skills are just for buffs and increased damage requiring constant attention.

Weak Sustain – like the Templar, your sustain is weaker than other classes.

Complex Timing – timing Deep Fissure, Dizzy Swing, and Dawnbreaker is complex and difficult to pull off.

The Magicka Warden in PvP is a powerful defensive playstyle with high mobility. The best aspect of the build is group utility while maintaining high damage. You can play at medium range as well with powerful ]burst damage.