Fallout 4 Best Heavy Weapon Tier List

Fallout 4 Best Heavy Weapon Tier List

The best overall heavy weapon in Fallout 4 is the Tesla Cannon, added in the free DLC update to Fallout 4. This weapon has area-based splash or chain damage, easy-to-find ammunition, and insane range. The Fat Man does more large-scale and higher base damage but often destroys the entire area, including you or friendly NPCs. The Incinerator was also added in the Fallout 4 update and is an excellent choice for short-range area damage and a massive upgrade to Flamer. Lastly, the Gatling Laser and Miniguns are similar in that they have high rates of fire and good damage. The best weapons in Fallout 4 will use Heavy Gunner, Demolition Expert, and Commando perks. Some of these perks stack on each other, adding multiple increasing damage sources!

Here is the tier list for the best heavy weapons in Fallout 4:

S Tier – Tesla Cannon, Fat Man

A Tier – Incinerator, Gatling Laser

B Tier – Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher, Minigun

C Tier – Junk Jet, Cryolator

D Tier – Flamer