Kellogg’s Pistol – Fallout 4

Kellogg's Pistol - Fallout 4

Kellogg’s Pistol stats and effects in Fallout 4:

Weapon Type: Unique Pistol

Effect(s): Relentless

Base Damage: 48

Ammo: .44 round

Clip Size: 6

Fire Rate: 6

Range: 119

Accuracy: 70

Value: 449

Weight: 4.3

Kellogg’s Pistol is the best 44 Magnum on our top 10 list in Fallout 4 because it has the Relentless perk refilling Action Points (AP) on critical strikes. AP, used in VATS, is essential for any gunslinger pistol build. You build towards luck, special stats and agility, and banking criticals, increasing the likelihood of landing them and their damage. This gives the Pistol similar damage to rifles and other heavy weapons, allowing the weapon type to compete effectively. With Kellogg’s Pistol, you refill AP, allowing you to stay inside VATS longer.

The Mysterious Stranger perk is also helpful here, randomly triggering a critical, which you can then bank, use, and stay shooting with pinpoint accuracy. Kellogg’s Pistol isn’t higher on the list because other weapons have better weapon modifications or higher base damage, fire range, and range. However, Kellogg’s Pistol is one of the best overall pistols in Fallout 4 and can be used throughout most playthroughs.