Flare Gun Pistol – Fallout 4

Flare Gun Pistol - Fallout 4

Flare Gun stats and effects in Fallout 4:

Weapon Type: Unique Pistol

Effect(s): Summons nearby Minutemen

Base Damage: 10

Ammo: Flare

Clip Size: 1

Fire Rate: 3

Range: 146

Accuracy: 74

Value: 50

Weight: 2

The Flare Gun is a single-shot weapon designed to call in reinforcements from the Minutemen faction. Unlike other pistols on this list, the Flare Gun’s sole purpose is to support and fire one shot, then swap to another pistol for damage. The leader of the Minutemen, Preston Garvey, gives this Flare Gun to you early in Fallout 4 after completing the First Step quest.