Fallout 4 10 Tips for Beginners

Here are ten essential tips and tricks when you start the new game in Fallout 4; we discuss them in detail below:

Loot Everything – scrap items at settlements, grab and store everything that is useful.

Settlement – use as a storage dump, fast travel point, and crafting hub (pick one main settlement).

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats – determines your effectiveness in various aspects and available perks.

Bobbleheads – permanent passive bonuses to stats, weapons, and utility.

Perks – ways to increase your character’s effectiveness that cannot be undone once chosen.

Ammo & Melee Weapons – save ammo by killing weak creatures with melee weapons.

Companions – Dog Meat and other companions aid you inside and outside combat.

Healing – create a sustainable source of healing with water purification and purified water.

Sneak – the easiest way to increase damage and dominate combat is sneaking.

Leveling & Experience – Get the well-rested bonus for 10% additional experience.