Fallout 4 Best Stealth Build

The stealth build uses the element of surprise to increase damage with perks like Sneak, Ninja, and Mister Sandman.  Moreover, this build is effective with Pistols at close range or Rifles at long range.  While playing similarly to the Sniper build, Stealth does require the sneak mechanic to activate its most lethal damage. 

Stealth Build Pros:

Sneaking Damage: perks give you increased damage or silent kills up close.

Evasion: Avoid confrontation by slipping past enemies or taking them out silently, minimizing risk.

Resource management: Reduced reliance on ammunition and healing items, as you prioritize avoiding combat when possible.

Stealth Build Cons:

Reliance on stealth: Detection can quickly turn the tide against you and reduce the effectiveness of your perks.

Open combat: While deadly from stealth, this build may struggle in prolonged, open engagements where stealth is not an option.

Requires patience: Success depends on careful planning and execution, which may not appeal to players seeking more straightforward approaches.

The Stealth build is an all-time favorite in Fallout 4, but it requires patience, tactical knowledge, and stealth to become genuinely lethal.  The only better choice when playing FO4 is a Sniper, which uses a similar playstyle without the reliance on stealth for one-shot kill potential – Fallout 4 Best Stealth Build