Fallout 4 Minigun Heavy Weapon

Fallout 4 Minigun Heavy Weapon

Minigun Stats and Effects in Fallout 4:

Weapon Type: heavy weapon

Effect(s): none

Base Damage: 8

Ammo: 5mm round

Magazine Size: 500

Fire Rate: 272

Range: 131

Accuracy: 35

Value: 382

Weight: 27.4

The Minigun ranks B- tier on our heavy weapons list due to its early availability, ammo type, and good damage. The Minigun uses 5mm rounds and requires a brief spinning of the drum before shooting out rounds. While the base damage of 8 seems low, the firing rate 272 means you can put many bullets into a specific enemy. Miniguns are great for Power Armor builds, though they have a massive weight. The Minigun doesn’t rank higher on our tier list because the Gatling Gun acts similarly in almost all mechanics but does more damage and has many more modifications.

You can obtain a minigun at the Museum of Freedom in a room with crash-landed verified while freeing Preston Garvey. The Ashamker is a unique minigun with extra burn damage that can be obtained by completing the Big Dig side quest. You can start this quest chain by speaking with Bobbi No-Nose in the backstreets of Goodneighbor. Good neighbor is northwest of Diamond City and can be reached early in Fallout 4 for a powerful, unique minigun.