Fallout 4 Sneak Tip

The easiest way for beginners to do more damage in Fallout 4 is Sneaking (stealth).  Like Skyrim, attacking while sneaking increases damage.  Moreover, you can take perks like Ninja and Mister Sandman to do even more sneak damage.  Once Ninja is maxed out, you receive a 3.5x multiplier for sneak damage!  Mister Sandman can increase your silenced weapon to 50% more damage, giving you the edge in combat.

Additionally, you can have armor perks that give a bonus to sneaking.  Chameleon’s legendary perk turns you invisible, similar to a Stealth Boy (one-time consumable).  Muffled and Shadowed can also help you stay undetected, as can the perk sneak.  Creating a sneak build is helpful, with our without perk investments, because the damage boots are very high.