Best Perks for Power Armor build in Fallout 4

Nuclear Physicist, Science, Armorer, and Heavy Gunner are the best Perks for a Power Armor build in Fallout 4. Unlike other builds, Power Armor requires Fusion Cores to stay powered. These are difficult to find at the beginning of the game and reduce the likelihood of living in power armor, making Nuclear Physics the most important perk for the build.

Science and Armorer are required to upgrade and craft essential parts for your Power Armor. Thus, you must invest heavily in intelligence and these two perks to increase your effectiveness with Power Armor. Lastly, we have Heavy Gunner, which increases the damage of Heavy guns. When fully upgraded, you will do double damage with a chance to stagger opponents. However, these weapons are heavy and thus require constant power armor and fusion cores to make the most out of the perks.