Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor

T-60 Power Armor stats and effects in Fallout 4:

Armor Type: Power Armor

Physical Damage Resist: 980

Energy Damage Resist: 645

Radiation Damage Resist: 1050

Health: 990

Value: 4200

Weight: 92.0

Repair: Steel x40, Plastic x8, Aluminum x8, Circuitry x1

The T-60 Power Armor is considered the staple in Power Armor for the Brotherhood of Steel or any Fallout 4 player.  With the T-60, you gain a massive jump in damage reduction, health, and all the modding options of previous generations. 

Moreover, the T-60 has many variants, which include different effects, like the Visionary’s T-60c helmet or the Exemplar’s T-60c torse. The Visionary’s helmet increases AP refresh speed and high defensive rating, while the Torso reduces action points cast in VATS by 10%.  The major downside to the T-60 is another resource being used in repairs, and that’s plastics.  Outside of this, the T-60 is one of the best power armors in the mid-game of Fallout 40.