Fallout 4 Best Leveling Perks

Fallout 4 Best Leveling Perks

The best Perks for a Leveling build are Idiot Savant, Night Person, Nerd Rage, Bloody Mess, and Heavy Gunner. Idiot Savant randomly increases experience upon kills, while Night Person increases your overall intelligence at night. Intelligence determines overall experience gains, thus traveling at night and killing enemies produces incredible experience gains. Bloody Mess and Heavy Gunner are your damage-producing perks. Bloody Mess is helpful because it doesn’t require a specific weapon type and stacks with Heavy Gunner or heavy weapons later in more advanced levels.

Here is the list of the best and recommended Perks for the Leveling Build in Fallout 4:

Idiot Savant – for a massive XP boost, Idiot Savant is your best choice in the Luck tree. Once maxed out, you can triple your experience from kills at random and fly through the levels in Fallout 4.

Night Person – Gaining +3 intelligence and perception helps increase experience and accuracy in VATS, so travel at night!

Nerd Rage + Lone Wanderer – the best damage reduction perks are Nerd Rage and Lone Wanderer. Nerd Rage will activate when your health dips and slow time, while Lone Wanderer grants a passive damage reduction traveling solo or with Dog Meat. These two are critical for survival alongside chemists, which can increase the duration of damage reduction aid items.

Bloody Mess – Instead of focusing on weapon-specific perks, we choose Bloody Mess because it adds damage to all weapon types. Once maxed out, you can explode enemies and have multi-kill potential regardless of your weapon choice.

Heavy Gunner – above level 40, you should have access to heavy weapons that produce some of the most damage. Thus, Heavy Gunner is selected later. You could swap to Rifleman, Commando, or any other choice.