Fallout 4 Best Gunslinger Build

The Gunslinger build emphasizes high critical damage with pistols and quick speed. Using high Agility and Luck, the Gunslinger is all about burst damage, wanting to strike a deadly shot first (and last).

Gunslinger Build Pros:

Burst damage: Gunslinger perks boost the damage of pistols and revolvers, allowing for rapid, precise attacks.
Versatility: Pistols come in various types, from fast-firing handguns to powerful magnums, catering to different combat situations.
Quickdraw: Gunslinger builds excel in close to mid-range combat, with fast draw speeds and the ability to quickly dispatch enemies.
Gunslinger Build Cons:

Limited range: While effective at short to mid-range distances, pistols are less accurate and powerful at longer ranges.
Weak Against Armored: Without armor-piercing mods or perks, pistols may struggle against enemies with high damage resistance.
Reliance on VATS: Gunslinger builds often rely on the RNG (randomness) for critical tasks, which requires high luck.
The drawback for the Gunslinger is that perks and weapon types are limited to medium- and close-range weapon pistols. However, with a massive burst and an excellent Role Play (RP) vibe, the Gunslinger is one of our favorite builds in Fallout 4 – Fallout 4 Best Gunslinger Build