T-45 Power Armor – Fallout 4

T-45 Power Armor - Fallout 4

T-45 Power Armor stats and effects in Fallout 4:

Armor Type: Power Armor

Physical Damage Resist: 500

Energy Damage Resist: 310

Radiation Damage Resist: 1050

Health: 450

Value: 600

Weight: 92.0

Repair: Steel x27, Circuitry x1

The first Power Armor suit you will likely encounter is the T-45, an upgraded version of the Raider Power Armor.  The T-45 has slightly better protection and similar upgrade potential to Raider Power Armor (limited).  However, the T-45 Power Armor requires circuitry to upgrade and repair, making it more costly to maintain than the Raider Power Armor.  The strength of the T-45 is that you get a set during the initial main story quest, “When Freedom Calls.”

With three perks in Science, the T-45 Power Armor can gain the Targeting HUD helmet mod, which helps recognize targets. With four perks in Science and four perks in Armorer, the T-45 and subsequent Power Armor sets can gain a jet pack. This allows you to use a boost jump and more vertical movement.  The Jet Pack is one of the best parts of using Power Armor, and even the prototype T-45 can equip it!