Eddie’s Peace Pistol – Fallout 4

Eddie's Peace Pistol - Fallout 4

Eddie’s Peace stats and effects in Fallout 4:

Weapon Type: Unique Pistol

Effect(s): Crippling

Base Damage: 48

Ammo: .44 round

Clip Size: 6

Fire Rate: 6

Range: 83

Accuracy: 81

Value: 454

Weight: 5.0

Another 44 Magnum to make out of the top 10 best Pistol list in Fallout 4 is Eddie’s Peace. The strength of Eddie’s Peace is the extra effect of dealing 50% extra limb damage. Moreover, this pistol comes with a snub nose barrel, comfort grip, and an already attached short scope. Thus, you can save on spending, resources, and materials by upgrading the gun or avoiding the gun nut perk. To see the full strength of any 44 Magnum, you must unlock Gun Nut rank 4, which can be done at level 39 with at least 3 intelligence. Eddie’s Piece’s weakness is that the special effect isn’t as good as Kellogg’s Pistol and requires a quest completion to obtain.