Fallout 4 Missile Launcher Heavy Weapon

Fallout 4 Missile Launcher Heavy Weapon

Missile Launcher Stats and Effects in Fallout 4:

Weapon Type: heavy weapon

Effect(s): none

Base Damage: 15+135

Ammo: missile

Magazine Size: 1

Fire Rate: 2

Range: 203

Accuracy: 65

Value: 314

Weight: 21

The Missile Launcher is a high-damage area-based weapon with few modifications available. We rank the Missile Launcher as B Tier because of its sheer damage, but it is weaker than the Fat Man using mini-nukes. Moreover, Missile Launchers or any explosive weapons require open spaces where friendly fire isn’t possible. However, with Demolition Expert, Heavy Gunner, and Explosives Bobblehead, you can one-shot entire groups!

Partystarter is a unique missile launcher that does 50% more damage to humans. You can purchase this missile launcher from the NPC KL-E-O in Goodnieghboor. You can further optimize this weapon with Quad Barrels, which gives you four shots and increases damage potential before reloading. Keep your missile launcher around; these are invaluable for large areas or boss fights, not in enclosed areas.