Fallout 4 Best Power Armor Build

The Power Armor build in Fallout 4 is devastatingly powerful due to increased strength, survivability, and environmental protection.  The major downside, and what prevents the Power Armor build from being the best playstyle, is constant upkeep with energy cores.  The Power Armor feeds off energy cores scattered throughout the Wasteland, and in the early game, it is nearly impossible to keep them stocked.

Power Armor Build Pros:

Unmatched Survivability: unparalleled protection against both physical and energy-based attacks.

Strength & carrying capacity: You gain a massive strength and inventory storage boost.

Environmental protection: gain protection, radiation resistance, and environmental hazard protection.

Power Armor Build Cons:

High maintenance: Power armor requires fusion cores for operation, which can be scarce and costly, especially in the game’s early stages.

Limited stealth: with a massive thumping, don’t expect to sneak up on anyone!

Mobility restrictions: while you can move quickly once upgraded, tight turns and spaces aren’t easy to navigate.

Consider the Power Armor build, one of the strongest in Fallout 4 but nearly impossible to play initially due to limited power cores – Fallout 4 Best Power Armor Build