How to Get to the Scholarium in Eyevea – ESO

How to Get to the Scholarium in Eyevea - ESO

Start and complete The Second Era of Scribing quest to access the Scribing Altar and a few bases Grimoire and the Scripts. The Second Ear of Scribing quest starts in the West Weald zone outside the Skingrad Vineyard Wayshrine. To Scribe a Skill, head to Scholarium beneath Eyevea and interact with the Altar by pressing E (default PC key bind). Select the Grimoire, apply the scribes you wish to craft from the Scribing menu, and press R (default PC key bind) to craft your first skill.

You can use Scribing Altar to develop as many skills as you want. The only limitation is Luminous inks because you need a specific amount of this resource to scribe skills.

Also, note that you need the Gold Road chapter to use the scribing feature, which is part of this expansion.