Fallout 4 Best Melee Build

The melee build playstyle in Fallout 4 revolves around bashing enemies with weapons without using the VATS system.  You can modify the build to use “unarmed” without melee weapons using the VATS system and the perk Blitz, though you won’t have the power of the melee build.  Sticking to bashing enemies with weapons gives you one-shot potential but a big risk playing at close range.

Melee Build Pros:

High damage output: Melee weapons, especially with perks like Big Leagues and Iron Fist, can deal devastating damage in close combat.

Ammo independence: reduced reliance on weapons and scavenging or purchasing supplies.

Crowd control: Melee attacks can stagger or knock down enemies, thus rendering them useless.

Melee Build Cons:

Close-quarters risk: you experience higher risk when in close quarters.

Zero Range: you won’t be effective against range and must charge in close.

Vulnerability stuns: expect to get stunned or immobilized, limiting your effectiveness.

The Melee and Unarmed builds come with high damage but risk playing in close quarters or against bosses. Pick this if you want something fun and in your face! – Fallout 4 Best Melee Build