X-01 – Power Armor – Fallout 4

X-01 – Power Armor - Fallout 4

The X-01 is the second-best power armor we’ve ranked in Fallout 4 due to its damage reduction, health, and modification capability. X-01 was the original best base game, Power Armor, until the creation of club X-02, which became available to all players for free with the next generation update. However, the X-01 should be used at level 30 or higher, where resource acquisition becomes much easier due to the steep repair cost. The Scrapper perk from intelligence is helpful due to the increased likelihood of getting unique items like plastics and others. Moreover, it is recommended that nuclear physicists stay in their power armor entirely and purchase Fusion Cores when they are low. Consider the X-01, an excellent power armor set that collects around level 30. We recommend using the T-60 for the majority of your leveling experience.