Fallout 4 Best Sniper Build

In Fallout 4, the Sniper build is the overall best playstyle due to its long-range, one-shot ability and kill potential. The Sniper has two downsides: reliance on ammunition and weakness in closed-quarters combat.  However, with a companion like Cait, you can make up for this weakness by having her charge in to gain the enemies’ attention after the initial contact.  Your overall damage potential is second to none.  You can eliminate entire swaths of enemies at long range without them ever knowing you’re there.

Sniper Build Pros:

Long-range: With perks like Rifleman and Sniper, you excel at precision picking off enemies from afar.

Stealth synergy: Combined with stealth perks, you can remain undetected while dealing devastating critical hits from a distance.

Versatility: Sniper rifles can be modified for different situations, from silent takedowns to armor-piercing shots.

Sniper Build Cons:

Reliance on ammunition: Sniper rifles consume valuable ammunition, requiring frequent resupply trips or reliance on scavenging.

Weak in Closed Quarters: Indoor environments may restrict your ability to utilize long-range tactics effectively.

The Sniper build is perfect for a beginner or longtime Fallout 4 player and our favorite build overall – Fallout 4 Best Sniper Build