ESO Stamina Nightblade PvP Build

Stamina Nightblade PvP Build The Elder Scrolls Online

The Stamina Nightblade (Stamblade) in ESO PvP offers remarkable burst damage potential and exceptional versatility in playstyle. However, these strengths come with a steep learning curve and significant reliance on stealth mechanics. You’ll want to play this build if you want a stealthy rogue to take a hit up close and get away like a thief in the night.

We recommend playing as a Vampire in Stage 3 to take advantage of two passives.  Strike from the Shadow gives you a boost in Weapon damage when leaving stealth.  Along with Undeath making you very tanky the lower your health. Vampires make you much “tankier” at the expense of having weaker resource sustainment. 

Nightblade Class Pros

Best Burst: The Stamblade boasts the highest burst damage output, making it ideal for ganking, brawling, or utilizing the Asylum staff with Force Pulse. This burst potential allows for quick and decisive takedowns of opponents.

Stealth: Nightblades excel in stealth mechanics, offering constant access to this unique skill. This ability to remain hidden allows players to avoid unwanted engagements and choose their battles strategically.

Versatile Playstyle: Whether you prefer ranged or melee combat, or even a bow-based approach, the Stamblade excels in all forms of PvP. Its adaptability allows for various tactical approaches, ensuring dominance in any situation.

Nightblade Class Cons

Complexity: Playing a Nightblade requires a high skill cap and deep knowledge of ESO PvP mechanics. Mastering the class’s intricacies, including stealth mechanics and burst rotations, can be challenging for less experienced players.

Playing a Stamina Nightblade in PvP revolves around leveraging your burst damage, stealth capabilities, and adaptability to outmaneuver and outmatch your opponents. Whether engaging in close-quarters combat, launching surprise attacks from stealth, or picking off enemies from range, the key is to strike swiftly and decisively.