Gamma Gun – Fallout 4

Gamma Gun - Fallout 4

Gamma Gun stats and effects in Fallout 4:

Weapon Type: Radiation Weapon

Effect(s): AOE; stun on direct hit

Base Damage: Direct hit 100 Radiation; AOE 23 Radiation and Explosion damage

Ammo: Gamma round

Clip Size: 8

Fire Rate: 66

Range: 119

Accuracy: 69

Value: 156

Weight: 3

The Gamma Gun uses Gamma Rounds doing radiant damage, and unlike other Pistols, it has an area-based damage explosion and effect. The strength is that this Pistol has AOE damage potential and can stun enemies on a direct hit! Moreover, the Gamma Gun can be upgraded with an electric signal carrier antennae, charging the damage and increasing your one-shot potential. The downside is the radiation damage will be weak against robots, ghouls, and supermutants. Moreover, you have limited modification capacity, and the ammunition can be difficult to find. The upsides, however, are incredible, allowing for AOE damage, stuns, and charge bursts!