Fallout 4: How to Get Legendary Weapons and Armor

To be truly powerful in Fallout 4, you need Legendary Weapons and Armor; here is the best farming method.

Fallout 4 Combat Armor

Weapons play a significant role in games like Fallout 4. They are the core of your character’s power and means to survive in this post-apocalyptic universe. As a result, legendary weapons are most wanted in the game. Some weapons can have specific names and ways of obtaining them, for example, from vendors, but most of those gems spawn randomly with legendary weapon effects, different each time. You cannot scrap Legendary weapons, but they can be modified.

It’s unknown how exactly legendary enemies spawn and the chances of getting legendary weapons or gear in Fallout 4. We know that difficulty level might play w significant role in the process, alongside the number of legendary enemies you killed, which you can see in your pimp-boy statistics menu. Our guide explains how to get and farm legendary weapons and armor in Fallout 4.

How to Get Legendary Weapons and Armor

Legendary weapons are usually carried by “Legendary” variants of enemies who you can find in the Commonwealth, the Island, and Nuka-World. The legendary enemies spawn depending on your difficulty setting. These enemies are generated randomly and often have legendary equipment in their inventory. Moreover, you can get Legendary weapons as rewards for completing certain quests, in tribute chests, or sometimes from the Nuka-Cade.

There are 49 legendary effects you can get on your weapons and armor in Fallout 4. The most efficient way to get the legendary items is by exploiting how the game spawns legendary enemies and how it decides what items and effects they will carry. There are two methods. The first one is in the Nuka World but requires the Nuka World DLC. The second method is for base game players in the National Guard building. Below, we described both methods.

With Nuka World Expansion

Fallout 4 - Nuka World Location

Steps for How to Get Legendary Weapons and Armor in Fallout 4:

  1. Unlock the Nuka World by completing the Gauntlet quest.
  2. In the Nuka World from the Fizzop Mountain, run around to ambush the gang near Nuka-Galxy from the north.
  3. From Fizzop Mountain, head north and turn west near World of Refreshment. Go around Mad Mulligan’s Minecart Coaster and slowly progress to the south. (Check the map above for reference)
  4. Look for an old, destroyed sign that looks like a Coca-Cola advertisement.
  5. Make the manual save underneath the sign; let’s call it Coca-Cola save.
  6. Jump down the edge to the path below, where you can easily spot a ruined tank. Stand next to it and make another manual save -the tank save.
  7. Head closer to the buildings before you, where a few enemies will always spawn.
  8. If among the gang members, there are no legendary enemies, reload the first save – the Coca-Cola save
  9. Reload the Coca-Cola save until the game spawns the legendary enemy.
  10. Make sure to make and overwrite the tank save with the new one each time you reload the save one.
  11. If there is a legendary enemy, that means every time you reload the latest tank save, there will be the legendary enemy, but his legendary item can change.
  12. Do not overwrite the save 2 once you are sure there is a legendary enemy.
  13. Instead, reload the latest save 2
  14. Make a third save, which we will reference as the legendary save. This save locks the weapon or armor type, but the legendary effect can change.
  15. You can kill the legendary enemy and check his loot. Now you have two options:
    • If the legendary enemy doesn’t have the item you want, reload the tank save and overwrite the legendary save each time after each reload. And kill the legendary enemy to check their loot.
    • If the legendary enemy has the armor or weapon you need but with the wrong effect, all you need to do is reload the latest legendary save until you get the perfect Fallout 4 gear.

Base Game Method

Steps for How to Get Legendary Weapons and Armor in the Base Game for Fallout 4:

How to Get Legendary Weapons and Armor - Base game method in National Guard Training - Fallout 4
  1. Head to the National Guard Training Yard. Do not enter the building
  2. Manually save the game
  3. Go inside and wait for the game to pop up that created the autosave.
  4. Check the building for the legendary enemies inside.
  5. From here, you have three options:
    • If there are no legendary enemies, reload the manual save outside of the building and try again
    • If there are legendary enemies but they don’t have the legendary weapon or armor you look for in Fallout 4, also reload the manual save
    • If there is an item you want but with a different effect, reload the autosave continuously until you get the effect you need.

Other Methods to Obtain Legendary Weapons and Armor

Additionally, two other methods to get the armor or weapon you want, including the legendary effects, are mods, cheats, and console commands. Lastly, some mods allow you to apply legendary modifications through crafting, and others will directly influence the spawn rate or spawn the exact weapon, similar to console commands.

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